Why does your business need to invest in PHP Application Development?

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php application development

PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor is an open-source platform used for web development applications. It is an intuitive server-side scripting language that can be embedded into HTML. PHP as a web development choice is a fast, reliable, and secure platform that provides several benefits to the businesses. It offers endless possibilities and garnered stupendous quality in delivering high-quality unique solutions.

You will be amazed to find how your business shapes out with PHP application development:


PHP is a very simple scripting language and the code is easy to clean as well. When compared with other scripting languages, PHP is neither too technical nor tedious. With PHP, you can have total control over your website and you don’t have to rely on developers all the time as there is no complicated code.

Robust Features

PHP offers numerous competitive advantages with infinite features like easy modifications, customizations, multi-tasking, easy integrations, interactive UI, stunning designs, and more at an affordable cost.

Framework Diversity

There is a diverse range of frameworks such as Laravel, CakePHP, Symphony available that can work with PHP. Developers have the freedom to choose any of the frameworks they are comfortable with to make the scripting easy.

Rapid PHP Development

A website built on PHP uses its own memory, reduces load time, and doesn’t burden the server. Many applications like CRM, CMS driven websites, social network applications, ecommerce websites, are built on PHP due to its high processing speed. The code is also reusable, saving the time and efforts of the developers.

Ease of use

PHP is easier to learn when compared to other programming languages. It offers easy parsing and is also stable. It also provides user-friendly and interactive website applications. Website visitors freely interact while creating interactive and dynamic content.


PHP comes with various extensions that offer a great ease of customization. You can expand or customize the current functionality of your website depending upon the needs of your business. It is extremely flexible and offers tailor-made solutions to businesses of all sizes and segments.


PHP is interoperable with multiple operating systems like Linux, Windows, Apache, Solaris, and different servers. Businesses don’t have to spend a dime on portability as businesses can leverage their current resources rather than investing in proprietary products. It can also be used with multiple open-source software like WordPress, Drupal, and more.

HTML embedded codes

PHP is a cross-platform compatible language and can also decode HTML with no need to have separate coding for PHP. One doesn’t have to rewrite the HTML lines separately. It can also be incorporated into code generated by WYSIWYG editors.


PHP is an open-source platform and is free. Whether you are a big enterprise or a small startup, you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket if you choose PHP for your website development. It is highly affordable for businesses of all scales.

Optimal Web Experience

PHP is extremely convenient to use and runs on different operating systems whether it is Linux or Windows. It also supports all leading servers and you don’t have to shell out additional bucks on optimizing web experience.


The major concern of any web development services is security. There are numerous security threats from malware and viruses. PHP provides multiple layers of security to your website. With PHP application development, your app is safe and secure and you don’t have to fret over spending additional resources on security.

Easy Modifications

Businesses tend to update and make changes to their websites from time to time. With PHP development services, you can make easier modifications and alterations to the websites. This eases the work and imbibes any changes without any stress and hence PHP is one of the most preferred platforms for web development.

Better ROI

In a highly competitive business atmosphere, you need to capture eyeballs to survive. With PHP, you can create dynamic & interactive content and expect additional guests to your website. Also, PHP is open-source and all you need to invest is on finding some decent developers who are already outsized to build the website. There is a guaranteed higher and measurable ROI that provides you a strong foothold in the market.


PHP ever since its inception from 1995, has a huge library and PHP web development services, for which one can have full access to. There are various 24*7 support groups, discussion forums, phone support from developers across the globe who are available to take your queries and help you with them. You can also find tips and techniques on the web if you are stuck somewhere.

Easy Expansion

PHP allows the seamless expansion of website functionality with free extensions that can enhance the user experience of a web application. PHP also lets the developers implement any upgrades and changes in no time.

Customer Retention

PHP frameworks build faster & responsive websites and the audience can have an amazing user experience. It enables quick turnaround time and creates dynamic websites in no time. With PHP, businesses would have faster web solutions that play a critical role in customer retention.


