Magento Personalization is a must to increase revenue: Here are top tips!

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Magento Personalization

Magento has been accompanying you in creating a successful business for many years now. Have you ever wondered how Magento transforms an ordinary business into a successful industry name? Is it the flexible and reliable feature or the sturdy security system? Are the new extensions and themes or the way it caters to your customers?

Ecommerce business is based on customer loyalty and to achieve it you not only need a wide range of products, but you must focus on delivering extraordinary user experience to engage users on your website. A website that has high-quality performance with amazing features, products and effortless shopping experience, is everybody’s favorite.

Any business that gives priority to its customers always stays ahead in the competition. Prioritizing customers implies giving special and equal attention to each customer and visitor. You need customer-centric plans to offer exceptional and exclusive treatment to every customer and to execute customer-centric plans, you need a suitable platform and what is more suitable than Magento?

Magento (or Adobe Commerce) helps you to elevate personalized experience for your website with its in-built features and modules across many digital touchpoints. Personalization is based on customer activities and profiles. Customized products list, shopping experiences, content, and even promotional ads are all under Magento’s personalization feature.

To increase business revenue and profits, Magento personalization is the option for modern customers and their needs.

Why Magento personalization is required?

Magento personalization implies a process of improving the marketing strategies of your Magento ecommerce development using personalization best practices for the sake of your store’s sales and conversion. Personalization allows you to send relevant and targeted messages to your potential customers. Business success is the only reason to use the personalization feature of Magento or Adobe Commerce.

Of late, organizations have started using personalization to allure customers. Modern customers are lazy, they don’t prefer to waste time on generalized content; rather they like to get the stuff on display which is their favored content. It increases their interest in your Ecommerce store and you succeed in holding the customers in your store for a longer time and most of the time they make the purchase.

If you have a Magento Ecommerce store and you still have not tried its personalization, start using this intriguing feature and make your Magento or Adobe Commerce store users’ favorite.

Below are a few practical tips for Magento personalization.

Tips for Magento personalization

Customer segmentation

It is an important and foremost factor for Magento personalization. When you segment your audience, it becomes easier for you to deliver highly targeted campaigns to a specific segment. The segments can be demographic (gender, age, location, etc.) or behavioral (based on search history, per vertical or product categories, etc.).

Generic behavioral data doesn’t work, your content needs to match customer personas to deliver personalized content. Behavioral analytics helps to get updated segment information and as customers’ shopping journey progresses, you come to know about their preferences. The information helps you to display personalized cart offers, prices, and banners to the customers.

Best Sellers promotion

Once you set the audience segments, you can start showcasing your best-selling products on the homepage or category pages (the strategic locations of your store) of your Magento store. You can use this strategy to implement some special time of the year for some special segment. The holiday season can be a good time to run a specific campaign for some specific location or age customers.

Magento 2 has personalization extensions that allow you to promote your store’s top sellers and uplift the revenue of your Magento store. Push notifications featuring the best-selling products can be a help, moreover, email campaigns, and the ‘others also bought’ section in your Magento store product page template are strategies that many organizations are using and improving their business sales and conversion.

Personalized Exit-Intent popups

Exit-Intent popups can aid to mitigate the bounce rate of your store. The popups should display some useful things to the visitors, otherwise, they become irritated. The best way is to give some limited periods offer for a top-selling product, this strategy works, and visitors stop to see the offers.

You can use the Magento extension to create your own popup. It can be a better solution to avoid using multiple code snippets and improves performance issues as well.

Personalized Email product recommendations

Sending Emails at a regular interval is a good strategy to increase customer loyalty and repeat purchases. Behavioral triggered monthly Emails are icing on the cake because they offer relevant product recommendations to specific customer segments and help you increase Email conversion.

Magento extension for personalized emails helps you to handle this task seamlessly, you only have to integrate viable products to your store template. ‘You may also like’ type of triggered email campaign can help you to skyrocket your monthly sales and revenue.

Location-based offers

Location-based personalization is the best strategy to attract customers and improve conversion. You can spot the locations and create dedicated location-based offers for every region, based on visitors’ preferences.

These location-based promotions work well for organizations and improve sales like anything, especially if you have localized landing pages and content.

Discount coupons

Who doesn’t like discounts and coupons? Additional discounts or personalized coupons are added advantages. You can provide coupons based on category-specific offers. Limited period coupons for certain periods also grab the attention of visitors.

Catalog or cart price rule

Catalog price rule and cart price rule are strategies to entice customers with some special prices for their desired products, which elevate the repeat and new purchases. In this strategy, organizations offer special personalized prices based on customer’s profile and product combination. When you give such motivation (tailored price) to customers, they surely make purchases, and it enhances the business revenue. Catalog rule is applicable to the products before a customer adds them to cart. Whereas the shopping cart price rule is applicable to the final cart.

Based on the data an organization collects to offer personalized content to all its customers, organizations tailor the prices and display to specific customer.

Related products/ Upsell/ Cross-sell

Related products are the same type of products your customers/ visitors are interested in. You can offer personalized options to customers to make their purchase easy and it is also, a technique to promote your less popular products.

By upselling, you give suggestions of such products which are similar to the one customer selected but better in quality. And in cross-sell you offer more products to the customers that are inter-connected to each other. For example, headphones with mobile phones, speakers with music system, etc.

Magento has default settings in Admin panel to activate these features. These promotional blocks on web page with selected personalized products capture customers’ interest and there are chances of additional purchase.

Apart from the above tips to improve Magento user experience, you should also ensure that your store is not redirecting visitors or customers many times, or it should not have too many steps to complete the purchasing process. It will only increase the bounce rate of your Magento store. Moreover, a homepage should be impressive enough to allure visitors and its CTAs ought to make visitors perform favored actions. Albeit, many visitors are coming from links or landing pages, a significant number still land on the homepage. The more impressive the homepage, the more chances of conversions. Homepage must navigate visitors to product or category pages, it should have easy search options, and top banners must contain a call to action.

Wrapping up

“For you to achieve your goals, visitors must first achieve theirs”- Bryan Eisenberg (Author/ Marketer)

What else do you need but personalization to grab visitors’ attention and improve the conversion of your online store? Until your customers or visitors get their desired products/ content, you won’t be able to fulfill your business goals.

Magento has extensions to provide a personalized experience for your valued customers. Using those extensions, you can win the hearts of your visitors and convert them into your loyal customers.

Enhance your business experience storefront revenue with Magento personalization. It also helps to scale up the conversion rate and bolster the sales revenue for your digital store. If you are looking for Magento development, Magento design, Magento customization, Magento ecommerce solutions, Magento UI UX design, and more; then please visit our Magento web development services. We also provide Magento website maintenance services, Magento migration, Magento SEO, and Magento store upgrades services that help you level-up your ecommerce Store!

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