Why Laravel is the Best PHP Framework for Enterprise Web Application Development?

By Web Development India| Date posted: | Last updated: December 9, 2022
Laravel Web App Development

Is building an enterprise web application for your organization on your agenda? Odds are that you must be researching the many frameworks available to be able to make the optimal choice. Here are enough and more reasons for you to go with Laravel PHP framework when it comes to enterprise web application.

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First up, What really is Laravel?

An open source and free PHP framework, Laravel has greatly eased the process of web application development. While its first stable version was released in 2011, it is post the release of version 3 that had features to do with support for database system and migrations, that it gained a lot of popularity. Check out the guide on Laravel v5.8.19 Released.

Why Laravel Enterprise Web App Development?

Model-View Controller based architectural pattern

The big advantage with Laravel beyond the fact that it is open source and free to use is that it follows a Model-View-Controller based architectural pattern that ensures clarity between logic and presentation. Among other things, It can respond to:

  • Requests for information
  • Instructions to change the state of its information.
  • Even notify observers when information changes.


With an enterprise web application, security is a key concern. With a Laravel PHP framework, website data and codes are kept secure. This is done in multiple ways. First, it uses salted and hashed passwords. Also, Laravel makes use of predefined SQL statements, thereby eliminating the possibility of injection attacks. The added advantage with the Laravel Enterprise Web App is its high performance.


A key source of competitive advantage, today, is the time-to-market. A Laravel enterprise web app significantly reduces time to market with its pre-built components.

Data Migration

Even the most experienced developers find data migration a complex process. With a Laravel PHP Framework this task is significantly made easy, as it allows for the data base structure to expand without recreating it. In turn, this makes for smooth data migration without any loss of crucial data.

Unit testing

Laravel Web App Development also offers another significant advantage, that of unit testing. Any web application development process isn’t complete unless proper testing is done, be it for its performance or security. Laravel is one tool that allows for multiple unit tests for its efficacy.

Route Caching

A key advantage of Laravel is that it comes with the feature of route caching. In turn, this increases the loading speed of the application. A word of caution here though- It is important to remember that once you turn this feature on, any changes made will not reflect in the live environment.


Another key benefit of Laravel is its built-in tool, known as Artisan that is used for command line operations. This tool allows the developers to perform the redundant programming tasks which would otherwise need to be undertaken manually and would lead to wastage of precious time and energy.

Queues and Scheduler

Every developer is aware of the many time-consuming tasks that present themselves in the development process. These could be things like generation of a PDF report or a SCV File and more. Laravel offers a queue facility, whereby such tasks can be deferred to a later date. Similarly, it also has a scheduler, which allows various tasks to be scheduled using an in-built function.


When it comes to dependency management, Laravel uses Composer. At any point in time, it allows you to check what all dependencies your application is using. Additionally, you can also update the dependencies with a simple composer command.

The Blade

Larval used The Blade as its templating engine. In turn, it helps you in keeping the view code clean. It also offers template inheritance allowing you to divide the templates into sections as also create logical smaller sections.

OO Libraries

Laravel also enables developers with Object Oriented Libraries that aren’t found in other PHP frameworks. For example, the Authentication Library has many advanced features like checking active users or resetting password, encryption and more.

Active Community

Another major benefit with Laravel is its active community. What that means is that you could find many stack overflow posts around any query that you may have. Additionally, there are also Laracasts discussion forums that come to your aid.

Wrap Up

With enterprise web applications becoming increasingly important, so is the Laravel PHP framework. In fact, whenever a web application needs customization, there isn’t a more secure and easy to implement framework, as Laravel.

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