Why choose Magento Web Design Company for your Ecommerce Storefront?

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Online shopping as well as the ecommerce industry has taken a new dimension in this new generation. Businesses across the globe have shifted to adopting online mediums in order to sell their services better and promote their brands in an enhanced way. As a result, the demand for good and efficient ecommerce web development solutions has significantly increased lately. One such web development service is availed by the effective Magento Website Design Company.

What is Magento?

Magento is a popular platform to host ecommerce affairs. This medium offers a wide platter of features like the shopping cart systems, services to control content and its functionality, management of catalogues, and so on. Top-notch institutions, companies as well as online retailers rely completely on the services offered by Magento Web Design Agency. Some well-known ones are Coca Cola, Samsung, Nike, and so on. This medium bears a whopping market share of 4.55 percent. Consequently, the Magento platform is crowned as the 4th largest ecommerce platform. An estimate of about 1,41,800 registered websites has been sourced and powered by Magento.

This ecommerce development platform is the best in its field for building commendable online stores. It uses its vast array of facilities and features such as the master Magento debugger, temple path hints, multi-store search fields, and many more. Apart from just these, Magento Web Design Company engages your target audience as well. These specialties of Magento paired with its dedicated and efficient services make it the most recommended ecommerce development platform in the industry.

Why is Magento ecommerce platform the Need of the Hour?

Magento clearly has reached the top of the ecommerce development platforms list with its out of the box approach. Below are certain highlighting pointers on why Magento Website Design is the need of the hour for most businesses today.

Cost-Effective Magento Website Development

Affordability is vital when it comes to setting up an empire online. You need to account for heavy costs on almost all aspects of website development. In such cases, it becomes difficult to invest in good ecommerce web development companies.

However, if you want the best features at cheap rates then Magento could be your perfect choice. Magento prices are based on the number and type of features you want, your location as well as the version of Magento you use. However, the estimated cost for issuing a website on Magento is about $2000.

Multiple Website Management

Magento helps you to work with an elaborated multi-store strategic planning on your online presence. This allows companies to manage, update, and handle many online stores from one single convenient dashboard.

This quality speeds up the process of adding products and services to various store lines. Additionally, this feature saves time and manages tasks in a cut-to-cut manner. The overall website development becomes much simpler and accurate through the virtue of Magento’s multiple website developments.

Magento Community

The best part of joining hands with Magento is its vast tribe also referred to as the ‘Magento Community’. This community is home to a huge number of developers, coders and programmers, project managers, advisors, bloggers, dedicated employees, and many more.

If any person faces any inconvenience with respect to Magento, they can simply reach out to this pool of Magento members. This tribe consists of more than 3 lakh members. The Magento community is known to be well versed with apt guidelines and effective problem-solving. This community updates its members with respect to the latest technology as well as trends.

Magento Open-Source platform

Unlike many of its competitors and peers in the industry, Magento is open-source and free. On the Magento platform, businesses and companies can customize website affairs according to their preferences and choices. One can also install Magento modules where the developer can insert the latest features and experiment with looks.

Magento Payment Methods

Did you know?
Magento Supports $155 billion worth of Transactions every year!

Magento offers super convenient and easy options when it comes to payment methods. This platform supports most of the common payment methods used these days. These include PayPal, Amazon, direct bank transfer, COD, or Cash on Delivery, Authorize.net, etc. It helps you keep a wide range of payment options available for your customers on your website too!

Magento SEO-friendly Quality

Yes, Magento is a completely SEO-friendly website development platform. It is stuffed with amazing SEO features such as the URL structure, descriptions, positioning layer, sitemaps, and so on. It provides you efficient integration of SEO plugins and extensions that help in spicing up your website ranking. These features keep your website in the good books of the ultimate Google bots!

Mobile Presence

Research states that more than 60% of customers make use of mobiles to place online orders. Hence, building online websites for your company that has good compatibility with mobile phones is very important. Magento helps you achieve this with its HTML5 feature. It eases your shopping experience by perfectly adjusting your video, audio, and text aspects of the website

Why is Magento better?

The Magento Design Company services stand on the top of the ecommerce market with its exceptional growth and quality services over the years. Magento features unique offers and dedicated services that update with changing markets and consistently upgrades in quality. Hence, it is safe to say that Magento is a smart investment if you want to boost your company’s online presence and its ecommerce dealings.

Magento is known to outperform its peers in the industry. Some of the very prominent competitors of Magento are WooCommerce and Shopify. Many trusted and esteemed brands from across the globe have invested their faith in the services of Magento. It is no doubt a top choice and favourite ecommerce service company for most big, small as well as mid-level organizations.

Especially if a company intends to sell more than 500 to 1000 products or services on its online ecommerce website, then the Magento platform is the best answer for your idea. No other agency offers the kind of futuristic comprehensive solution paired with a wide range of customization chances like a Magento Web Design Company would offer you!

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