Here’s How to Estimate Google Ads Budget More Precisely!

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how to set a budget for google ads

Deciding on a Google Ads budget is one such tedious work, which is even tough for experienced marketers. Budget planning for any business is quite overwhelming and time-consuming.

Digital marketing professionals/ consultants are expected to make Google Ads budget according to business vision, criteria, and priorities. The budget is one crucial factor which decides how much a business is going to spend on advertising of their products or services.

If you wish to have a successful business, investing in Google Ads is a smart decision. Because it is one tool that help you to boost your ROI (Return on Investment) by applying right marketing strategies. You can see fast and transparent crucial insights about distinct facets of business and improve them if needed in the favor of your organization.

But using Google Ads require a budget. If you are seeking for the information on how to set Google Ads budget, this article will guide you through the strategy that goes into planning a successful Google Ads budget.

How to plan Google Ads budget?

Be precise with your business goals and visions before you set a budget for Google Ads.

There can be a scenario where you have a certain budget, and you only wish to know how many clicks you will receive within that budget. In that situation, you can use a formula to calculate the approximate traffic, which is ‘Number of Clicks = Budget/Average CPC’. This will be a straightforward way to know the effect of your pre-decided budget on clicks and traffic.

Now imagine an opposite situation where you do not know how much to spend on Google Ads, but you have a tentative idea of traffic you wish to get. Then you can determine approximate budget using the formula, ‘Budget = Desired Clicks * Average CPC’.

So, basically, you set Google Ads budget as per your business goals and objectives you wish to achieve for a specific duration or long term. There are many organizations that have regular monthly Google Ads budget to increase their sales, a few spend on regular interval, and some organizations have never done this.

Factors to consider while creating Google Ads budget

You must have a list of keywords that you want to show up for, ads prices will be based on them. Since Google Ads is a bidding platform, so you can bid for each keyword. There are some factors that influence Google Ads budget directly or indirectly.

1. Location

Some traditional advertising methods (such as banners, radio, big boards, etc.) has fixed price and it does not vary for a longer span. However, the price of online ads fluctuates as per location and its popularity. For example, ads might be expensive in NYC as compared to Siberia.

2. Competition

Do you know who your competitors are and have you seen their advertisements?

The frequency and duration of competitors’ ads will give you an idea about digital marketing campaigns. And to improve your brand visibility, you can set your ads as per competitors’ campaigns. If you will increase ads duration or keywords bidding, then Google Ads budget will increase. Thus, your competitors’ ads campaigns impact yours as well.

However, well-organized, and conceptualised ads always manage to hold audiences’ attention and increase conversions. But you cannot deny Google Ads budget importance.

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4. Keywords

The more specific your keywords will be, the more likely your business goals completion will be. Focus on your market size and competition while searching for keywords. If you will find shortcomings of the campaigns as well, it will be an added advantage. Because you will be able to improve them and save a significant amount, which might get waste on wrong strategies.

5. Time

The time when your ads are visible, also impact the cost of Google Ads budget. The days and hours when your target audience will click on the ads and browse through them, will be beneficial for your business. Thus, make sure your ads are visible when your audience is active, and you are reachable to them. Also, ensure your ads are reaching to the right audience.

One more factor that increases Google Ads cost is holidays and some big events (like Black Friday). Since a substantial chunk of users are online and using different websites to shop their desired products, the prices of Google Ads go higher usually on such days.

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Tips to avoid Google Ads overspending

Due to traffic fluctuations, Google Ads may overspend your daily budget limit, thereby, you need to follow some tips to evade such situations.

1. Using Rules and Scripts stops Google from overspending

Google Ads rules and scripts are JavaScript code that let you make automated changes to your Google Ads account by helping you change bids, pause ad groups, etc. Rules are easy to develop however, they have limited functionalities. On the other hand, scripts are complicated to develop but they offer amazing flexibility and precision for bidding strategies and reporting.

You have a choice to pause all your ads by using rules and scripts, if the ads have reached their maximum daily spend. It is a way to stop Google from overspending your budget.

2. Keep monitoring ads performance

One of the important parts to manage and run a successful Google Ads campaign is regularly monitoring and analysing ads performance. It allows you to optimize them on time and save you huge amount.

