Here’s the Laravel Migration Guide You’ve Been Looking for!

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Laravel Migration

Laravel migration may look like one complicated subject but worry not; this guide will help you understand it from the basics.

What is Laravel Migration?

Laravel Migration is a process that enables you to build a table in a database without generally writing or modifying the SQL queries. It allows you to roll back changes, make incremental changes or sync the database structure simultaneously when multiple teams work on the same application.

To simple understand, it is a quick method to create, destroy or bootstrap any application database. There originates no need to run a SQL query or log into the database console.

What is the point of Laravel Migration when you can directly create a table?

While working as a team, if one needs to execute some alteration in the table, pursuing the traditional method can be hectic.

While working traditionally, SQL query needs to be passed to the team member who will have the responsibility to import the file. In a situation, if they forget to do so, the application won’t work accurately.

To cater to such more problems, Laravel Migrations came as a saviour. It helps you get rid of any team collaboration issues in concern with databases.

By utilizing the Laravel migrations, you can add new columns, delete records, and more without deleting records in your database. Rest assured of the already existing migrations, as Laravel will only do migrations that are newly added based on your request. You do not have to worry about previous migrations because Laravel has a track on the migrations already executed in the database.

How to get started?

Let’s understand it with a simple task. We will perform a database migration where we will create a table to save the application links.

To do so, we will be utilizing the artisan tool that is available in artisan by default.

Step 1: We will start with the Application’s root directory. Make sure that your Docker composes development environment should be up and running.

Step 2: Next, to set up the links table, you need to create a database migration.

To create the same, run the make:migration Artisan command, which will bootstrap a new class in the database/migrations folder on your Laravel application. A default boilerplate code will be present in the class by default.

php artisan make:migration create_flights_table


Don’t forget to use the docker-compose exec app. It is used to run the command where PHP is installed on the app service container.

The migration that is generated is based on the current date and time.

Even the name provided make:migration command will be an argument.

Step 3: utilizing the editor of choice, open the generated migration class.

Further, to include the table columns in order to store the table data, you need to update the up method.

Step 4: The next step includes the replacement of the current data. To do the same, the following codes needed to be worked on. Three new fields in the table will be added.

  • URL: It is required to save the link URL.
  • Description: To save the link description, this text field needs to be filled in.
  • Enabled: whether enabled or not, this field needs to be filled in to store the state of the link. A value of 0 or 1 will be stored to the tinyint unsigned field by the boolean Schema type.
<AMP-analytics type = “googleanalytics” id = “analytics1”>

use Illuminate\Database\Migrations\Migration;
use Illuminate\Database\Schema\Blueprint;
use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Schema;

class CreateFlightsTable extends Migration
     * Run the migrations.
     * @return void
    public function up()
        Schema::create('flights', function (Blueprint $table) {

     * Reverse the migrations.
     * @return void
    public function down()

Step 5: Save the migration file after all these entries.

Step 6: Next step includes running the migration file.

Use the code, “docker-compose exec app PHP artisan migrate.”

You can also get a glance at the other migrations that were executed in the same table in the database/migrations in the app’s root folder.

It is the most basic procedure on how you can create a table using migrations. Hope you will be able to do a much better job with this step-by-step guide.

Furthermore, to help you learn more about the Laravel migration, we have listed some Laravel commands that will prove to be extremely useful to you.

  • migrate:fresh
    Using this command, one can drop all the tables from the database and re-run all the migrations.

    Syntax used: php artisan migrate:fresh

  • migrate:install
    Using this command, a migration table can be created in a database.

    Syntax used: php artisan migrate:install

  • migrate:refresh
    Using this command, all the migrations can be rolled back, and migrations can be re-run.
    In simple words, the database can be re-created entirely.

    Syntax used: php artisan migrate:refresh

  • migrate:reset
    It solely drops all the tables that you have created in a database,

    Syntax used: php artisan migrate:reset

  • migrate:rollback
    This laravel command is used to drop the last database migration.

    Syntax used: php artisan migrate: rollback

  • migrate:status
    This command helps you check the migration status.

    Syntax used: php artisan migrate: status

Get started!
Laravel will ease the burden off your shoulders with its great framework. You can bid goodbye to an array of mundane tasks and can take advantage of several other features using laravel that will get your work done within seconds.

So, there stands no reason why you should not be using laravel. Be confident as you take the help of this step-by-step guide and start your laravel migration journey today!

