Core PHP vs Laravel Development: Choose Wisely for your next project

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Core PHP vs Laravel
  • Which framework would better suit my next project?
  • Which one will efficiently utilize my investment?
  • Which one will help me fulfil my business goals?

And so on.

These are some of the questions that one hustle with during the start of any of their web development project!

The answer varies for different projects, but there are always some common grounds on which the comparison can be done.

Let’s dig on the same!


PHP has been in the war of which one is the best framework since 1995. In the industry, a study by data from W3tech states that 79% of all websites with a server-side programming language utilize the PHP framework. It narrated that it is the most popular framework used in the industry.

On the other hand, Laravel came to the live market in 2011. The prime purpose behind its origination was to build applications and simplify the complex tasks involved in the process. The recent version, Laravel 8, was rated as the best PHP framework on GitHub.

With both the web development frameworks so much recognized in the industry, one can often get confused on which one to settle for.

In this guide, we will clear all your confusion on the same. We will discuss all the major differences in both frameworks that will help you make a wise decision for your next project.
Let’s get started.

Core PHP v/s Laravel Development – Which one is for you?


Core PHP helps you implement out-of-the-box ideas that are far beyond the set structures of frameworks. It delivers new features and efficiency to bring real-world value to your project. Therefore, it is also called a custom-based framework.

On the other hand, Laravel utilizes MVC (Model View Controller) architecture that works perfectly for large projects that have tons of unstructured code. It simplifies the coding structure and eases the workflow subsequently. Exceptional performance and support are further facilitated in this form of framework.

Face-off: Core PHP wins this fight with a flexible framework given to the customization opportunity it delivers as required by the project.

Ease of development

While working with core PHP, the developer does not need to refer to any library. It means no constructive hustle will arise during the building of the app through this framework.

Laravel is home to a large number of object-oriented libraries that are optimized to provide a clear module structure. It eases the modification later required in the project and imparts smooth maintenance.

Face-off: Laravel scores a point in this comparison with the feature of code reusability even though core PHP has a faster development process.


Core PHP does not have any security functions for its codes on its own. To prevent any code vulnerabilities, the web developers must build on security rules and integrate them during the development.

On the other hand, Laravel has a strong inbuilt security system that prevents cross-scripting attacks, SQL injection and cross-site request forgery. Its secure authentication system checks valid tokens in every request, thus guarding user authentication.

Face-off: Laravel is again a winner in this fight by securing the entire project in its shield with a robust security system.


PHP scripts are faster to execute when the codes are clearly and concisely written. Further, the core PHP scripts can be reused by the web developers in similar projects, thus increasing the speed of the next task more.

Given the layered structure of Laravel, the execution of code lines is a bit slower. Although, it offers an advantage here of its strong set of debugging tools that can help the framework web developer to build a viable code with negligible critical errors as compared to core PHP.

Face-off: Laravel, without a doubt, provides fast development and performance. Although core PHP can also work faster if the code structure is well written. Thus, both frameworks can work efficiently on this parameter.

Simplicity and scalability

Core PHP framework is a powerful tool for people who want to build apps with a small set of features that include no extension perspectives. Be it a simple app or a blog that does not require any variety of tools, core PHP stands as the best and time-saving choice for this requirement.

On the other hand, Laravel works well for complex projects. Before working with this framework, web developers need to choose the functionality and development patterns they want to include in the app. This way, they can easily scale a clear vision of the app with the leverage of addition or change of any functionality during the app’s development process.

Face-off: The fight seems to be equal for this parameter as every business has different requirements. Given what is required in the project, businesses can go for any framework from the mentioned above favouring their project the most.

Some other points worth- considering in this war of which framework to choose are listed below!

  • Caching: There is no cache mechanism in core PHP while Laravel provides cache bank ends with multiple configurations.
  • External dependency: When a project is built with core PHP, no external dependencies arise. While building your app with Laravel, the app will have external dependencies that can affect its stability.
  • Error and exception handling: Laravel has already configured part of error and exception handling protocols whereas core PHP does not support any default error and exception handling facilities.
  • Data communication: In core PHP, there are no default data communication authorizations, whereas, in Laravel, data communication is authorized with a security token that prevents data posting from other domains.

The decision

The case rests on your table. Both the frameworks are best in them, have their pros and cons and are suitable for various kinds of projects. It would be wrong to conclude one is a winner. Every framework has a unique set of properties that are worth trying.

So, it would be wise to take advice from an expert as you plan to embark on the journey of your next project with the decision made on which framework you want to use in the same.

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