PHP has been in use since 1995 and various web applications are built on PHP. It is not just a tried and tested language but also one of the most trusted languages today. The biggest testimony is that Facebook, MailChimp, Tumblr are built on PHP.


PHP is everywhere, nearly 82% of the web is powered by PHP! It is cross-platform compatible and can build unique, interactive, and dynamic web solutions. To make the most of PHP application development, you should have experienced developers who can offer quick solutions and aware of the latest updates. We guarantee robust web solutions that are bug-free, professional, and help our clients to meet all their requirements.

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Top 8 Reasons why your business should invest in Custom Web Application Development!

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Web Application Development

The importance of web applications in business cannot be overstated in today’s world. Simply put, a web application is a computer program that utilizes web browsers and web technology to perform tasks over the Internet. Some of the most important tasks that web applications can perform include:

  • Communication with customers
  • Collaboration within employees
  • Secure storage of data and more

In addition, custom web application development can cater to your bespoke business needs and allow you to remain ahead of the curve.

Top 8 benefits of custom web app development:

Improved Efficiency

Possibly, the biggest benefit of a custom web app is the tangible improvement in business efficiency. Keeping data at multiple locations can come with a number of issues. Primary among them being the fact that it is time consuming to collate them and that there is always a scope of making a costly human error! Add to this the fact that if these multiple sources do not speak to each other, getting a holistic view can be a tedious task.

With a web application, however, it is easy to streamline this data with accuracy. What you also have is freed up staff time that can be used in other core productive work. Check out Top 15 Mobile App Development Trends!

Easy access

With a web app what you also have is the ease of accessing data at any point in time and from any device. What this, in turn, means is that precious time is not lost in accessing data and therefore in decision-making. In a world where time-to-market is an important aspect of success, the importance of this feature, cannot be overstated!

Cross platform capabilities

While traditional software applications are built for specific operating systems, with a customized web app, there is the advantage of accessing them through a range of different browsers without facing any compatibility issues.


Think of a desktop based software and there is always the fear of your data being compromised in case the desktop or computer is stolen or lost. This issue is mitigated when you have a custom web app. In case of theft or loss, all you need to do is to simply log in to the system with any other device. Also the possibility of data being restored through the cloud is a big factor in ensuring peace of mind, especially when you are talking about sensitive data.

Also, commonly used software is that much more prone to hacking. With a custom coded software, the effort required to hack into it is that much more and the probability of hacking, therefore, that much less.


With business operations being dynamic, the issue with purchasing off-the-shelf software is always to do with scalability. With custom web app development, you do not face this issue as the app is extremely scalable. Besides with a customized app, what you have is the ability to ensure several things including but not limited to:

  • Have your own branding on the app, which is essential for your overall brand imagery and marketing initiatives.
  • Set different user permission and access levels.
  • Overall have customized features and functions relevant to your business.

Ease of Maintenance

The big advantage with a customized web application is that in installing them you do not have to go through the laborious process of installing them on each system. Also when it comes to maintenance the patches can be remotely rolled out on each device saving precious man hours. With a traditional software, of course, the process would be to manually update the software on each system.

Cost Saving

While it seems like an expensive proposition to avail of a customized web development service, however, in the long run, custom web app development leads to cost savings as it is known to improve processes. This, without investing in any hardware! The important bit is also that you will own the application and therefore do not have to pay for its use.

App-ready business

Importantly with web application development your business is app ready. An app, in turn, means being able to access information on the go by the end user and for the business it is yet another opportunity to penetrate the market.

To sum up, what you have through a custom developed app is an enhanced performance and improved user experience!

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Why Laravel is the Best PHP Framework for Enterprise Web Application Development?

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Laravel Web App Development

Is building an enterprise web application for your organization on your agenda? Odds are that you must be researching the many frameworks available to be able to make the optimal choice. Here are enough and more reasons for you to go with Laravel PHP framework when it comes to enterprise web application.