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Top benefits of hiring white label WordPress Maintenance Company

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White Label WordPress Maintenance Company

For all those agencies who are looking to brand a partner’s web development solution as their own then white label WordPress maintenance is the perfect solution for them. Skynet Technologies is known for web development, ecommerce solution, digital marketing, maintenance, search engine optimization and more for their client’s growth.

If you are thinking that after developing a new business website your work is done then unfortunately it is not in the case of the website because they need continuous maintenance to make sure that your website is up to date. If you are having limited personnel who are busy with some other stuff then you can opt for some trusted website maintenance company that does this task for you. In this regard, a white label WordPress maintenance company is the best option for you as it provides Maintenance Services for your WordPress website at a very affordable rate to make your website up to date so that you will be able to survive in today’s cutthroat competition.

Why choose Skynet Technologies?

Skynet Technologies has been working for many years and are known for delivering top-quality websites to their clients. The company always works for their clients and having experience developers who keep themselves updated with amazing designs and new trends and help in providing the desired result with their creativity and experience. There is various WordPress maintenance company operating in the market but being one of the best among them, Skynet Technologies provide best results to their clients.

Some of the benefits of hiring a white label WordPress maintenance company:

Larger capacity

One of the topmost benefits to hire a white label WordPress maintenance company is that by taking the help of a web development partner you will be able to maintain the deadlines for your client. They help you to increase the capacity to start various projects simultaneously at once and if you are having a large client base then you can sell as many website projects as you want and get them designed with the help of a white label WordPress company.

Easy branding

After opting for services from Skynet Technologies, you will be able to save a lot of your effort and time on gathering various technical know-how and on research as well. We provide the perfect solution for your branding, and you will get a ready-made solution for promoting your brand that can easily be visible to your clients only. Skynet Technologies provide White label services that offer a unique design for the branding of your company, and you will be able to create a more client base as it is quite difficult for yourself to create a unique brand identity. Moreover, we provide experienced professionals who are expert in designing the logo, websites, social media profiles, templates and many more due to which it helps a lot to create a good image of your company and helpful in branding properly.

Focus on Core Competencies

Various web development Agencies offer add-on services for maintenance and support for your website, which is not the core function as it shows. Various web development companies are not able to deliver the same level of end-to-end web development services. But the white label maintenance service is equipped in providing full support services to your business so that you will invest your time in doing the important work and you along with your internal team should focus on more important work to do your best.

The affordable rate that suits your budget

White label WordPress website maintenance is budget friendly. There is different website maintenance company in the market that charge very high for website maintenance but with its experienced personnel and advanced techniques, Skynet Technologies provides the maintenance service at a very affordable price that surely suits your budget. Although various factors determine the cost of website maintenance like the complexity of your business’s website or the size of your company. Generally, it has been seen that a small business that is involved in a simple website requires less maintenance, so it is less costly as compared to the website with some ecommerce features incorporated in it. Check out the Top 10 things that need to be in your White label WordPress Maintenance Package.

Reputable company

Skynet Technologies has a good reputation in the market for providing site Maintenance Services to its clients. All the customers who bought review it very positively if you are looking for some good website maintenance company then you should route to the right place as the main motive of this company is to provide maximum satisfaction to their clients. To check our authenticity and Goodwill you can simply search the company name on Google and read the reviews. You will get a lot of positive reviews from the customer who earlier got services from this company on Google. Which having good working experience white label company always there to provide feedback to their customer and always ready to serve their client whenever they need their help.

Experienced in White Label WordPress website maintenance service

Skynet Technologies has qualified and experienced team who can maintain a business website effectively and make recommendations to improve the overall performance of your business’s website. With experienced team members, they are ready to develop a comprehensive and custom web maintenance plan for your business website that helps you to make your website up to date at every point in time.

It is not an easy job to easily maintain your business’s website as it requires a lot of time and resources for its effective maintenance and Management. In this regard, it is very fruitful for you to choose to partner with a professional website maintenance company that helps you to maintain the website of your business and provides you some tips for its visibility. Among various website maintenance companies, Skynet Technologies is the best among them as they are having good experience in website maintenance field and if you opt for service, you will surely be able to up to date your website.

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Web Maintenance Plans: What things you should expect in it?

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Web Maintenance Plans

Just like our health, our website can also fall apart if it is left too long without a regular check-up. For keeping your website healthy and updated, it should be regularly monitored for issues and mistakes, which is known as website maintenance. It is not optional but mandatory and should be a consistent part of your business. To strengthen your SEO and Google rankings, security of your website, and encouraging continued traffic growth, regular website maintenance is essential and important. If you leave your business website unmaintained, it can cause some serious problems and setback to the potential growth and health of your business.

