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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions



Yes. No matter how many designers and programmers are working on your project, your project manager will, in most cases, be your only contact person, as well as the one who makes sure that you get what you want.

We require a 50% deposit to start working. The rest is either paid upon completion, or in milestones, if the project is big. We accept PayPal payments (which also includes the option to pay by credit card for non-members) and bank wire transfer.

We are very specific and thorough with gathering the client's wishes, desires, expectations, likes, and dis-likes. Here is more information about changes and revisions depending on the project type:

For website design

We will build an initial mock up for the client to look at and to get the ball rolling. We will keep making changes until the layout is agreed upon and loved by the client. The only time we actually start mentioning the possibilities of charging extra during this phase of construction is when the client tells us to do something a very specific and clear way, we do it, and then they change their mind. The first time that happens, we won't say anything. After that if it keeps happening we will mention to the client what they are doing and how much work/time that is for us and if it continues we will have to start charging additionally for such moments. Basically, as long as we can see that the construction process is moving forward the whole time there isn't any problem or thought of charging extra. It is only when the project keeps taking steps backward that we have to reconsider things.

For Flash design

We will build an animation preview for the client based on the client's expressed ideas, thoughts, wishes, and/or wants. We will keep making changes until the animation is agreed upon and loved by the client. The only time we actually start mentioning the possibilities of charging extra during this phase of construction is when the client tells us to do something a very specific and clear way, we do it, and then they change their mind. Basically, as long as we can see that the construction process is moving forward the whole time, there is no problem or thought of charging extra.

Once your site is finished, and completely paid for, it is all yours. Until that point the files and images are property of Skynet Technologies India, after that point, though, you can do with it whatever you want.

That depends on the project. For example, our process for a website design and development project would be as follows.

  • We have to understand your business, your target audience and your preferences. After receiving your initial contact e-mail, we will ask questions, in order to have a complete understanding of your project's requirements.
  • As soon as we have enough information, we will tell you our price.
  • An online agreement & payment form will be setup on a secure server (see Payment terms)
  • After the payment has been processed, the design process begins. The first step is the creation of a draft/sketch. Typically we create 2-3 drafts, so that the client has a decent variety to choose from.
  • The client then either selects a certain draft as it is, or requests changes. This is done until the client is completely satisfied with the mockup. Upon approval, we will begin with the creation of the first page. Now the client can already see how his/her new site will look. If he/she has any minor change requests, those are made. After the final confirmation of the design, we proceed with the remaining pages. During the whole time, the client has the ability to preview his/her pages as they are being created.
  • When the project has been completed, the client will be notified and asked to review his/her entire web site, and comment on it.
  • Upon satisfaction, the client is asked to submit the final payment.
  • As soon as the payment has been confirmed, the client will either receive all the files, and/or we will upload the entire site to the client's server. We will then test the site one more time to make sure that everything works as expected.
  • The final step is to submit the finished site to search engines (see search engine submission at bottom).

Preferably all of them, but that is up to you!

We can and prefer to create web sites that are compatible with all browser types and versions - if that's what you want. However, that includes certain limitations, as you can imagine. Just compare a 3 year old computer with any computer that is available on market today - You will quickly realize that they are completely incomparable.

It's the same with browser types. They grow smarter and better with time too, so if you want a web site that incorporates the latest scripts and features, then it will be compatible with the latest browsers. Don't worry though.. that has nothing to do with good design, only with scripting.

So, whatever your decision is, you will have a professional web site.

Preferably all of them, but that is up to you!

Most web sites are designed for the smallest screen resolution, which is in the mean time considered to be 800x600 pixels. The most common resolution is currently 1024x768 pixels.

Only if you say that you know that your audience is 'more advanced' in that sense and uses larger screen resolutions, we will create and design accordingly.

Additionally, there is the option to create a website using a liquid layout, meaning it adjusts to the user's screen resolution. It nicely expands on larger resolutions. The limitation of this option is that text formatting, image alignment etc. has to be flexible/expandable, and as a result such websites cannot have elaborate layouts in the main content area.

India is 5.5 hours ahead of GMT.

Time Difference between India and the United States [Eastern Time] - [India is 10.5 Hours ahead of EST].

Time Difference between India and Middle East/East Africa - [India is approx. 2.5 Hours ahead].

Time Difference between India and Australia - [India is approx. 4 Hours behind].

Our Office opens up at 9AM in the morning and closes at 8PM in the evening, so you can contact us at anytime in between or you can contact project team leader who is available 24/7 and can give you qualified solution to your queries even in odd hours.

We take about four to six months to develop a website and it depends primarily upon the nature of website, its functionality, features and pages. Once the discussion is over and finalized, we deliver the product strictly on time and never make you disappointed by post scheduling the release date.

Yes, we often do redesigning of the website irrespective of who prepared it. We have scalable software and can provide highly manageable, up to the mark website that matches with ongoing business demands. We take no cost for reviewing your website and provide you the estimation based on your requirement.

Cost for each website depends upon the number of features you want to add in your website, number of pages, design effects and complexity. Though cost can never become a compromising issue against quality work, still we have managed to provide unmatched software solution, content management and SEO services in a very affordable range. You just contact us to experience what wonders we can make on your investment.

Sure, we have people capable of preparing good contents that are Search Engine friendly and targeted to your business. With thorough Internet research, we can provide you contents that leverage you up among your competitor in search engines and help you get top rankings in major search engines.

If you get an entire website built by Skynet Technologies India, then healthy search engine optimization is automatically included.

To answer the question at hand, we would need to know which search phrase you would like to appear under. If the search phrase is realistic in the sense that there aren't already 10 million results available for it, then the answer is yes.

Browse our SEO Portfolio to see some of our search engine accomplishments.

After we have completed and optimized your web site, we will manually and properly submit it to all the major search engines.

We do keyword research and analysis, link building, pay-per-click solution, directory submission and website promotion.

No, you only need to do it once. Search engine will regularly check the site for updates and based upon its contents, site will be ranked in search engine. If you are active in building links to your website, Googlebot will visit your website and automatically list your website in its index.

Basically, we need to know what you need.

Please use the Request for quote form to share your requirements and specifications with us. Tell us what you need.

As soon as we have received your information, we will review it and respond to you shortly. Please be as detailed as possible.

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