The Significance of WooCommerce Store Maintenance Service and How can you Avail it!

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WooCommerce Store Maintenance Service

One of the most famed plugins on WordPress, or say a popular e-commerce platform that powers over 41% of all online stores, is WooCommerce. Not only is it developer-friendly, but it also contains innumerable functionalities to make any e-commerce store an exceptional one.

Since this plugin is constantly under fixes and tweaks, several updates for the WooCommerce user rollout from time to time. The minor updates are not a matter of concern here. It’s the major updates that come bundled with a warning and a lot of second thoughts.

Since these can’t be ignored, it’s better to understand why these need to be dealt with and how WooCommerce store maintenance service can help you with it.

Why do you need WooCommerce store maintenance service?

WooCommerce store maintenance is a time-consuming task that requires constant efforts on a regular basis. You can either maintain your e-commerce store or spend time growing your business. This is WooCommerce store maintenance service comes as a blessing in disguise to all e-commerce store owners.

SEO optimization

The WooCommerce SEO specialists have the utmost knowledge of technical optimization required on your store as per the latest search engine updates. It will help in managing your e-commerce site’s search rankings in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). Explore the complete guide to speed up the WooCommerce store.

24*7 Technical Support

With the professionals of WooCommerce store maintenance service by your side, get round-the-clock online store technical assistance, including performance tweaks, plugin updates, security updates, and more.

Round the clock security monitoring

WooCommerce store security has arisen as a significant concern, given to the data stored on the website. The data mostly includes confidential customer data, which, if stolen, can cause immense damage to your brand value.

With professionals on 24*7 security monitoring, no ground of risk stays for any hacker to breach the security. The professionals are well aware of the risk involved and thus take all the precautions to secure your sensitive data on the e-commerce store.

From using disk writing protection on the server level to constant monitoring of any malware detection on the site, the WooCommerce store maintenance service will help you grow your business in an environment free from any vulnerability.

Configure daily backups

Back-ups act as a saviour in case anything goes wrong with your website. With WooCommerce store maintenance service, you can rest assured of full database daily backup.

It will help you restore your site to the earlier backup in case any issue arises in your website. If you haven’t availed of the service and fail to get a recent backup, your business will face a loss of data and money immensely.

The professionals working at your service are experienced in the attentiveness required, while restoring a backup on a WooCommerce website. They know the right protocol to follow when your website goes down for a day or two. When people choose to do the same themselves, they often over right or lose data for any sales order between any ongoing backup. It hinders the website performance, and thus it is recommended to let the experts fix the issue instead of doing it on your own.

Following the best practices for WooCommerce Development and Store Maintenance

In case, you are looking to expand your website, you can contact the experts anytime to discuss the best options. You may have a complete custom solution in your mind that you can grab at a cost-effective package under your WooCommerce store maintenance service. Not only will the provider follow the best practices, but will take decisions keeping in mind the hurdles a website can face in any future updates.

An experienced e-commerce developer understands the importance of refraining from custom coding plug-ins. While doing so on your own, you may implement the same and may face problems in future updates. You may not be aware that implementing too many functionalities on the site can cause maintenance problems on WooCommerce websites. So why create more problems when WooCommerce store maintenance service can sort this for you.

Here are the top 10 reasons why you should consider WooCommerce development for your e-commerce store!

Optimization and Monitoring of your database

Large databases can often cause performance issues in any WooCommerce store. It is natural for the database to be large in WooCommerce e-commerce sites, given the inclusion of products and order data all stored on the website.

Although to optimize your website even with so many constraints, WooCommerce store maintenance experts reduce the database size of the website without losing any functionality.
The process includes the initial review of the plugin settings for all the installed plugins. An adult plugin out of certain plugins is often configured improperly, causing the storage of millions of rows of miscellaneous data in the database.

Further, database clean-up takes place in a sandbox or staging environment to make sure that no changes affect the live website.

