Quality Policy

The QUALITY POLICY requires, in compliance with our corporate mission, to implement all company processes within prescriptions of ISO 9001:2015 normative.

Our goal is to have Skynet Technologies recognized as an IT Consulting Company, or a System Integration company and a company that is admired for customer care, Intelligence, Technical, Consulting and implementation Skills.

The Quality Management policy of Skynet Technologies is focused primarily on our customers. We aim for more complete and comprehensive satisfaction of the requirements, expectations and needs of our customers and other interested parties (partners, employees, suppliers and society), and continual quality improvement of our services.

This system rules all management and technical activities of the Entire Company systematically, in a planned and documented manner aiming at the following goals:

  • Continuous process improvement to achieve progressively improving quality and quantity outputs;
  • The highest level of effectiveness and efficiency of performed trainings, to achieve a balanced quality/price ratio within the commitments with our Customers and the mandatory legal provisions.

The fulfillment of objectives planned through Quality Policy will be achieved also through a scrupulous and prompt application of the prescriptions of our Quality Manual, which defines and describes our Corporate Quality System.

The Top Management pursues the complete realization and the continuous development of the Quality System with the goal to consolidate and improve the corporate image through the commitment and the expertise of the entire corporate personnel.

Quality means for Skynet Technologies both the goal and the mean to achieve:

  • Both internal and external Customer satisfaction
  • Excellence of the outputs
  • The correct analysis of the context in which the Company operates
  • Respect, ward-ship and promotion of Safety, Environment and Privacy
  • The right assessment of risks and opportunities
  • Waste minimization of time, costs and resources.

Skynet Technologies pursues these goals through:

  • Innovation, pursuing research and development of processes and technologies
  • Organization, designed to prevent non-conformity
  • Commitment to continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Corporate Quality System.
  • Service, designed as prompt and competent reply to Customer requirements within a balanced ratio of Quality and Efficiency

Considering in addition to the final Customer, several “bodies” also exist within the Company, represented by its functions and every single employee; everyone shall consider “the other” as his own Customer and offer the best service to achieve corporate objectives and continuous improvement. Therefore, every Skynet Technologies collaborator is responsible for the Quality of its own work also in front of the other functions within the Company.

It is well known Quality in its wider conception has economic implication because failure to Quality shows up through higher direct or indirect costs, evident or cloaked; further, failure to Quality causes a deterioration of the corporate image, of the outputs.

Therefore, common goal of the whole Organization becomes the minimization of non-conformity of service, products and Safety. Everyone is protagonist in fulfillment of Corporate Quality, in every phase of the process, through an effective and efficient application of the Quality Management System and continuous improvement of operations, competences and expertise.

Top Management considers this Policy as reference for the management of our own Quality System and for the annual definition and review of its own objectives. This Policy shall be distributed to all Skynet Technologies collaborators and made available to all other Stakeholders.

The Quality Manager is authorized to monitor and maintain the Quality Management System and to report to the Company's Management Review Meeting on the continued suitability and achievement of quality objectives.

Top Management has defined a Code of Conduct as main tool to pursue the planned objectives in compliance with the present Quality Policy. All Skynet Technologies collaborators and personnel are aware of and comply with this Code of Conduct, as detailed in the following points.

  • Provide Customers with clear and truthful technical and commercial information to allow, through knowledge, conscious, prudent and convenient choices.
  • Build a relation with the Customer promoting a win/win scenario among Corporations.
  • Assess problems, identifying common interests and mitigating divergent points. Operate to consolidate searching for an answer to reciprocal needs with the objective to always build and never overwhelm.
  • Preserve fairness with Team members avoiding personal relations, which might cause favouritism or discriminations always considering that shall not exist operative relations outside the corporate context.
  • Perform its own job with commitment and passion, collaborating with all colleagues constructively, assisting, supporting and correcting who is making a mistake in his own job or wasting corporate resources.
ISO 9001:2015 Certificate ISO 27001:2013 Certificate
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