Magento Shopping Cart Solution – Is it right for your business?

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Running an e-commerce business with Magento helps you bag tons of perks that come with it. Although, maintaining its success throughout the run can be a daunting task.

Recently, it has vanished much of its market share to other e-commerce platforms. But, businesses that have utilized Magento once in their lifetime are aware of its incredible maturity as an effective e-commerce platform.

Magento for your Shopping Cart

We are aware of the fact that every business has different requirements, customer bases, and purchasing processes. To excel in each of these, the main aspect that needs to be worked upon is the shopping cart abandonment issue experienced in almost every e-commerce platform.

To resolve this, you need to make shopping cart flawless that you can confidently claim as a store owner that your customers will have a smooth checkout at your store.

Although proceeding on resolving this issue with Magento is a BIG question for you, right!

Worry not! Take this article as an opportunity to decide whether Magento is a perfect fit for your e-commerce store or not.

#Factcheck: Retail e-commerce sales are estimated to grow to a massive $4.81 trillion in 2021 worldwide.

What businesses can work best with Magento?

Two segments work best with Magento. One of them is the small business owners that have a medium level of technical expertise in operations. This segment of business owners has intermediate knowledge about the code or have a readily available resource with them. The other segment includes established retailers.

Magento Shopping Cart Solution: Let’s unfurl the secrets!

Magento is the finest option for businesses that aim to change for the better. For round the clock assistance also, it is backed by an extensive online community of all levels of professionals working on the same. With countless paid and free extensions and themes, you can kickstart the performance of your website in no time.

Although to help you decide better, there is more to the list of advantages of choosing Magento over the other options.

Let’s discuss them in detail.

Impress in the first glance – Pick the right Magento theme or Customized Design

As a business owner, your investment funds would be confined. It may be difficult to create a look of your website like that of leading brands in your industry. But with ample options available ready-made in the Magento theme section, you can take a sigh of relief.

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on creating a custom look for your e-commerce store. You can simply browse for your choice of theme on the Magento marketplace. Check out the benefits of having Magento 2 Marketplace.

Small banners to make a difference

Don’t just stick to attractive banners regardless of size. It is recommended that you opt for smaller banners that are product-focused and enhance the user experience throughout. Avoid covering the whole page with a big size banner that shadows the important aspect or says products on your e-commerce store.

Search bars will get your Magento store sorted

Get your customers what they came looking for. This can be done by making sure that the search bar is placed right at the top of the page that can catch their attention easily.


  • Potential customers that land directly in your search box are often 2-4x more likely to purchase other buyers on your e-commerce store.
  • Just by placing the search bar to the top of all pages on your e-commerce store, you can boost the internal searches by 15 to 40%.

Quick View Option for Customer’s Quick Shopping

The quick view option is another highlight that can improve the performance of your shopping cart. Implement this on your product page so that the user can get an overview by staying right at the product list page.

#Factcheck: You would be astonished to know that the addition of the quick purchase option or quick view option can increase the cart additions by 8%, along with increasing conversion rates by 3%.

Rank Organically with Product Page Optimization

Your product page holds the capability to lure customers directly from the search engine results page. However, to get this done, your title, images, and descriptions of the same should effectively describe the product. If you do e-commerce search engine optimization your product page can organically rank for a particular search keyword included in the product page.

Apart from these parameters, some other out of the box features that are worth catching a glance are image optimisation, Magento extensions and others.

#Factcheck: Magento is empowering 150,000 retailers, with which it has become a leading enterprise-class e-commerce platform.

Cut out diversions for more conversions

You would not want to divert a potential customer out of your website just because of a silly distraction that worked instantly. These distractions can be in the form of pop-ups, menus, links, images or others. Get your Magento e-commerce store designed in a way that the customer does not get lost from the motive with which they landed on your page.

Put Magento extensions to your use

Magento extensions come as a lifesaver to your e-commerce store. They improve the usability of your site which further accesses the customer experience on your e-store.

Some of the best extensions that you can incorporate in your e-commerce store are live chat tool, social media integrator, gift card extension, sales tax Automator, language translator and others.


With the entire brief into what Magento shopping cart solution offer you, you must have already got why business working with Magento shines. It’s time for your verdict now!

We would recommend that availing a resource with the best of knowledge of Magento will help you get a solid development of your e-commerce store. You can put together a functional yet beautiful e-commerce store that is not only result-oriented but increases your brand value in the market. There is nothing to worry about more. The ball is in your court. Act now!

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