Such regular optimization of the database is a crucial part of the WooCommerce store maintenance service that reduces the possibility of any performance or hosting server issues.
We hope you have understood how daunting the maintenance of WooCommerce store can be. Let us now guide you on how you can avail it. Keep reading!

There are many providers for WooCommerce store maintenance service in the market. With affordable plans and packages, you can choose the best suited one as per your business requirement. You can also choose to get a detailed quote if you have any special demands for your WooCommerce store.

Let the WooCommerce Professionals do it for you!

Running a WooCommerce store? Why waste your valuable time that you use to grow your business in tasks such as maintenance that can be best done by a professional. Keep your WooCommerce store running without any interruptions and deliver the best possible experience to your customers with the help of Skynet Technologies.

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The Complete Guide to Speed Up WooCommerce Store!

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Speed up Woocommerce Store

Are you wondering how you can speed up your WooCommerce Store?

The question concerns not only you, but pretty much every company, whether small or large. An optimized loading time is desirable for every company, but especially for WooCommerce Store. It’s no longer a secret that the slow WooCommerce stores can cost you in many ways: poor conversion rates, an increase in cart abandonment and a very significant decrease in Loyalty to the client, brand picture, tourists and even SERP visibility. This ultimately leads to less sales for you and your business.

Nobody likes to wait – whether offline or online. The reason why almost all WooCommerce stores now prefer Web Performance Optimization is this very important fact. In this article, you will find out everything you need to know in order to accelerate your WooCommerce stores to the maximum and ensure that the store remains an important part of your sales.

What is the optimal page load time?

There is no prescribed optimal page time. However, popular advice from an expert is to keep it under 2 seconds. As you can imagine, page load time is an important performance metric in web page optimization. If your WooCommerce store loads in more than two seconds, you have a lot of work to do.

How do you analyse web performance?

There are several tools online to measure the loading time of a website. We recommend google tools that you can use to get multiple performance metrics of your website.

Google PageSpeed Insights

Google PageSpeed Insights offers target-specific technical guidance on web performance optimization by priority. We strongly recommend that you solve high and medium importance issues first to make sure there are no critical performance issues.

Google PageSpeed Insights

Note that a bad rating doesn’t necessarily mean slow storage. However, solving these issues can have serious implications for a WooCommerce store’s performance.

9 Tips to Speed up WooCommerce Store

Let’s look at the 9 tips which will help to boost your WooCommerce store’s performance.

1.Optimize images for the web

The image optimization is essential for the general speed optimization of the WooCommerce store. In fact, images often represent the majority of the bytes downloaded for a page. Therefore, the image optimization often leads to a reduction in the page size and thus helps you to speed up the WooCommerce stores. This also has the advantage that the consumption of the client bandwidth is reduced. Understand that optimizing ecommerce store performance is not “one size fits all”. This means that I won’t give you any specific plugins, but will describe general strategies for image optimization. Check out the Top Website Speed Optimization Best Practices!

1.1 Image formats

The right image format can make a huge difference in how quickly your online store loads.

JPG: Use JPG for photos, high-resolution images where there is a lot of detail to display.
PNG: Use PNGs for icons, logos, diagrams, etc.
GIF: GIFs aren’t that bad for small objects, but very rarely superior to PNG. So, use GIF only if you want the animation.

1.2 Image compression

You can compress images manually, but it’s a hassle to say the least. The JPEG & PNG Compress Images plug-in offers the best performance other than being easy to configure. You only need an API key and the plugin is available for your WooCommerce store.

1.3 Eliminate and replace images

The very first question you need to ask yourself, Is this picture necessary? Good design should be simple, without overloading the image. As we know, a well-placed picture carries more information than a thousand words.

1.4 Responsive images

What if a mobile visitor visits your store? A 1200px image is unsuitable for the user. Because of this, some developers created the responsive images plugin, which displays the correct image size based on the width of the screen.