Features that should be included in your web maintenance plans

If you want your customers to have the best experience on your website, protect your data and increase its efficiency, here’s what your web maintenance plans should include.

Security maintenance and prevention

Sometimes website users skip the sites which do not show the important lock sign next to the URL of the site. This sign indicates that your site is SSL certified and safe to open. Therefore, your web maintenance plan must include some form of security support. Increase in cybercrime and with hackers going strong these days, it is important to keep your website secure. It will not only monitor threats but also prevent attacks from those threats. Ensure your security system is updated because your website is vulnerable to hackers, malware, and viruses if left with an outdated system.

Website updates

If you run WordPress with plugins and themes, without website maintenance, things start to break down. To improve the functionality of your website and reduce errors, plugins and integrations in your website are constantly updated. Sometimes these updates can break your site if they are not compatible with the latest version of WordPress. Having a web maintenance plan that deals with these updates helps you enjoy improved features and user experience.

Backup must be including in web maintenance plans

The chances of losing data due to hackers or malware break down require an immediate backup plan. Therefore, your website maintenance plan must include automatic and manual website backups. Sometimes, your page can also be deleted by your clients accidentally. Having a regular backup is essential for your peace of mind and your client’s as well. If you think that you can have a backup on your own, avoid this idea as most website owners forget to do this regularly. If anything goes wrong, you can restore the latest version of your website with the help of website maintenance.

Website monitoring and troubleshooting issues

Many amateurs often start a website unaware of the issues and maintenance related to it. Later when sudden issues arise, it needs to be handled and billed separately. It leads to the need for calling up the host and troubleshoot the issues yourself. By the time you figure out the issue, your customer service goes down leading to loss of website users. But with the regular monitoring of the website with maintenance plans will ensure the efficient running of your website along with troubleshooting issues is beneficial for the smooth functioning of your website. Regular monitoring of the website speed and checking of errors with broken links is very important for both the user and Google. Hundreds of visitors are lost if a site is not loaded within 3 seconds, as per the survey of Google.

Changes on the website

The web maintenance plan should come with the facility of changing any details the website owners want on the website. Changing the phone number, updating the employee list, or adding a new line of products is the frequent changes made to the website. If you need to update these changes, either you should be a web developer or pay for a web maintenance plan. It includes changing minor details in your website during the time of monthly maintenance. However, sizable projects are charged separately.

Website analytics report

Website maintenance packages sometimes also come with assistance with report generation and interpretation. Websites installed with Google Analytics show insights and what your visitors are interested in. However, Google Analytics may take some time to understand, we’re you will need the assistance of your support consultant. You can explain your needs and requirements, and they can set up a report as per their analysis. Once these reports are ready, you can have access to them as per your time.

Digital Marketing

There are some features included in web maintenance plans that are tough, not necessary but can boost and improve your website presence on the internet. These features include digital marketing. Digital marketing services such as SEO services, email marketing, and AdWords campaign management helps to bring more traffic to your website. Ongoing monitoring along with digital marketing can help with the success of your website. However, search engine optimization is also important. The website owners who do not have time for this can hire experts for this job for the benefit of their business.

Content creation

These are the additional features provided by web maintenance plans to maintain your online presence. People who are not able to or do not have time to add new content to their website regularly can purchase plans that include a content creation facility. Content creation is one of the easiest and most effective ways to pay visitors more value. The content you upload on your page does not limit to your blog and goes beyond it to social media and various other platforms. The website maintenance and marketing team can also assist you with the information on what type of content your visitors like or want to read. As your business website is your first impression, make sure your visitors are having the best experience and your data is safe.

These are the few specifics that should be a part of your web maintenance service. You also have the option to customize your plan as per the needs, size, and budget of your business.

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Why Magento Maintenance Service is Crucial for Your Ecommerce Store?

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Magento Maintenance Service

What is Magento?

Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform with an integrated PHP scripting language. It supports the developers to built e-commerce websites. Magento was launched in 2008 by Varien. The Magento Commerce Development utilizes the Zend Framework. Multiple businesses utilize Magento for operating their virtual stores. Some of the biggest firms using Magento include Jaguar, Ford, Nike, etc. Magento Ecommerce Development is crucial for e-commerce clients. This platform offers an adaptable shopping cart system for online retailers. It helps them to have a check on the content, appearance, and performance of their virtual store.

Why Should Ecommerce Clients Use Magento?

