Top reasons to immediately upgrade Laravel website!

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Upgrade Laravel Website

Laravel Framework with its tagline, “LOVE BEAUTIFUL CODE? WE DO TOO” is indeed true.

Laravel, with its long list of benefits, has seized the heart of every developer. Its modernist and efficient PHP framework has made web application development a cakewalk. With Laravel on board, one can rest assured of the necessary boost, best features, performance features, and more.

Why upgrade to newer version of Laravel 8?

Comparing to the older version of Laravel, the newer version of Laravel 8 has an array of efficient built-in options. These include two front-end stacks choice, two-factor authentications, registration, login, email verification, Tailwind CSS website design, and so much more.

The developer’s favorite app/Models directory has also made a comeback with Laravel 8. Other functions such as migration squashing, job batching feature, rate limiting, and more have further made the work of developers a cakewalk. The list doesn’t end here to precisely define the Laravel 8 excellence. So, we have listed down the top-rated reasons why Laravel is the most preferred
framework for every developer.

Read on.

Database Migration

Synchronizing the database with various development machines is the most challenging task for a developer. In a PHP framework, it’s time-consuming and tedious too.

But, you don’t need to worry about this while working with Laravel!

Database migration is very straightforward and quick. Tables and indices can also be created during migration apart from the database. It further allows the development team to share the databases so that no time is wasted during the work.

Given its added security, there is no risk of losing data. Even any change or implementation of data structure during runtime can be done easily.

Community support

Tons of tutorials and excellent documentation help all levels of developers to learn website design from scratch. Its vast community support has also been the reason behind its usability by everyone. With new updates coming out frequently, the experts help in learning them all through their online courses.

What else does it have?

  • Professionals to clear your doubts,
  • Tutorials for the understanding of the framework
  • Professional information via large companies and expert developers
  • Professional assistance for guidance

Get started with posting any doubt on the forum or with chapter 1 on how to work with Laravel by any expert.

High-end security

The top-notch security is another reason out of many that make it the most chosen framework by developers. Exceptional security parameters that are not even available in other frameworks are available in Laravel. From authentication to encryption, a variety of security features make this framework the favourite of a developer.

The passwords are also stored in the form of hashtags instead of plain text, thanks to Laravel Bcrypt. SQL articulations are employed to minimize the chances of threat. Further, Laravel blocks the identity or IP address of hackers and thus prevents data losses.

Lightning speed

Since Laravel works on a modular basis, many pre-built structures and functions work with the latest PHP principles. It helps in creating responsive web applications in a time-efficient manner.

The developer doesn’t have to work for hours to write individual lines of code with this framework. Thus, the entire process not only becomes time-efficient but economical too.

You can bid goodbye to large teams while working with this framework, as a small team can work efficiently on it.

Easy task management

Another essential feature of Laravel for smooth and secure application working is its task scheduling feature. No other framework includes this feature, and thus Laravel wins this race with distinction. Sustainable task scheduling, configuration, and management become a cakewalk while working with Laravel.

You can send emails; automate database tables clean up, and more, exceptionally with Laravel at no cost and time. Work becomes more convenient and accessible, and tasks are thus performed periodically & right on time.

SEO optimized

Laravel helps you build a website that is already Search Engine Optimization friendly and thus ranks organically well on search engines.

Given the nature of the website, search engines can easily index each page of the website. This way, the entire post, and content get indexed collectively in their database. You can enjoy organic traffic on your website and can benefit from the same. Ranking organically helps in optimizing your content visibility in SERPs, thus adding up to the traffic on your website.

Thus, Laravel web development offers an additional advantage of offering you a website that is optimized on its own already.

Traffic Management

The sole aim of any web development project is to harness traffic on it via SERPs. While talking about traffic on your website, it’s never enough. More and more traffic is welcome on a website.

As the traffic increases, so does the load of the hosting. It originates the dire need to upgrade your hosting solution with the one that can withstand the same.

So, when you use Laravel Framework, you get an alert via an automated message queue system that acts as a load balancer in the application.

The only function of this load balancer is to make sure that your hosting is in a healthy condition. Thus, you can upgrade to next-level hosting as per the alert received by the system.

Get started!

The above-listed reasons are the silver lining of the Laravel framework that would have convinced you successfully. With a clear idea of why this is the best choice for web development, you can drop any second thought from your mind. Many high-scale enterprises opt for the Laravel framework for their work. So, why not you!

Take the first steps today. Take help from the community support, and get started.

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