1.5 Image dimensions

Make sure that you don’t upload unnecessarily large images that are unnecessarily large. Resize the images manually or use a plugin like Imsanity to automatically resize the images to an acceptable size.

2. Optimize website code

The number of files in a WooCommerce store can be staggering for many users, and the number just keeps growing over time. The result is slow WooCommerce stores, as visitors’ browsers have to upload large files for each page.

2.1 CSS resources

There are several techniques for optimizing CSS resources. One of them is to simply keep the number of stylesheets to a minimum. The browser has to wait for all stylesheets to be fully loaded before displaying anything to the visitor. By reducing the number of stylesheets, you speed up the WooCommerce store considerably for visitors.

Reducing the number of stylesheets is good, but with WooCommerce, it’s almost impossible. The topics are very often focused on “features” and of course there is a style sheet for each feature.

With a plugin like Breeze it is possible to easily link these files. Note that chaining is a delicate process and it often happens that this operation destroys your WooCommerce store

2.2 JavaScript files

Like CSS resources, large JavaScript files have a negative impact on page loading speed. Developers can use the same minimization and compression tactics that they use with CSS files.

In contrast to style sheets, it is possible to render “async” scripts in such a way that they no longer block the display and thus speed up the WooCommerce stores. Sometimes chaining and changing the loading type can also interrupt WooCommerce stores. The more scripts you have, the harder it will be to optimize them.

2.3 File compression

The best-known compression is Gzip compression, which reduces the dimensions of static resources. for example, you can compress JavaScript files to half the first size without affecting performance. to seek out the compression status of your store, try the Gzip compression test.

3. Optimize HTML code

Your HTML code is the roadmap that the servers need to read. Using this map, the server can compile and deliver the pages requested by the visitors. Note, however, that it is your responsibility to keep your code as clean as possible. Things like extra spaces and hidden text (for Black Hat SEO) in your code can have a huge impact on page load times.

4. Start cleaning up

At some point the WooCommerce stores will only slow down because the databases are often overcrowded. Here are some important “spring cleaning” areas that will help you speed up the WooCommerce stores.

4.1 Clean up the database

You already know how to limit the revisions to the WooCommerce product pages. However, you also have to remove the revisions that are already in the database. There is nothing like the WP optimization plugin for that.

WP-Optimize not only removes problematic revisions, but also cleans up the entire database of the WooCommerce store. It’s also possible to automate the clean-up process so you can work on it without pauses.

4.2 Limit external resources

It is important to keep the number of external resources to a minimum, as not every resource can be optimized. In almost all cases, these external resources slow down your ecommerce store. A good way to reduce dependence is to use reliable sources such as Google Fonts, which are responsible for all font-related problems.

4.3 Restricted expansion numbers

In fact, it does not depend on the number, but on the quality of the extensions used. On the other hand, the more active extensions you have, the more difficult it becomes to control quality. It is therefore a good practice to regularly take stock of your extensions and ensure that the active extensions are relevant. If you have the opportunity, replace some extensions with equivalent code.

4.4 Revision control

WooCommerce offers a standard revision control on the product pages, with which you can go back and see changes on the product pages. While this seems like a good thing, revisions can also lead to performance issues.

4.5 Affiliated Ads and Products

Affiliate ads and products are no exception. If you advertise in your WooCommerce store, use a single network and do not let the advertising drive you crazy. Affiliate ads are often hosted in the form of images on external servers.

4.6 Restrict installed plugins

You should only install the most important plugins on your site. You should choose the plugins with a reputation for speed and performance. To gauge the speed of the plugins, I recommend Query Monitor, a great tool that gives a good idea of how long it takes to load each plugin and whether it’s worth keeping on your WordPress website.

4.7 Widget and tools for sharing

Social sharing widgets like Facebook and Twitter can slow down your WooCommerce store significantly. These widgets are getting slower and slower in your WooCommerce store:

  • Download from external resources
  • Internal dependency on DNS queries
  • Add additional HTTP requests
  • Enlarge the page

Owners of WooCommerce stores should remove these widgets and use simple share buttons.

