How to improve landing page conversion rate through UI?

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improve landing page conversion rate

A landing page is an important online marketing tool. Understanding what a landing page is, how it works, and how you can increase conversion rates is essential if you want to generate more sales.

Landing Page: what is it?

A landing page is a separate type of website that is optimized to get internet users to act. That is their only goal. That’s why Wikipedia simply says “target page” to it. In its original definition it describes, for example, the product, its advantages and shows the need to buy it immediately. A landing page focuses the user attraction and is intended to generate more leads. That is why it is viewed as the “lead generation page” in inbound marketing. Ideally, a landing page should be designed in such a way that a user, who may have little knowledge of the product, purchases it while visiting the website. Check out the complete guide on how to improve landing page conversion rate for your ecommerce website.

Homepage vs. Landing Page Differences

The main difference from the usual multi-page website is the use of minimal resources to convince the maximum number of visitors to the website to take a certain action. This means that there is one rule that applies above all when selecting and placing information – it must be possible to record the information immediately. The visitor should not switch to another (sub) page to get more information, read reviews or compare prices.

Simplicity: informativity vs. Emphasis on action

A homepage should provide an offer, for example to provide information about the company. While a landing page focuses on completing an action. In fact, these types of websites have completely different purposes.

Traffic source: specific vs. general

Ideally, each PPC campaign should have a separate landing page designed for exactly one user action. If a user has clicked on the advertising banner, they already know what they are looking for. User has a clear search intention.

The traffic of a homepage comes from different sources – like organic search, a newsletter, content marketing etc. It doesn’t make sense to associate the homepage with a single advertisement or a single product. For this reason, a homepage often gets poor results in PPC advertising. If, after searching, users are directed to a homepage that shows all of a company’s products, they simply cannot find a link that matches their search query.

Navigation: none vs. available

Homepages should fully inform potential customers, which is why they have a navigation to all important sub-pages. On the contrary, landing pages are designed in such a way that visitors must stay on the same page. In this case no navigation is necessary.

Decision making process: fast vs. Slowly

The home page provides the user with more information and links to keep them on the site longer. But this is not necessarily effective, because the desired user action could take a back seat because the user is distracted.

The landing page takes visitors to a single action, and they make their decision much faster because they have fewer options to choose from.

Optimizing the conversion

Since you can focus on one goal, perfecting a landing page is much easier.

The homepage contains many different elements and is a kind of “bridge” on the way to conversions. That means there are many metrics to consider when trying to make your homepage more efficient.

This is not the case with landing pages. Keeping track of all metrics and split testing is easier: it’s all about boosting the conversion rate for our website.

Fast Fact:
CRO tools can offer up to 223% ROI on average.

This is also a major difficulty: how do you get the quantity and quality of content on the website on a single page? If the text description is too detailed, the user can get bored and jump off. If the information is too superficial, the visitor may have doubts about the seriousness of the site. In this article we will delve deeply into the question of how to keep the visitor’s attention and how to influence the desire to perform an action.

Increase conversion rate of a landing page for B2B, B2C and ecommerce

Calculate and evaluate conversion rate

A landing page is a sales tool. As with any internet marketing tool, there are metrics to evaluate efficiency. This is how you can evaluate how well the website is working. As mentioned above, there are several tests that you can run to measure the efficiency of a landing page. The main result is the conversion rate.

The conversion rate (CR) is the ratio between the number of customers and the number of visitors, multiplied by 100%. An example: A landing page generated 3 customers for 100-page views. That means that the conversion rate is 3%.

Of course, a CR can also be much higher. Imagine a concert offer from a well-known band. The state of the competitive environment and market saturation are therefore important. However, success also depends on the quality of the landing page. Let’s think about how we can increase conversions using different UI elements. You can check out our blog on how User Experience and SEO will boost your Website Conversion Rate.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Increase in conversion rates through improved UI

When developing a landing page, you always need to think about the relationship between text content and design. Design is important, because interesting visual solutions can captivate the visitor from the first second. The content of the text is important for obvious reasons: the text can explain the need for action to the visitor.

An unspoken rule says that each landing page screen should contain a maximum of “air”, that is, space free of semantic blocks (images, text, infographics, etc.).

Of course, the writing should be easy to read and pictures – big enough, but not too big. The text should be divided according to the principle of “one paragraph – one thought”.

The most important information is usually presented in the form of marked lists. Internet users are used to it and search for such lists intuitively. They provide a quick overview.

Ultimately, if the page looks good, the more likely it is to convert a lead into a customer.

Technical website analysis for CRO

The performance of your landing page does not have to be worse than the performance of your homepage. The same recommendations apply here as for all other websites.

If you’re getting good quality traffic and the conversion is still low, check your landing page for errors. Maybe the CTA button doesn’t work in the mobile version?

Optimize the loading time: Users of the Internet do not like waiting for a website to load. The slower your landing page is, the less likely it is that the visitor will read your offer. Remember, speeding up the page loading process by a second can produce significantly better results. You can measure your current page loading speed with various services such as PageSpeed Insights from Google or GTMetrix.

A mobile optimized landing page helps you to increase conversions from mobile devices. Use responsive design to display landing pages correctly on mobile devices. Make sure that your visitors can click the CTA buttons without barriers. If you use widgets, check that they work well on mobile devices and make sure they don’t overlap the content.


Landing pages are special websites that are entice visitors to take a predefined action. Through advertising, organic search results, or marketing, users usually come across these pages.

The landing page is still a simple but very efficient way for your target audience to communicate. There is hardly a product with a landing page that cannot be better marketed. However, there is a lot of groundwork behind their simplicity. Before you start creating a landing page, you need to understand your target audience and orient yourself perfectly in the market situation.

A well-thought-out concept of a landing page that is focused on a specific goal brings more traffic, leads and sales.

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