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First up, What really is Laravel?

An open source and free PHP framework, Laravel has greatly eased the process of web application development. While its first stable version was released in 2011, it is post the release of version 3 that had features to do with support for database system and migrations, that it gained a lot of popularity. Check out the guide on Laravel v5.8.19 Released.

Why Laravel Enterprise Web App Development?

Model-View Controller based architectural pattern

The big advantage with Laravel beyond the fact that it is open source and free to use is that it follows a Model-View-Controller based architectural pattern that ensures clarity between logic and presentation. Among other things, It can respond to:

  • Requests for information
  • Instructions to change the state of its information.
  • Even notify observers when information changes.


With an enterprise web application, security is a key concern. With a Laravel PHP framework, website data and codes are kept secure. This is done in multiple ways. First, it uses salted and hashed passwords. Also, Laravel makes use of predefined SQL statements, thereby eliminating the possibility of injection attacks. The added advantage with the Laravel Enterprise Web App is its high performance.


A key source of competitive advantage, today, is the time-to-market. A Laravel enterprise web app significantly reduces time to market with its pre-built components.

Data Migration

Even the most experienced developers find data migration a complex process. With a Laravel PHP Framework this task is significantly made easy, as it allows for the data base structure to expand without recreating it. In turn, this makes for smooth data migration without any loss of crucial data.

Unit testing

Laravel Web App Development also offers another significant advantage, that of unit testing. Any web application development process isn’t complete unless proper testing is done, be it for its performance or security. Laravel is one tool that allows for multiple unit tests for its efficacy.

Route Caching

A key advantage of Laravel is that it comes with the feature of route caching. In turn, this increases the loading speed of the application. A word of caution here though- It is important to remember that once you turn this feature on, any changes made will not reflect in the live environment.


Another key benefit of Laravel is its built-in tool, known as Artisan that is used for command line operations. This tool allows the developers to perform the redundant programming tasks which would otherwise need to be undertaken manually and would lead to wastage of precious time and energy.

Queues and Scheduler

Every developer is aware of the many time-consuming tasks that present themselves in the development process. These could be things like generation of a PDF report or a SCV File and more. Laravel offers a queue facility, whereby such tasks can be deferred to a later date. Similarly, it also has a scheduler, which allows various tasks to be scheduled using an in-built function.


When it comes to dependency management, Laravel uses Composer. At any point in time, it allows you to check what all dependencies your application is using. Additionally, you can also update the dependencies with a simple composer command.

The Blade

Larval used The Blade as its templating engine. In turn, it helps you in keeping the view code clean. It also offers template inheritance allowing you to divide the templates into sections as also create logical smaller sections.

OO Libraries

Laravel also enables developers with Object Oriented Libraries that aren’t found in other PHP frameworks. For example, the Authentication Library has many advanced features like checking active users or resetting password, encryption and more.

Active Community

Another major benefit with Laravel is its active community. What that means is that you could find many stack overflow posts around any query that you may have. Additionally, there are also Laracasts discussion forums that come to your aid.

Wrap Up

With enterprise web applications becoming increasingly important, so is the Laravel PHP framework. In fact, whenever a web application needs customization, there isn’t a more secure and easy to implement framework, as Laravel.

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8 Reasons to Choose Drupal for Custom Web Application Development

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Custom Web Application Development

In the ever-changing technical world, you need a safe, flexible, optimized and specialized custom application development for your successful business website. Drupal is the best custom web application development with over 1000 websites backed with it. Drupal application development has a 1.3 million community support people and over 109,000 user contributing to its achievement.

Drupal is a feature rich web application development which provides endless opportunities to deliver creative and amazing functionalities on the sites. It is the popular CMS possessing the renowned LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP/Python/Perl) as its base. The well-known examples of Drupal websites are Grammys, The white house, Lamborghini, etc.