5. Minimize redirects

Every time someone clicks a link to a page in your WooCommerce store, the server counts it as a redirect. Essentially, the server needs to redirect visitors to the right place. While this only takes a few seconds, it may seem like an eternity to users and will directly add to your store’s bounce rate.

If you have tons of redirects on your website, you are consuming server resources and increasing the last page load time for visitors. So, if you can reduce the number of redirects you will see a noticeable jump in the page loading speed.

6. Use server and browser cache

The Breeze WordPress Cache plugin is honestly not easy to beat when it comes to performance and ease of configuration. The developers tested the various cache plugins and found that Breeze performed significantly better. This is especially important because the more complicated a plugin is to configure, the more likely it is that users will make configuration errors.

6.1 Browser cache

A browser cache can significantly speed up the WooCommerce stores for visitors who visit multiple pages of your online store. In fact, the browser can cache all static files like style sheets and JavaScript files. This allows the pages to be viewed repeatedly much faster.

6.2 Server cache

A WooCommerce store is dynamic and you have to make it static to speed it up. Otherwise, each of your servers has to fetch all assets from the database and wastes valuable time. If your server supports a caching solution, it would just return the HTML.

7. Reliable hosting

Hosting is in many ways the main factor influencing the efficiency of WooCommerce store. In fact, the underlying hardware architecture is responsible for handling the data traffic and providing the relevant data to the users. Hence, the best WordPress hosting should be your first priority.

Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting offers the best mix of performance and cost for WooCommerce stores. The good thing is that most cloud hosting providers follow a pay-as-you-go model, which ensures that you only pay for the resources that the online store actually uses.

During the vacation season, traffic and user requests increase exponentially and traditional hosting solutions could fail in such scenarios. Thanks to the scalability of cloud hosting solutions, companies can continue to grow despite the load on their WooCommerce store

8. Improve UI/UX design

Good performance always starts with good design. Ultimately, performance is about respect. Respect your users’ time and they are more likely to get away with a positive experience. Good performance is good design.

9. Choose Lightweight Theme

In many cases, the aesthetic choice of a website rests with the designers who don’t consider the page loading speed. As a result, the aesthetics of the front end often take precedence over the page loading speed.

When you’re finalizing the theme of your website, we strongly recommend choosing a theme that is lightweight and optimized for performance. Not only should the theme be appealing, but it should also have a clean code base that prioritizes speed over aesthetics.

If you are looking for WooCommerce website development, WooCommerce store development or any other WooCommerce solution related services, please visit our WooCommerce web development solutions! We also provide ecommerce website maintenance services, online store maintenance services and web application security audit. For more information, please visit our ecommerce maintenance services!

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WooCommerce 4.3 has been Released! How it works for SMEs?

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New in WooCommerce 4.3 – the latest version 4.3 of WooCommerce has been available since July 8, 2020.

Although this is not a major update and everything should be backwards compatible up to version 4.0 from March 2020 – we recommend – as always – to completely back up all data before the update. We present the most important innovations in this article.

Let’s check out what’s new in WooCommerce 4.3:

Dashboard in a new look

The WooCommerce dashboard has been significantly redesigned to provide more clarity. The user is now only offered 3 points:

  • Messages in the inbox
  • Overview of the most important metrics of the store
  • Links that lead to the most important store settings

In order to actually see this new dashboard after the update, it must be switched on under the advanced settings under Start page. If you install WooCommerce from scratch, the new dashboard is already present.

Gutenberg blocks

For users of the Gutenberg editor, there are further innovations and improvements in the various WooCommerce blocks. Please note that the “Product Grid” blocks now work a little differently. You should therefore check the display of these blocks after the update.

