Top Magento Store Design Tips for a Successful Ecommerce Website!

By Web Development India| Date posted: | Last updated: December 28, 2021
Magento Store Design

The web has more than 2,50,000 Magento stores worldwide. You must be wondering what’s with the number being so big.

It is for the same useful reason that you are opting for your business. It is the customization, usability, flexibility functionality, and much more that you can add to your online platform with it. These are one of the many reasons that its popularity is increasing at an exponential rate.

If you are planning to take your store online with Magento, you need to start with the foundation i.e., the Magento store design. UX and UI are the lifeblood of any e-commerce store, you need to ace it to impress your store visitors to impress your website visitors.

So, we are here to bring light to the best practices of website design for any Magento e-commerce store. Check out these expert-recommended Magento store design tips that will help you to boost customer engagement, sales and accomplish the goal for your business.

A responsive Magento store design to make the first impression count

Running an e-commerce store means that your customers will be viewing your website from a myriad of devices. It needs to be quick so that the buyers can get instant results in their search.
If one has to wait for the page or website to load in present times, it’s obvious that they are going to abandon it for the other ample options on the web.

Thus acing your website’s first impression can be all achieved by an ideal responsive design that would cover all the issues, including the page slowed time like a pro.

To make sure that your Magento shopping cart solution looks exceptional on all sizes of screen, you need to make sure that it inhabits a responsive web design. It is crucial to do so in order to improve conversions with the increasing search rankings.

Leverage excellent Magento features like a variety of home page layouts for customization, high resolution/retina support, creating pixel-perfect websites, and much more to make your first impression count.

Leverage the power of customization

Magento being an open-source platform offers the flexibility of customization with extensive support in the process of designing an e-commerce website. There are tons of advanced functions available that behold the capability of turning your website visitors into your loyal customers in no time.

To start within the process of customizing your Magento e-commerce website, pick a theme that aligns with your business ideally. You can choose the same from free or paid collections and can customize it to your business needs. To ensure that you decide on the right theme for your Magento website, start with the preliminary steps of understanding the following factors.

  • Your business goals
  • Growth plan for your business
  • Size of your business brand

Starting with customization of your e-commerce website with the theme will help you save tons of bucks and a large amount of time on contrary to developing it from scratch.

Aesthetics and navigation go hand-in-hand

Every business owner has a pre-assumed notion of what their brand website would look like. If you have not already shortlisted the ideas, you can brainstorm and explore options on the web on how you want it to look.

In the world of e-commerce stores, aesthetics and navigation are as important as functionality. From the aesthetics that attract the attention of the website visitors to easy Navigation that helps them complete the buying cycle, you can Hit the bull’s-eye in one go by acing them both.

For the aesthetics’ part, make sure that your Magento online store conveys ideally about your business and focuses on excelling the user experience. Be it the product cataloguing or the search functionality, a seamless collection of all the attributes on your online store will help you gain abundant conversions.

As for navigation, make sure that the online shoppers reach their desired product in minimal 2 to 3 clicks. If it takes more than the same, it can frustrate the visitors, making them switch to your competitor’s online store. To ensure that you have an intuitive navigation structure on your online store, make sure that the website is well structured.

Well-placed Call to Action (CTA)

Website design is half-done until you place a strong call to action amidst well-organized content on your Magento e-commerce website. These help in adding to the ease of navigation on your online store that further resulting in skyrocketing the conversion rate. With appropriate links attached to CTA, you can also notice surging traffic into your sales funnel apart from smooth navigation.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) Powered Personalisation

To help online stores offer a personalized experience to their users, Magento has implemented artificial intelligence and machine learning. For instance: You can let your user’s sort and filter products on your online store.

Machine learning algorithm helps you get acquainted with shopper’s behavior. You can utilize it to target the right audience and develop your Magento e-commerce store accordingly.

Further, add product details that are accurate and compel the user to trust your offerings instantly. Ensure that you add everything from the product’s size, weight, to its color.

Grab your user’s attention using appealing hues and colors that also play a crucial role in your online store’s overall performance.

Start now!

Magento offers you everything to make your ideal business store online. You can avail of superior quality front-end user interfaces that can be smoothly integrated with other web services and external technologies.

In the end, keep this checklist noted for excellent outcomes.

  • Pay utmost attention to the aesthetics of your Magento online store
  • Customize themes based on your business model
  • Build a responsive Magento e-commerce website
  • Pay attention to your Magento store user experience
  • Focus on creating and placing strong calls-to-action
  • Leverage the exceptional tools in Magento
  • And optimize your online store SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

It will help you achieve all the milestones for your Magento e-commerce store.

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