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php nuke customization

PHP-Nuke Customization

PHP-Nuke is a Content Management System built upon MySQL and PHP languages. The standard module of Content Management System allows the users to submit their own comments which have modern features. This CMS has consists of a flexible modular approach providing complete website statistics. One can easily publish their own content using the professionally designed themes and it also has support for most popularly known languages. We create unique designs using integrated services which can be duly used by the clients and customized to their varying needs.

Our PHP-Nuke developers make PHP-Nuke CMS Portal Development Applications customizing it to the front end-users' requirements. We build your customized website giving it a complete professional look with new designed PHP-Nuke templates for Content Management System. The team of experts at Skynet Technologies delivers solutions inclusive of all the customized modules which in turn increase the number of visitors to your website. The chosen developers of our firm are quite experienced and equipped with latest technology that meets the changing demands of the clients. We cover your requirements in one complete solution within the defined time limits.

Theme Design and Integration of PHP-Nuke

When we build your website, we aim to give your website a corporate look and feel by offering exclusive custom built PHP-Nuke theme designs. It is significant to have a unique design for PHP-Nuke since it has a template system for content display. We are here to generate tailor-made templates and themes for your PHP-Nuke website on the basis of your requirements and budget. Besides, we also deliver comprehensive integration services so that you can get started with your business right away.

PHP-Nuke Customization Services

We have complete knowledge and understanding of the total layout of the website and incorporate customized modules to the prevailing application. The handpicked developers in our firm are equipped with enough knowledge necessary for customizing the functionality dependency upon the needs of the portal. Our customized services provide web users with a variety of features that are comprehensible and simultaneously attractive enough to pull the visitors to your website.

PHP-Nuke Plug-in/Module Development

Skynet Technologies has a pool of developers who possess the required skills and experience to give your site a winning edge by turning it into a fully functional and interactive web portal. If you are not contended with the customized modules then, we build up new modules, blogs and plug-ins to ensure that your PHP-Nuke based application delivers the visitors that much interactivity that is quite obligatory for attaining the victory from the online business. Moreover, we also offer free support for our developed application.

Important Features of PHP-Nuke

  • Efficiently designed themes and templates
  • Multilingual incorporated support available
  • It can help building up author accounts and submit articles
  • Flexibility in Content Management System where articles, news and pages can get published
  • Control panel showing total website information
  • Integrated contact forms together with optional security

To get detailed information about PHP-Nuke Customization Services, please feel free to contact us.

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