Database and other changes

There are also various minor improvements in database administration, CSV import and export, and a number of new hooks and functions have been added. The new database table “wc_reserved_stock” has been added to enable the correct processing of simultaneous order processes. This prevents – as in the past – the stocks can go into negative territory.

Software requirements

WooCommerce 4.3 Store Development (like version 4.2) requires at least WordPress 5.2. The manufacturer also recommends PHP 7.2 or higher. But this should almost be taken for granted, because older versions of PHP no longer receive security updates.

You can also find more information about WooCommerce on the website.

How WooCommerce online store works for Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs)?

WordPress is a CMS on the rise. If you want to present your own company website in a search engine-friendly and modern way, there is hardly a way around the user-friendly CMS system WordPress. So-called plugins are used, with which the functionality of a website can be significantly increased. For example, you can also integrate a complete online store system. With WooCommerce as the standard program and the explicit extension “WooCommerce German Market”, which functions as a translation plug-in, you have attractive modules at your disposal. This plug-in combination seems extremely interesting, especially for small businesses.

The standard version of WooCommerce already offers added value for small businesses and Medium Enterprises!

The standard version of WooCommerce already offers a variety of functional options. Whether guest orders, vouchers, choice of form of address, product reviews, special offers or, for example, the upselling segment – numerous components for designing a functioning online store are fully available in this regard. Even the integration of affiliate products with external links is possible at any time. This then offers small businesses in particular opportunities for a successful business with their online store, since both the functionality is given and the time and, above all, financial expenditure remains manageable. Basically you can use the plugin completely free of charge; You only incur costs if you want to use certain premium extensions. But: If you run your store as a small business, you can do without many premium extensions; the features offered free of charge are usually sufficient.

WooCommerce extensions: Special setting options

Individualization of an online store

However, WooCommerce does have a decisive shortcoming. With file you are also able to create legal notice pages that can be implemented both in e-mails and in the checkout. Additional specific setting options and useful functions such as entering delivery times or taking account of small business regulations make the translation or expansion plug-in a real tool that significantly increases both functionality and, for example, your own protection against warnings.

Conclusion: For SMEs, advantageous features are offered!

With the plug-ins, a professional online store that meets the legal requirements can be launched; Possible warning risks are minimized in advance. If you also opt for the additional, chargeable expansion that is available, you also have a comprehensive set of tools at hand to optimize your store even for the highest demands.

WooCommerce gets by with a classic web hosting package and you can also edit it yourself after a period of getting used to it. The backend is accordingly intuitive and almost self-explanatory.

We offer WooCommerce website development, WooCommerce store development or any other WooCommerce solution related services for any size of business. We also provide ecommerce website maintenance services, online store maintenance services and web application security audit. For more information, please visit our website maintenance services!

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10 Reasons to Consider WooCommerce Development for Your Ecommerce Start-up!

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Woocommerce for Ecommerce

Introduction to WooCommerce

On one cherishing day you decide to start an E-commerce Startup, ready to invest and enter into a stabilised world. You must be wandering which e-commerce plugin will be the best option, which can take you to the top of mountain in the field of product as well as services. Surfing will prove you with numerous of options to consider, but the only plugin which will aim to reach your goal is WooCommerce. WooCommerce not only allows you to sell your products and services from your word press site but also come in additional extensions and offers which can render its customers with best experiences and many reasons to re-visit.

It is actually made with automatic, so when you will use it assures that you are in safe hands. WooCommerce is by far the best designed e-commerce development website. Before we take a dive into using it, let us first see why WooCommerce development.

Why You Should Prefer WooCommerce Development?

WooCommerce development services are working since 2011, adding up with more and more ingestions. It is so far the great platform, and is also growing and getting better and better. WooCommerce development has a strong backbone built which is working constantly for the easier ahead generation. It is free and easy to download, does not require an expertise to operate it. It can be easily operated by a lay man. With WooCommerce development anyone can develop and run a professional online store and lead the Startup like anything.