You can easily track ads performance from Google Ads account and work on strategies improvements and conversion enhancement. Regular monitoring helps you to find most productive keywords, measure ROI, and check quality score. This is the best practice to know on what search terms your Google Ads get triggered and if it is relevant to your target audience or not.

Keeping a tab on ads performance assist you to identify underperforming ads and save Google’s overspending on such ads.

3. Lowering daily bid cap is a helpful measure

It is a promising idea to set a lower daily bid cap to avoid the risk of overspending. So, whatever your budget for Google Ads, set daily spending limits accordingly and save yourself from overspending on ads.

How much to spend on Google Ads?

Well, it is entirely dependent on your organization’s vision and capacity to spend. However, you must spend enough to optimize the sales funnel and product offerings. Once you find the right strategies, then it is up to you to increase the budget.

But always remember to spend if it continues to be profitable. To build engagement, it is necessary to create awareness and make your brand interesting. And to fulfil this goal, your business needs appropriate Google Ads budget!

Setting up the right Google Ads strategy for your business may be tricky but once it is done, your business will experience an amazing upsurge in conversions. Though it needs regular efforts. Contact and to know more about our SEO service and Pay Per Click service or fill out the form below to request a quote.

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Top crucial digital marketing KPIs that you must start tracking!

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Digital Marketing

They say, “The use of KPIs is meant to improve and transform the organizational performance.”

Thus, each organization must track and fine-tune their business KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) in order to improve business performance. If the KPIs are not measured, they cannot be managed and vice-versa. Especially when it comes to digital platforms, tracking becomes essential to get real picture of your business progress. A few KPIs like conversion rate, website traffic, etc. are crucial in digital marketing.

Are you tracking or measuring digital marketing KPIs? If not, then start tracking them today!

Tracking these KPIs is important because they give you information about what is working well for your business and what is not. There are chances that you are spending more money on some campaigns that are not working well, whereas the campaigns that are bringing results are less taken care of because you are not tracking them. Thus, you have no idea which KPIs are driving traffic and you keep wasting your money on the wrong metrics.

If you track right digital marketing KPIs, you can invest more on the right strategies; thus, the organization’s sales and revenue will increase rapidly.


How will you decide which KPI to track?

There is a simple way to decide which KPIs to track going with SMART criteria. All goals must be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timely. Once you decide on the goals, it is easier to determine which KPIs will help you to reach the goal.

For instance, if your business goal is to increase traffic in the next few months, then you should track KPIs like traffic sources, click-through rate, and bounce rate.

Digital Marketing KPIs that you must track

KPIs to measure website performance

  • Page Views: A page of the website has been viewed how many times.
  • Users: The number of visitors who landed on your website, they can be new visitors or returning users. New visitors are visiting your website for the first time however, returning users have already visited the website. They will be recognized based on browser cookies. But if someone has deleted the cookies after visiting your website for the first time, they will be considered as a new visitor only.
  • Sessions: Interaction between users and website pages is called a session. Google Analytics 4 ends a session after 30 minutes of user inactivity.
  • Bounce rate: A bounce is a single-page session on your website and bounce rate is how frequently a bounce happens. Divide the total number of sessions by the number of single-page sessions and you will get the exact bounce rate of the website.

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KPIs to measure Google Ads performance

  • Impressions: The number of times when your ads are shown in Google and other search engine result pages.
  • Clicks: Every time when a user clicks on your ads is known as clicks.
  • Conversions: When a user completes a desired action on your website it is a conversion.
  • Impression Share: It is the visibility of your ads. The percentage of times a campaign was eligible to get displayed compared to when the ad got actually displayed. For example, your ad was supposed to appear 100 times, but it appeared 60 times only, which means your ad has a 60% impression share.
  • CTR: Click-through-rate or CTR is the percentage of impressions, which brings user clicks to your ads.
  • Average CPC: It is the amount you’ve been charged for a click on your ad.
  • ROI: The return amount you are investing in the advertisement; it can be either in profits or loss.
  • Average time on page: The more a user spends time on your website pages, the more engaging they are. If the time is decreasing, start optimizing or renovating website pages.

KPIs to measure business success

  • Leads: It is a sign that a user has shown some interest in your product or service.
  • Sales: It is nothing but the number of times your products or services have been purchased by users.

