Cancellation and Refund Policy

Skynet Technologies is ISO 9001:2015 & 27001:2013 certified company providing end to end IT services including website design & development, ecommerce shopping cart, SEO & digital marketing, ADA website design, custom analytics, mobile app, CRM, ERP & custom software development since 22 Years. We deliver our services to start-ups, SMEs, corporates, government & agencies.

Every client is important to us and we make sure that we handle each project with utmost care and professionalism. Our main goal is to provide the results as per the terms and conditions of the proposal. We ensure the complete understanding and quality of work and almost no possibilities of any project cancellation, reversal or dispute! However, any refund and service cancellation is taken place abiding a set of conditions.

Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellation of service is only made in extreme circumstances from customer end.
  • Cancellation request will not be accepted for of services offered with promotional discounts on special occasions like Independence Day, Christmas, New year, etc.
  • Cancellation of service renewals for on-going web solution service, website promotion, website hosting or domain registration services must be made at least 7-10 business days prior to the end of the current service period.
  • Requests received later than 7-10 business days prior to the end of the current service period will be treated as cancellation of services for the next service period.

Clients wish to cancel their hosting & other services will need to contact our billing department by sending an email to hello@skynetindia.info.

Refund Policy

  • There is always a certain set of resources that are involved in achieving every milestone of each and every task. We do not offer refunds for work that has already been completed.
  • No refund will be given if Project delays are caused by lack of communication from Client side.
  • No refund will be possible in case service gets cancelled due to any violation of terms stated in our Terms & Condition section.
  • No refund is possible for the fee paid in the form of administrative fees or set up charges.
  • There is no any refund policy for the services placed under same day delivery.
  • Taxes paid to the regulatory bodies for services would not be refunded.
  • No refund is possible if service disruption happens due to third party involvement.
  • Skynet Technologies reserves the rights to cancel your account any time without any notice and refund.

We constantly R&D and update our process, systems and resources to ensure the best possible service to our customers. In case if you have any questions regarding our cancellation and refund policy statement, please feel free to email us at hello@skynetindia.info.

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