Custom Application Development

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Custom Application Development

Custom Application Development

Custom Application Development

The right custom application always helps your business to grow exponentially by enriching your relationship with your customers, it is always purposed to fuel the gap, build & transform your industrial growth! Scale & simplify your business operations with custom application development built by a professional team who have in-depth knowledge of your business.

Whether you are looking to streamline the process of your organization, increase user experience, AI predictive tool, custom relationship management application, data-driven web application or an ecommerce marketplace, Skynet Technologies can fulfil your business requirements by providing custom web solutions! We provide custom application development services which include a web solution from technology consulting to UI/UX design, agile development, deployment, maintenance and support. We have 21+ Years of experience to see the potential of your business from your point of view & deliver the seamless experience for your brand growth!

Discover how the right custom application development company can take your brand to the next level with ensuring best results and outcomes!

Skynet Technologies is ISO 9001:2015 & 27001:2013 certified company providing end to end IT Services including website design & development, ecommerce shopping cart, SEO & digital marketing, ADA website design, custom analytics, mobile app, CRM, ERP and custom software development since 22 Years. We deliver our services to start-ups, SMEs, corporates, government and agencies!

Streamline Your Business Process with Our Custom Application Development

We have created a flexible and refined approach for creating custom applications, worked with almost every industry!

Assess Technical Requirements

Define the Purpose of Custom Application development!

At Skynet Technologies, our first step is to understand about your requirements, purpose and target of building web application. We plan to conversation with a key person for strategy phase, and ensure the best technology to develop your custom application.


Give a Clear path and timeline for final deliverables!

We plan for the technical features and functionalities your custom application requires. Based on it, we choose our team members to involve & provide you a clear idea about your custom application. Before we start working on development phase, our expert team provide an upfront timeline for the final delivery of the web application.

Agile Development

Build a Digital Application!

We have approached agile methodology for any type of application or web development. We have the expertise and flexibility to leverage the right technology and tools for your custom application development. Our Technologies and practices include open source, Custom CMS, cloud-based development, artificial intelligence, block chain, mobile application technologies and more.

QA and Testing

Ready to launch!

As a full-service web agency, The QA is already started at the beginning of application development. Our team run multiple check points test, identify and resolve if any bugs or issues found. When the 100% testing is done for your custom application, we will live it.

Maintenance and Support

Maintain, deploy and improve!

Like every website require a regular maintenance, every application also require an ongoing maintenance and support. We schedule regular testing, iteration, improvements, back-ups, security upgrades for your custom application based on user experience and feedback. We also provide support whenever our customer requires based on mutual agreement.

SEO and Marketing

Optimize, market and sell!

When the developed custom application is purposed to sell; it must need search engine optimization and marketing. We have a team of SEO and Digital Marketing experts to do it for you. We can provide SEO, social media marketing, paid advertising, PPC, data analytics, content marketing, and more. We should plan to market it at earlier stage if it pre-defined.

Our Custom application development capabilities!

  • Business Scalability Business Scalability
  • Enhanced Data Security Enhanced Data Security
  • Cross-Platform Design Cross-Platform Design
  • Security with HTTPs, PCI DSS Compliance Security with HTTPs, PCI DSS Compliance
  • Application Speed & Performance Application Speed & Performance
  • ADA Compliant Features if require ADA Compliant Features if require
  • Mobile-First Indexing Mobile-First Indexing
  • CRM Integration CRM Integration
  • ERP Tool Integration ERP Tool Integration
  • AI Chatbot Integration AI Chatbot Integration
  • AI Predictive Analysis Tool Integration AI Predictive Analysis Tool Integration
  • Maintenance and Support Maintenance and Support
  • Quick and Easy Updates Quick and Easy Updates
  • Analytics Interpretation and Reporting Analytics Interpretation and Reporting
  • Competition Monitoring Competition Monitoring
  • Automated Process Integration Automated Process Integration
  • AWS Marketplace AWS Marketplace
  • Stability over Functionality Stability over Functionality
  • Business Marketplaces Business Marketplaces
  • Industry-driven Solutions Industry-driven Solutions
Specialize in industries
  • Healthcare Healthcare
  • Pharmacy, Dental & Medical SuppliesPharmacy, Dental & Medical Supplies
  • Manufacturing Manufacturing
  • Retail Retail
We also serve following industries:
  • News & Media News
  • Entertainment Entertainment
  • Education Education
  • Finance Finance
  • Travel Travel
  • Food Food
  • Real Estate Real Estate
  • Electronics Electronics

Bring More Values to Your Business Website with Our Custom Application Development Services!