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  • Traffic: An average number of people who are contacting your website at a specific time.
  • Average Order Value: It shows the performance of marketing efforts you have done for selling your products. The average order value is the customer’s spending to buy the products from your website. If you can improve this value, business revenue will ultimately increase.
  • Reviews: Users give feedback on the products they buy. If these feedbacks are positive, implies your marketing strategies are doing well. However, if there are negative comments, you need to re-design your digital marketing strategies.
  • Customer Retention: All marketers believe that your existing customers are more likely to give you repeat sales. Convincing new users about your products and making them to buy those items is difficult and expensive as well.
  • Page Speed: Page speed is an another crucial KPI to track for. To improve search engine ranking and conversions, you must keep eye on the Page Speed of the website.

Thus, the top KPIs in digital marketing depend on your business, its goals, and the online channels you are targeting. It may include email marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and paid advertising.

Wrapping up

“Digital marketing is not an art of selling a product. It is the art of making people buy the product that you sell.” Hecate Strategy

And to make people buy the products, you have to provide them best user experience. The more you track your KPIs and improve them, the more conversions you will get. Because improved KPIs automatically improves user experience, which leads to conversions. Therefore, identify all the crucial KPIs as per your business goals and put your efforts in the right direction.

It might be overwhelming for you to recognize and track these KPIs efficiently. In that case, hiring a digital marketing agency will work for you. Skynet Technologies provides SEO services, digital marketing services, and website development services. Fill out form below to know more about our services and its cost.

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10 Digital marketing mistakes businesses should always avoid (And how to fix them)!

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digital marketing mistakes to avoid

What is the goal of marketing or specifically digital marketing?

The straightforward motive behind digital marketing is to reach out to target audiences. Now-a-days, you can find your audience with the help of technology and attract them to your website.

Social media marketing, email marketing, ad campaigns, content marketing, etc. are some of the best ways to reach out to your audiences, if done right. Creating digital marketing campaigns and making them live is not enough; it needs efforts with the right sort of strategies to have successful campaigns.

Have you ever faced such a situation where you invested time and money into a digital marketing campaign, and it didn’t live up to your expectations?

If yes, then you need to read this article.

Digital marketing campaign mistakes are very common. Since the digital space is evolving with time, organizations need to change their strategies as well. They must update their tools and strategies to ensure unaffected traffic and conversions.

“In the digital age, there are no boundaries. Businesses can adapt globally without worrying about language barriers or time differences.” – Maura Mandelbaum

So, if you wish to expand globally, apply right digital marketing strategies.

Let’s discuss which digital marketing mistakes businesses should avoid and how to fix them.

Digital marketing mistakes businesses should avoid

1. Targeting the wrong segment of customers

If you are advertising through social media, there are chances it won’t be reaching the right audience, at times. The reason could be your ad might get displayed to people who are not interested in your products or services. Thus, if you wish to continue with social media advertising then apply target demographics and create ads keeping the buyer’s persona in mind. Moreover, Google Ads with correct keyword usage and B2C or B2B SEO strategies work really well.

Also, hiring marketing experts can be a huge help. They know how to apply and create users’ persona and work accordingly.

2. Unreal marketing goals

Before you dive into marketing campaigns, set your short-term and long-term business goals. Don’t over or underestimate digital marketing campaigns. It is one of the significant mistakes many organizations make, they set some unrealistic goals and plan accordingly. Thereby, don’t achieve the desired results. So, set some realistic goals that can be achieved in a specific time frame and then apply the correct campaign. For this, monitor your past digital marketing trends and competitors’ campaigns as well.

3. Going without a content marketing strategy

Content marketing is another helpful tool in digital marketing. Organizations that go without proper content marketing strategies does a big mistake. Because often users find your website searching via some relevant keywords or maybe they find your products while looking for related information. Therefore, having appropriate content or blogs always benefit your business.

Always remember to focus on your competition. If you are not aware of their strategies, how will you outplay them? When you research your competitors, you know what exactly they are up to. Accordingly, you can invest in your marketing strategies.

4. Not addressing the audiences’ pain points

Your users have come to you to solve their problems and if your products or services are not solving their problems, why they would spend their time on your website? Improve the campaigns by conducting surveys and using feedback in productive ways. If you know the audience’s needs, you will create offers and campaigns accordingly. Cover all the pain points of audiences for successful digital marketing campaigns.

