Why Choose Drupal over Other CMS for Your Business Website?

By Web Development India| Date posted: | Last updated: May 7, 2021
Why Choose Drupal

As its name implies, a CMS is designed to create, edit, publish, and distribute content. Finding the right CMS for your business website is essential for you to achieve the goals set for your business. When choosing a CMS manager, you need to look at some points such as

  • Degree of difficulty for the developer to make customizations.
  • Features offered.

There are various standard CMS platform available in the market. All of them are known due to their features. But, why should you choose Drupal CMS instead of any other CMS for your business website? Does it comply with every needs of a business website? Do you get all the benefits of a modern business CMS? Which are the qualities, and features we should look for?

Let’s look at 3 Aspects that Drupal CMS stands out

Drupal is a Content Management System (CMS) – written in PHP. That is, with Drupal you can create, manage, manipulate and share content, automate administrative tasks, and set permissions, and roles for users and collaborators. Drupal web development offers several formatting options for you to share your content.

Professional and efficient – We can already note that the main feature of Drupal is professionalism. Despite being a bit hard for the non-technical user, Drupal is the system that can produce more complex, and advanced business websites. It is true that with each update, it has become easier to use, but it still requires a long learning time for the user to understand all the functions, and features.

Content Management – As a good business CMS, the primary role is to manage content. In this sphere, Drupal is known for its ability to catalog, categorize, and organize complex content. Members can publish to various content modules through the browser interface. These content modules can be stories, blogs, polls, images, forums, downloads, etc.

Modules – Just like Word Press has plugins that expand the functionality of the platform, so Drupal has what is called modules. Through the system, modules are allowed to insert functionality into Drupal. Check out the complete guide on Drupal Custom Module Development.

These will be the benefits for Drupal CMS Development

Creating a Drupal business website is an extremely simple task, and can be accomplished in a few clicks. The relevance of these early moments comes from the fact that here you will need to make a name for your business site, and build the layout of your page. If you have no knowledge of web designer, you can use one of the free themes provided by Drupal itself, or hire Drupal developer. Below are the primary benefits of Drupal CMS development for your business website.

Ecosystem – Much more than just software, Drupal is a community of developers, enthusiasts and service companies that together develop, and evolve Drupal to meet the needs of business website users, and customers.

Thousands of features – It is often said that there is a module for every imaginable feature for a Drupal site. Drupal has over 1000 active modules, and 600 themes that can be installed within minutes, and applied to business website project.

Open Source Platform – Don’t worry about annual licenses or subscriptions. Drupal website development is an open source framework that is free of any license cost. Just download the latest version of Drupal Core, and start developing your business website, and applications.

Scalability – Progressively increasing the number of users or content will not affect the performance of your business site or application. Drupal is a proven platform at this level, with over one million pages built on the platform, and over 20,000 requests per second.

Safety – Drupal is known for its excellent degree of security, absolutely essential for a CMF used by thousands of business websites – many of them high profile. To ensure this level of security, Drupal is constantly subjected to rigorous security testing by the Drupal community, as well as proven experts in the field to prevent security vulnerabilities, and ensure a quick and effective response to any issues that may arise.

Multilingualism – Do not speak English? With Drupal web development you can easily configure your business website to use one of over 90 languages ​​available or more than one at a time.

Flexibility – Anything is possible once the needs and requirements of the product to be developed are clearly defined. You can customize your business website as you see fit. The only limit is your creativity. To create your Drupal ecommerce site, you just have to use the features, functionality, plugins, extensions and customization modules available in the panel.

Drupal is an extremely flexible Content Management System

Drupal allows the user to select the way to share online content that best fits their needs. So, before hiring the best Drupal development company, below is a short list of the main modules, and features in Drupal.

  • Sites – More robust content portals, usually with a group of people in charge. Business Websites usually have a specific theme and always generates their content around that theme.
  • Blogs – Unlike business websites, blogs tend to have more personal content, being focused on sharing testimonials, and opinionated text on various topics.
  • Discussion Forums – Virtual spaces that bring people together to exchange, and discuss information on any topic. Anyone can post to a forum by creating a virtual profile.
  • Online Store – Page built for sale and purchase of products online. With Drupal ecommerce development, you can create your online store, and organize the entire process of buying, and selling products – inventory control, customer control, order control, delivery control, and shopping cart, etc.

Conclusion: What is the value of Drupal CMS development?

The bigger advantage compared to others seems to be in freedom. In short, Drupal is an efficient platform for its own purposes, and has been gaining more space, making it a great choice for you looking for an efficient and easy-to-manage Content Management System for your business website. There are several plugins, and are easy to install. Those who wish to develop their business website can bet on Drupal CMS development. At the speed, Drupal seems to have a good advantage, being much lighter than its competitors. This is why business website developers reduce these risks while using Drupal. It is a light and fast CMS. Less chance of a site invasion.

So, are you looking forward to get your business website? Now it is time to hire the dedicated Drupal developer to get your e-commerce site in affordable price. Remember, only hire the web development agency based on its proven experience, market reputation, previously doe projects, customer feedback, and according to your budget.

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