Top 15 Mobile App Development Trends in 2020

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Mobile App Development Trends 2020

In this New Year, the 15 topmost Mobile Application Development Trends will dominate the mobile market. Today we are going to discuss about Mobile App Development. Last year we had seen several exciting creations and inventions which took place in this industry. In the present market, we find new models of smartphones every day as the mobile app development company is booming. As these phones are available very frequently in the market, so they are also available at a reasonable price.

Here are Top 15 Mobile App Development Trends:

1. Beacon Technology

Beacon Technology is said to be the foremost mobile app development trends that ruled the market and was accepted by some well-known platform app development industries. As for the location industry, this technology is of great use. It’s quite comfortable to handle, the users can use it on a regular base and get used to it quickly. Another significance of using the Beacon technology i.e. it consists of wireless transmitters. If you wish to send signals, then you have to use the Bluetooth technology developed by mobile app development industry.

2. APM and EMM

The best elements which are part of the Mobile Application Development for a long time are the Application Performance Management (APM) and Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM). In the year 2016, the APM got incorporated along with Google, the top-notch app development company. It is a noble metric. This application was introduced by the mobile application development industry as they wanted to avoid the snag. The snag slows down the application on the mobile. Due to its liability, this APM has become the most preferred tool by the android app development companies. This tool is highly used for testing the application. Apart from that, the EMM helps to secure the mobile devices which are used by the employees. Lastly, the EMM helps them to exchange all types of important data over the mobile device.

3. 5G Wireless Service and its Impact

5G wireless technology is playing great roles in terms of this mobile app development services. They are trendy and very much significant. The foremost factor of the 5G network is a great speed that it delivers. The 5G network has still more time to hit the mobile application development market hard but it is believed that at the end of this year it might still the market. Experts have great expectations from this network. Presently the LG is planning to fuse with 5G service in its device for better speed. Apart from them, the app development company is also planning to join up with the 5G service which will help to develop the application in a better and faster way.

4. The Wearable Devices and its Significance

The wearable device is much familiar with the android app development market. Many wearable devices are found in the market nowadays. The wearable devices have the 2019 market by 35%. Therefore, it is believed that mobile application development trends will surely support the wearable technology. It also has a disadvantage like many more applications found in the market which are not fused with wearable devices as every wearable device needs a platform to run.

5. Does Artificial Intelligence make Applications Smarter?

Within these few years, AI or Artificial Intelligence has played a major role and stole the attention of many. The AI and the mobile platform app development together made the mobile application smarter, save time, money and effort of the mobile app development company.

6. Instant Applications from Android

In the year 2016 Google launched an Instant Application making it very easy for all the android app development companies and the users. These are old applications that work like websites and therefore fascinated many people. This application is quite helpful as it acts as a trial for other applications where the users can access them without even downloading them. Presently there are a limited number of instant applications available.

7. Internet of Things

The IoT is nothing new yet it is quite fundamental and famous in the world of the mobile application. With its huge collection of applications, it has made it’s forwarded a step towards the future trend. With time, it is developing and therefore helping its best to control the non-IT applications with remote or this application. This application became quite essential in the life of people around the earth.

8. AR and VR

The VR application has redefined the world and the AR act as the icing. Within a few years, we have noticed huge success in the gaming trend along with the mobile app development trends. There are many mobile app development services presently, that are using the technology to uplift the experience of the users and apart from that, there are other applications which are part of radical change. This year the AR will play an important role in this Mobile App Development Industry.

9. Significance of Mobile Wallet

A great push on e-commerce and online banking created huge growth for the users availing online payment. Nowadays the users are slowly moving towards m-commerce. With the increasing growth in this industry, the Blockchain is quite essential in mobile payment. It also makes the application stronger in case of money transactions.

10. Bringing the AMP into Action

Presently the AMP is trying it best to work together with Twitter. This project is from Google. This is a new version of the HTML and builds up to speed up the mobile page. It is helping the android app development companies to build up heavy web pages. It also helps in terms of speeding, it less bounces rates and great performance throughout the mobile device. Google has officially added the AMP list on the mobile search that helps the developers to decrease the loading time of any kind of page.

11. Attractive Security for the Mobile App

Cyber Security is very important in terms of Mobile App Development and it will continue to dominate all types of technological growth. Nowadays all mobile app development services are trying their best to build up money transaction-related features with great security build-up.

12. The Bots

In this year’s new adaptation of the bot has fairly increased. There are millions of applications in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Presently many applications have introduced the chatbots which help for better UX service. To increase the mobile application development business growth one has to integrate this into the app. Many users have recently appreciated this chatbot for a quick response. They provide the most precise answer to any problem.

13. Cloud-Based Mobile Applications

The adaptation of Cloud technology by mobile app development is quite essential to make any application work smoothly across mobile app development platforms. It must be part of the mobile application development trends and other than that it has some mainstream techniques. Some of them are Streamline operation, hosting the reduction, reduce the cost of the equipment, building more space inside the application and lastly it is increasing the alliance and productivity. The cloud helps to store large data and carry out any kind of complex tasks

14. Blockchain for Mobile Apps

The Blockchain helps to track information of any company as blocks. The ledgers can be related to transactions or bitcoins. This can’t be changed by the subsequent blocks of all networks. The data developers are not comfortable with this Mobile App Development technology as it can lead to tampering the important data. Transparent access created by the Blockchain is quite potential to restrain the legit business plus mobile app development company. Before all this one should have good knowledge related to Blockchain.

15. Enhancing the UX after predictive analytics

This application is used to predict future data after evaluating the current data. The techniques are utilized from data mining, modelling, and statistics. Many giant techs have already enhanced the customers in their journey across the UX by installing the AI for prophetic analytics.

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