Moreover, Magento comprises search engine optimization, influential marketing, and catalog-running tools. It is a professional product that is available free of cost. This product has a scaling capacity that enables online stores with few merchandise and requirements to widen its goods without shifting platforms. The Magento Commerce Development improves the customers’ shopping experience as it offers an extensive range of themes and plug-ins. An online store involves various features that require proper configuration.

The designing of the product is in a way that an individual who is not a website developer can use it. The community of Magento is vast and very supportive. But at times, online merchants require Magento Maintenance Company to fine-tune their Magento ecommerce website.

What are the Key Features of Magento?

The main features of Magento are:

1. Product, Category, & Inventory Management

Magento has a product management option that includes several product images, discretionary product reviews, favorite items, and a catalog. The category management features help in searching for and choosing the products placed in different categories.

The inventory management option helps in organizing goods, available stock, imported, and exported merchandise.

2. Client Account & Customer Support

Magento website incorporates the account status, address, shopping cart, wishlist goods, and transaction details of the clients. It enables customer support through e-mails, customer contact forms, and inclusive records. Check out Best Practices for Magento Support and Maintenance.

3. Order Management Option

The Magento Ecommerce Development offers various payment methods like PayPal, credit card, Google Checkout. Plus, it supports external payment units such as eWay, ePay, CyberSource, etc. It includes a swift and friendly search methodology. Magento assists in Google Sitemap search. An online merchant gets monetary, multi-lingual, coupons and promotional tools on the Magento website. This product offers numerous reports as it incorporates Google Analytics assistance.

Why Magento Support and Maintenance is Significant for Magento Merchants?

Customers do not like to visit an unfriendly website. They will leave the website if the navigation process of searching for a particular product is tricky. Thus, Magento merchants need Magento Ecommerce Store Maintenance to retain old customers and attract potential clients.

A web store running on the Magento platform requires a professional Magento developer’s assistance to fix substantial errors. An e-commerce merchant cannot afford to lose potential customers, sales, and business revenue. The credibility of a Magento website gets damaged if it appears unprofessional over the web. It is significant to get Magento Store Maintenance services for maintaining the web store.

Now, take a look at the main reasons why Magento maintenance service is crucial for your ecommerce store!

1. To Achieve Quick Loading of Magento Website

Website loading speed is decisive for a Magento web store. A customer avoids visiting a web store with a slow loading speed. Sometimes, the web-store loading speed gets slower. So, you need to take help from Magento developers offering the best Magento Web Maintenance solutions. You must know that users will discard your web store if it takes more than three seconds to load. Consequently, your conversion rates get reduced.

An expert Magento Website Maintenance team adopts suitable optimization methods and technical maintenance practices to ease your slow loading web store. Hence, your customers will remain engaged on your website with a great user experience.

2. To Tackle Website Crash Issues

Your Magento website gets higher traffic and customer requests in peak shopping seasons. As a result, your site gets down as it endures an unexpected load due to client shopping requests. You require instant restoration of your web store by availing of Magento Store Maintenance services. You can avert site crash issues in advance by registering for Magento support packages yearly or for a specific period. It will facilitate you in administering your online store efficiently.

3. To Manage Security Issues

Your Magento e-commerce store can get hacked. You need to take Magento Web Maintenance services to handle security-related challenges. A Magento support team will be responsible for installing antivirus software and updating safety options and functionality. It will procure security certificates by executing the necessary security tools to help you in operating your online store effectively. Watch out how to protect your ecommerce website from high risk of cybercrime with Magento maintenance Service.

4. To Obtain Online Server Backup

A digital network like servers and several infrastructural mechanisms encounter natural and human-made adversities. Natural calamities like floods, storms, fires can happen at any time. Similarly, human-made inconsistencies like robbery, riots can terminate the complete software system. In these cases, restoring your web store becomes a challenging task. You need to take the support of Magento Website Maintenance Service. The knowledgeable Magento team has secure backup solutions with cloud storage and online server backup facilities.

5. To Confront Major and Minor Emergencies

Your Magento store encounters different issues that demand fixing immediately. The errors that your web store experiences are: login or sign-up issues, back-end code errors, annoying admin notifications, front-end UI errors, installed plug-ins errors and presented incentives like coupons redeeming showing errors.

These are the chief and trivial emergencies experienced by Magento merchants. Therefore, you must take assistance and support from the Magento Website Maintenance team. The Magento developers are skilled in dealing with and resolving such web store errors.


Taking proper care of your Magento store is crucial for your business success. Things get better when you hire Magento Website Maintenance Service from a reliable digital e-commerce company.

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