5. Superficial approach to SEO

The internet is flooded with content. Therefore, it is mandatory to optimize your content for SEO to attract organic traffic. As we all know, search engine optimization is the fastest-changing game, thus, you need to pay extra attention to following the SEO guidelines carefully. Right keywords, quality content, mobile responsiveness, URLs, backlinks, etc. are a few SEO strategies that help you keep your website’s SEO updated and keep its ranking intact. So, don’t overlook SEO for a successful digital marketing campaign.

6. Spending only on paid ads

Organizations spend huge sum of amount on paid ads on platforms like Google Ads, Facebook, etc. These ads are rewarding only if you apply correct and robust marketing strategies. Therefore, don’t spend recklessly without deciding your goals and researching rigorously. Do proper audience, competition, and keyword research, set the business goals, perform A/B testing to know what is working for your business, and then dive into PPC and other digital marketing campaigns.

7. Expecting results in no time

Any digital marketing campaign will show results at least in a week. This is not magic; have patience to see the results. Facebook ads show tentative stats in a minimum of seven days’ time (as mentioned). If you have applied new SEO strategies, it will start showing effects in approximately two months or more.
Digital marketing is all about targeting people. If done right, it takes some time to engage and convert audiences. Thus, you must put your efforts consistently and wait patiently.

8. Using outdated marketing skills

Keep updating your skill sets and tools periodically because digital marketing techniques are transforming with time. Outdated skills and strategies make your marketing campaign ineffective and ruin your entire marketing effort. The best way to avoid this mistake is to hire a digital marketing agency. They have expertise in most trending skills, which are needed for your business.

9. Ad copies and creatives

It is a very common mistake made by organizations on digital marketing campaigns. You must know that each advertising platform be it Google Ads or Facebook Ads, need a different type of ad copy. You can check your competitor’s ads popping up on Google and other platforms and improve your ad copies accordingly.

10. Not using reviews correctly

Digital marketers should not overlook reviews. It saves an enormous amount of marketing budget, which you spend on costly advertising. Also, to make your brand popular, reviews play a vital role. You can use them wisely and encash them.

Wrapping Up

These common mistakes are the reason behind many unsuccessful digital marketing campaigns. Avoid them and apply the correct action plan to achieve desired outcomes. However, one solution doesn’t fit all, thus, apply strategies as per your business needs and testing is a must.
Teaming up with influencers, engaging maximum loyal customers, working on growing followers, and curating useful and interesting content are some more strategies to create a robust digital presence.
Digital marketers don’t leave any stone unturned to earn traffic and profits for you, it is your lookout to hire an appropriate SEO services. Skynet Technologies have 20 years of experience in SEO and other digital marketing field and follows updated google guidelines to increase your business visibility with white hat SEO tactics. You can request a quote by filling out form below to know more about our customized SEO and PPC marketing services.

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What are the effects and opportunities of PPC Advertising due to COVID-19?

By | Date posted: | Last updated: May 6, 2021
PPC Advertising

Google and Facebook respond to the greed of some entrepreneurs with policy changes and help SMEs to make up for the lost sales through subsidized online advertising. In addition, we looked at the change in traffic on the major relevant channels and showed a new feature in the Google Keyword Planner.

Policy changes for the major PPC advertising platforms

As many have probably already noticed, there is a shortage of various medical (and non-medical) products in the world. Since this situation is sometimes very dramatic compared to the usual bottlenecks, many entrepreneurs see the opportunity to generate short-term profits from the Corona issue and thus take advantage of the uncertainty of many people.

The big platforms now feel it is their responsibility to take action against these machinations. For example, Google tries to remove all fake news on the topic from the YouTube platform and focuses on reputable sources.

But they also go one step further and prevent advertising measures that want to exploit this uncertainty. Google writes on their blog that they have blocked tens of thousands of ads that should be placed in connection with Corona.

Search engines (Google and Bing)

The two largest search engines specifically reject ads that explicitly use the words Corona, Covid-19, etc. in the ad texts and banners. Furthermore, Google writes, “The double meaning of words like “protection”, “check-up”, “prevention” or “virus” can be problematic in ads. In international campaigns, terms used locally in connection with COVID-19 and regional events should be considered”.

Thus, when designing the PPC advertising, it is essential to ensure that the advertising message cannot be misunderstood, otherwise a rejection can be expected.

Microsoft acts in a similar way and no search ads or shopping ads are displayed for most of the keywords about coronavirus.