Let us now dig a bit more and get some more things to consider WooCommerce development services as best for your e-commerce startup.

Reasons to Consider WooCommerce Development

Pricing and woocommerce

1. Pricing and woocommerce – Price is one of the factors which takes the lead whenever we are up to some buying or relating. It is a factor which holds the top position. When we talk about WooCommerce development we don’t have to take a look at this because it is absolutely free of cost. As many of the platforms may range from few hundreds to thousand dollars. WooCommerce development services are compatible and competitive with some extra extensions but because its free any firm can take advantage of its capabilities and add them to their abilities. It does not let you own any software licence.

You can sell ANYTHING on WooCommerce

2. You can sell ANYTHING on WooCommerce – WooCommerce developers are so versatile that they incorporated versatility in development too. Isn’t this a completely open platform which allows you to showcase your any talent, whether be it physical product, subscription, appointments, digital products, etc. WooCommerce development services offer you variety of ways to make payment successful which adds up to your ease. If still your head is not held high, let us come across some aspects with which WooCommerce development was born.

Safety and security

3. Safety and security – Without a shadow of doubt it can be well written that woocommerce development is safe as well as secure. It ensures that the customers details are encrypted at safer side and you can totally rely on the protection way. Apart from this, you can also increase the security of your website by using different tools and plugins. One of the most effective ways is to secure your WordPress with .htaccess. The more secure your website is, the higher your business credibility will be.

As your business grows Woocommmerce also grows with it

4. As your business grows Woocommmerce also grows with it – The more credible your business is, the more is the growth. The interesting fact is, the more your business grows the more woocommerce development will be in terms of appreciation. It can be said that with one shot you are hitting two different eyes of success. Your development should be capable enough to grow your business in an effective way. It can sell a tiny to immense product, from few to thousands and from handful of shoppers to many thousands per second.

It also provides easy content management

5. It also provides easy content management – Content is an important component of eCommerce marketing, sales optimization, and search engine optimization. In terms of content too WooCommerce provides you with best optimization. Talking about blogging, landing pages, emails, marketing, product description, we can call it the world class content manager.

Woocommerce is fast

6. Woocommerce is fast! – WooCommerce should be combined with performance optimized WooCommerce System which is specifically designed to boost up the speed of optimization. It is the fastest of website with no glitches in terms of loading and excellent efficiency. Check out the guide to Speed Up WooCommerce Store!

Born for selling

7. Born for selling! –Woocommerce is designed to sell products and services. It comes with many features such as many payments secured options, refund, stock management, gateways, etc. it is a method to outcast your idea, your strategy to emerge a successful startup.

Who is the boss

8. Who is the boss? –No third party is involved in it, it is you who is the boss and controls the functioning of business. This advantage will also be a relief to your customers that they don’t have to share their information with some third party but only you.

You are now part of global community

9. You are now part of global community – Globally you are known when you join woocommmerce development and its services. Which gets you connected to this globe, the world which resides in the ecommerce part. It gets you real feedback, real assistance and real people to connect with and share. Different people have different ideas with different strategies and reviews for you and you business community.

Analytics and Reporting

10. Analytics and Reporting – It basically measures your performance and gives you a position where you actually stand in the market. Repots out in many forms which requires an analysis and measures to be adopted. Analysis is actually a true picture of your work.

We now have many options adding up to the advantages of woocommerce development services. We just can’t deny the fact that it is the best development service which offers its services free of cost any firm can take advantage of its capabilities which can add up to its abilities anytime, anywhere in this globalised world.

Our Online Store development service cover all the functionality you require in order to ensure that your business runs seamlessly! We have Developed WooCommerce Store for may industrial sectors! Get Your Ecommerce Store Online with Unique Capabilities and Functionalities! Skynet Technologies is a Leader when it comes to WooCommerce Website Development Services! We can help you to develop Ecommerce Stores from scratch using WooCommerce. We have built WooCommerce Store which are fully functional and offer great user experience!

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