Below are the 8 reason to choose Drupal web application for maintaining a powerful website:-

  1. Extendable:

    The flexible modules of Drupal are available all the time. This means you can easily add functionality to your website as per your convenience.  Drupal is utilized by several groups of people, which allows it to have innumerable options of modules having equal capabilities with free downloads. One unique add on functionality of Drupal application development is configuration access to its available tools; also add suitable tools that will allow platforms to strengthen their abilities.

  1. Drupal Content management system:

    Drupal provides adaptable content authoring system that helps to include, manage and publish content. If you are a novice in technical world, Drupal is your only solution to build a website. Drupal manages custom content types and fields. It imports existing data from various formats to the site by using its feed module. Drupal’s user interface allows clients to curate content easily and speedily with the help of CKEditor module. And finally it exposes curated information as JSON by views and view Data source modules. It allows remote HTTP clients to use visible sections using HTTP query parameters. Check out the guide on why choose Drupal CMS Development over other CMS for Your business website.

  1. Drupal Speed:

    Drupal’s pliable platform allows developer and marketers to conquer roadblock and lag thereby managing a dependable and agile team. Drupal application development provides incorporate velocity to your business projects. This will also result in promoting your business site with a high rank in SERP. Google ranks a website by considering the page loading speed of it. Drupal being one of the fastest CMS provides many advantages to your business including the most vital, satisfied and happy visitors.

  1. Organizing Streamlined Content:

    It is absolutely great to have millions of visitors ever month on your website. So you need to maintain loads of content which keeps your visitors updated. Don’t worry Drupal provides you with various ways of organizing content like, tags, URL, taxonomy, and custom lists. Taxonomy is an important feature to search for any content you were searching for. Even if you posted a blog 2years, 6months and 18 days ago with Drupal you are lucky to find your same content stored safely.  You can also merge various search engines like Elastic search easily to search readily available content.

  1. Drupal Scalability:

    To have a busiest site and to manage the enormous traffic to the site you need Drupal web application development to scale you needs. Drupal’s efficient themes and modules can manage massive content users and visitors. It has over 2500 free themes and over 39000 free modules that prepare the users to develop the performance of application and design it as per the individual’s requirement.

  1. Friendly Search Engine:

    Few innovative features of Drupal improve SEO of the website like:Create a clean URL; Drupal’s ‘Pathauto module’ is based on several factors like custom keywords, rich titles and others. This module allows users to create a clean URL.Theme aspect, as per this aspect Drupal web application development depends on CSS. This permits the removal of unnecessary cluttering of HTML coding and in result benefits indexing of content.

    Creating node, each node that you create on Drupal does have the node title. This title is visible in tittle tag as well as main heading tag of your theme. From the SEO point of view, this title is very crucial. It can make your search ranking amazingly better; hence the title should be well-researched.

  1. Performance tracking facility and shopping cart for users:

    It is very essential to track the user behavior with the application for current ecommerce platforms. Drupal offers Dashboard for detailing status of orders, payment methods, sales, and etc. additional features for providing details can be included or customized by modules. Drupal application development is all sorted for launching promotions, integrating web analytics and progressing of sites for search engines. Drupal offers benefits to commercialize the websites and apps including engaging UX and impressive UI.

  1. Seamless Integration with Third Party Tools:

    Drupal ideally supports variety of third party tools and technologies. Drupal permits you to influence the advantages of the efficient asset for your website, outside of Drupal.  Example: – Translation services, CRM and ERP Packages, website search engines, performance monitoring etc.

Whether you are looking to create a business website or maintaining its renowned status on the web choose Drupal for custom web application development and experience its productive results.  Drupal custom web application development will provide your business site with flexible and scalable solutions to help your site noticeable on the wide web. Our specialized Drupal developer’s team provides assistance for customized Drupal application Development to meet your particular business needs and goals. We also provide you support with day to day operations of your Drupal site to improve user experience and serve your clients better.

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