How to Build a Strong Customer Experience through Magento UX Design?

By Web Development India| Date posted: | Last updated: November 24, 2021
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An online business is all about the first impression. You may be sharing your potential customer base with your competitors, but your potential customers have ample choices to fulfil their requirements. Thus, it is necessary to deliver an unsurpassable customer experience so that there remains no ground for product comparison or other websites over yours in front of your customers.

Magento UX and UI are the most important things that will help you accomplish this goal for your Magento-based online store. Get a successful customer experience with Magento UX design tips.

Did you know?

52% of web users stated that the main reason why they won’t return to a website is because of its aesthetics.

With such an enormous number on the board, you can understand how important it is to ace this factor of your online shop. Although, while working with Magento, you don’t have to get all stressed up. It offers highly customizable themes that can be aligned to the behaviour and preferences of your potential customers. Look at the other factors why Magento shopping cart is the right solution for you. But what factors will you have to focus on, let’s dive in to know that first!

Multiple payment options

Magento beholds the capability of integrating innumerable payment gateways such as internet banking, PayPal, Amazon, Visa or MasterCard, Google Pay, and many more. It offers flexibility to your customers when it comes to payment on your online shop.

With this, you can put a stop to the customers abandoning your website just because of a payment dilemma they might be encountering in the first place.

#Fact: Only 1% of people say e-commerce websites meet their expectations every time. Make sure that your online shop gets included in the list of the above-mentioned 1% of users!

Optimized order management

Ensure that you deliver the flexibility of order management on your Magento -based websites to your customers. It will help them to reorder, get a notification, print invoices of all the new orders they place from your online shop.

#Fact: Only 55% of brands conduct any user experience testing on their web store. Are you one of them, or are you improvising without knowing where you stand? Work it out.

24*7 Customer support

Integrate your Magento-based online shop with the live chat feature. It enables you to quickly resolve the queries of your existing as well as potential customers. It elevates the customer experience along with the brand value altogether.

Tip: You can also include various languages and currencies feature in your online shop given to the compatibility of the same in Magento.

Ace the search bar

Many customers prefer to use the search bar on their online store to get results on their requirements instantly. You need to offer them a smooth search process by optimizing the built-in search functionality on your store. Begin by replacing the search icon with a search bar.

Did you know?

UX Playbook (by Google) says that the search bar helps you generate more conversions and exceptional interaction on your online shop.

Adding suggestions or more aligned keywords into the search bar is the next best thing you can do for the same. It will help customers get their requirements fulfilled in a blink of an eye.

Integrate Social media buttons

You can elevate the guest experience significantly by placing social media buttons on your online store pages. Another best idea that you can give a try is to integrate an Instagram gallery on your homepage. It will pursue the website visitors to click on it and ultimately follow you on the same.

Request your customers to share their experience or content related to your brand. You can later use it as a social proof for your brand on your online store.

A right social media marketing strategy helps you select the right social networks and content and better estimate the time required.

Actionable Pop-ups

Next design element that is known to draw conversion on any website is a pop-up. A clear value proposition, actionable CTA, and an eye-catching call-out is all that makes an effective pop-up.

Take some time before making the pop-up appear in front of your website visitors, as it can be annoying and discourage them to take action on it.

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Bonus tip

Magento Business analytics and reports

The progress of your online shop can be best understood with business analytics and reporting. In Magento, you can leverage the detailed insights feature available about customer preferences by integrating tools such as Google analytics and website optimization. With this, you can get your hands on valuable data that describe various aspects of customer behaviour.

Some of the points covered in the above reports are total sales, total number of orders in a day, most viewed products, and others.

#Fact: 88% of website visitors are less likely to return to a website after an unpleasant experience. Worry not! After implementing the above-mentioned tips, you can ace user experience at your Magento-based store.

Make customer satisfaction your priority

You must have always wondered what it is in big brands that don’t even market their products and still have so much buzz among the people. It’s the brand value that is created over the years by excelling the customer experience in the first place. For instance: Lamborghini does not carry out marketing campaigns. Still, it is doing great business for the past decades.

So, instead of creating killer strategies, lookout for ways to get what your customer wants from you. It will help in scaling up your sales like magic.

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