Similar action is taken in the Facebook universe. Facebook also names the problem by name: “We put a new policy into effect to protect people from those trying to exploit this emergency for financial gain. This means we are now prohibiting ads for products that refer to the coronavirus in ways intended to create a panic or imply that their products guarantee a cure or prevent people from contracting it”. In some cases, entire advertising accounts are blocked if the violations accumulate. Facebook also makes it very clear in the guidelines which products may no longer be advertised: “Prohibiting exploitative tactics in ads and banning ads for medical face masks, hand sanitizers, disinfecting wipes and COVID-19 test kits”. Thus, on Facebook / Instagram, you must pay close attention to which words are used in the ads.

Big players support the advertisers

Companies of all sizes around the world are affected by the temporary closings of their shops and stores because of the Coronavirus crisis. Not only the physical stores, but eCommerce and online businesses are also affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. The large platforms (above all Google & Facebook) want to give small and medium-sized companies, which have been hit exceptionally hard, with grants.

Web traffic increases significantly

In addition to companies, consumers and with them search and purchase behaviour are of course also affected by the effects of the coronavirus. Not only ecommerce enjoys high transaction figures due to closed local shops. In times of social distancing, meeting platforms are also among the big winners of web traffic. Basically, a large part of life for many users has been shifted to the Internet and the platforms there.

In addition to the lamentable losses that companies accept, the situation for advertisers and agencies therefore also offers innovations. Be it new needs online, but also significant changes in user behaviour or the increased use of very specific channels. To track down these phenomena, let’s take a look at two exciting developments and the insights companies and agencies can draw from them.

Back to the PC?

According to a report, the number of visits to the most popular contact points online on stationary devices is increasing significantly, while use via app has not changed significantly.
Home office and social distancing also influence daily routines in this world, so the trend of switching from the small smartphone screen to a notebook, PC or tablet when searching for products, making purchases, or simply browsing is likely to be exciting for advertisers and agencies as well.

Finding for advertisers: The focus on specific devices, such as negative bid adjustments for desktop devices, should at least be put to the test. Even entire campaigns that were saved at an earlier point in time due to poor performance can be viewed in a new light in this context and for the time of the current restrictions in public life.

Reddit is experiencing a large number of users

You can hear and read it everywhere. Many people currently do not know what useful to do with their time. Figures show that pure pastime, be it on YouTube, Netflix, or Facebook, has increased significantly. Another example of such a development is Reddit.

In 2019 the social media platform was able to record a significant increase in visitor numbers of 30% compared to the previous year. A majority of the hits (over 50%) come from the USA, according to Reddit. In the middle of last month, Reddit reported a rapidly increasing number of hits (20-50%) for many of its subreddits.

Finding for advertisers: The subdivision into topic-related communities (those subreddits) makes targeting on Reddit an exciting topic for companies and agencies, which could add an exciting channel to online marketing campaigns in general and very acutely, especially due to the current circumstances.

New in Google Ads: Additional feature for the keyword planner

Last but not least, we would like to introduce you to another innovation in Google’s keyword planner, which can make keyword research much more efficient.

Similar to what some already know from the Keyword Tool, the keyword research tool from Google now groups the keywords. However, Google goes one step further and not only groups the keywords that contain the same term as a certain brand, but also clusters the terms into generic terms. For example, when entering “buy product”, four different generic terms are recognized. This feature is currently in beta and is not yet available for all Google Ads accounts.

The operation of the new function works as follows: If you open a generic term, further finer generic terms appear, which can be removed from the suggestions individually or together. This gives you the option of removing all brands that you usually want to leave out of the SEA keyword research.

This allows you to click together the desired combinations very quickly and at the same time you get a certain overview of the context in which the keywords entered are often searched. The new function is even better than for actual keyword research, the new function is suitable for a list of excluded Create keywords. This is particularly important if your own Google Ads / Microsoft Ads account is not only managed with exact-type keywords. Although there are tons of lists on the Internet with terms like “free” etc. that are expected to have a low conversion rate, individual negative-type keywords should also be used.

Most importantly, competitor brands should be excluded if you want to avoid high CPCs and potentially angry competitors. Whether or not it is a good idea to also exclude retailers will be decided on a case-by-case basis. In some industries it makes perfect sense to also include keywords for retailers. For example, users could be convinced of their own ecommerce store if they do not know it yet. Especially now that some local retailers have had to temporarily close their doors.

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