  • Solutions Tailored Exactly to Needs Solutions Tailored Exactly to Needs
  • Automated & Streamlined Business Process Automated & Streamlined Business Process
  • Maximize Efficiency & productivity Maximize Efficiency & productivity
  • Greater Flexibility Greater Flexibility
  • Transparency of business processes Transparency of business processes
  • Traceable and measurable metrics Traceable and measurable metrics
  • High Value ROI High Value ROI
  • Validate your Vision Validate your Vision
  • Innovate and Compete Innovate and Compete
  • Speed up delivery Speed up delivery
  • Future-Proof Web Application Future-Proof Web Application
  • Ensure operational resilience Ensure operational resilience
  • Attract & Win New Customers Attract & Win New Customers
  • Better Serve Existing Customers Better Serve Existing Customers
  • Boost the Revenue & Profits Boost the Revenue & Profits
Why choose Skynet Technologies for custom application development?

Why choose Skynet Technologies for custom application development?

  • ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 Certified IT Service Company.
  • 21+ Years of Experience in Providing Custom web solution.
  • Our Team of Experts based in USA, Australia and India.
  • Our team is characterized by creativity & commitment to quality service.
  • Served to 1000+ Clients from 25+ different countries.
  • Agile and Rapid Application Development.
  • Scaled agile framework for a larger organization.
  • Meet the demand of constantly changing business & technology requirements.
  • Our aim is to address functional gaps & achieve business goals.
  • We are ready to solve significant challenges with digital transformation!
  • Analyze your business end-to-end, roadmap opportunities & expand your reach!
  • Tailored business engagement across our custom application development services.
  • Increasing user experiences by data-driven solutions and insights.
  • Digital transformation strategies & opportunities from quick solutions to long-term goals!

Custom Application Development Portfolio

Let’s Showcase What We Have Done!

Let’s develop custom application together.

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Custom Application Development FAQs

Well, Custom Application development is the process of developing software applications and web application which exclusively meets the specific need of your business or a user group. It can simplify your business’ traditional process.
In the initial stage, we would understand your business process, queries; Make a plan & get back to you with detailed planning. Then with mutual understanding; We will start to develop your web application according to your specific business needs.
We are using Drupal, Laravel, PHP, CakePHP, WordPress, Ruby on Rails, CodeIgnitor, AngularJS, React.js, Express.js, NodeJS and many other technologies, and frameworks to develop your custom web applications!
Yes, of course, we are always open to the client's suggestions & suffice the business objectives!
Well, yes! A custom application is never done without maintenance; regular maintenance has become the necessity in today’s world! Our custom application maintenance services start from a website content updates, speed optimization, SSL installation, security updates, bug fixing, third party integration, migration and much more.
Well, there are multiple advantages of having a custom application for your enterprise or business; Some of them include:
  • It can serve your business for its everyday needs with streamline business process.
  • Custom applications make everyone’s life easier by automating the repetitive tasks.
  • It can provide the easy collaboration for more enjoyable and ultimately improving outcome; makes your organization more dynamic and agile; so, you can work on new ideas & opportunity more effectively!
  • Reduce the business process overload to maximize the efficiency, transparency and growth!
  • If you are using an out-of-the box custom application solution; then security is the top-most priority!
  • "Custom" doesn’t meant to have an "expensive" application or tool for your business! If you have any existing application; then by leveraging the benefits of customization; you can gain the multiple benefits without a tremendous cost!
  • Get your business ahead towards the digital transformation!
If you have any queries or requirements; get in touch with us to know!
Yes absolutely! We have an expert team who can help to revamp your existing application with upgraded functionalities and features you require!
We have 21+ Years of expertise in providing custom web application and enterprise grade solutions! We have served to 1000+ clients from 25+ different countries!
Yes, once we completely understand your requirements, goals & objectives; We will be willing to move forward for NDA procedure.
Yes, we always keep our customers’ data, property and process secure and confidential! This clause is covered in the NDA or contract signed between Skynet Technologies and their employees & customers!
Yes, we provide white label Custom Application Development services to a variety of web development agencies, IT consulting firms, content management teams, companies, governments, and organizations, among others.
Your specific needs and the features you desire in your custom application will determine the cost. Every project is unique and necessitates a unique approach and estimation. Once we receive your project requirements and specifications, we will provide the actual pricing for the project. Request a quote for Custom Application Development.
It depends on your custom app requirements and size, which varies from project to project. You can request a quote for custom application development; we'll check it and provide you with a realistic timeline.
Yes, we have an in-house team of developers with 5+ years of experience.
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