Important Factors you shouldn’t ignore before you start Magento Migration

By Web Development India| Date posted: | Last updated: February 10, 2022
Magento Migration

It’s so exciting to know that you have finally decided on Magento migration!

Many feared it as a valley of death but all you need is a proper guide to accomplish it all. We are going to prepare you for the best so that you can do the same as a cakewalk.

Since the release of Magento 2.4, it has created a buzz in the community. Magento was already the favourite one among all, but with the latest version out, more businesses are making a switch for all the list of benefits the migration has to offer. Magento Migration is a critical requirement for any users who have yet to switch to Magento 2.


We know that the updates and support of Magento 1 were not going to last forever. Even though it was perfect at its time, but given to some core issues like slow processing, retarded performance, responsiveness, and others, the need for an updated version originated.

Additional reasons to consider Magento migration

  • Enjoy improved page load times with faster processing that comes with Magento 2 migration.
  • The user-friendly approach, improved search, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) features, security enhancements and others are the highlights of the newer version.
  • With easier customization comes less cost to maintain your online platform. Thus, you save a lot more as compared to the previous version of Magento.
  • A fully responsive and touch-friendly UX to impart an exceptional experience to your customers.
  • With a streamlined backend and improved UX for the admin panel, the task of developers becomes easy.
  • Enhanced core performance result.
  • The new version offers a platform as a service and self-hosting options.
  • Less requirement for custom/third-party extensions comes through with the new Magento version.

And the BIGGEST of all reasons to end your second thought!

Stay updated in the marketplace.

So, let’s move ahead and learn some crucial parameters to keep in mind while you work on Magento migration.

Start with a Magento migration plan!

As a word to the wise, it is necessary to understand the complexity involved in migrating to Magento 2. Thus, you need to lay down the plan with all the steps in detail that start from concept and end at completion. It will provide you with the flowchart as well as a checklist so that you don’t debate from the path to a perfect Magento migration.

#Help: In case you are looking for some help on the same, you can always take some help from Magento that provides the flowchart, which includes the most critical elements plotted to give you a detailed plan.

So, plan before you work to get desired outcomes.

Are you considering Magento redesigning or not?

Magento migration offers an excellent opportunity for businesses to change the look of their online platform. If you are looking to refresh specific site areas, it is a good time to get it done.

In some cases, many businesses even opted for a full redesign. While doing this, the developers had to review the analytics and testing results and align them with the ecommerce goals to create an extraordinary website experience.

What’s best for you?

Although, transforming the entire design of your website is not recommended if you have any promising customer base. This can hamper customer experience on your online platform which may lead to the loss of loyal customers.

If you have just started and the number of customers at risk is not much, you can always consider the option of redesigning your website to make it performance-focused.

Magento Extension check

Given the new architecture of Magento 2, some extensions used in Magento 1 may not be compatible with Magento 2. You can take the help of a code migration tool with which you can migrate some custom code, including some extensions for the same.

If a dire need for any extension comes along in Magento 2 with its existing extension not compatible with the same, you will have to recreate it in Magento 2.

Magento 2 Migration

#Tip: The same thing applies in the case of customized themes for the Magento 2 site.

Don’t underestimate your server requirements

While you are in the process of Magento migration, you need to keep an eye on the volume of traffic coming to your website. At times, websites become unresponsive due to the complexity of the catalog or the existing hosting package.

Check for the hosting that would manage your website well and won’t affect the processing power of the same. It is necessary to ensure that your website loads faster. If your Magento website slowed to a crawl, the bounce rate of the same would skyrocket, and you wouldn’t love it!

Consult a Magento expert

Businesses often decide to migrate Magento without consulting an expert. Since many steps and processes are involved in this switch, one may encounter several problems along the way.

Problems such as loss of website SEO, long migration time, bugs and more, can come across your way. Thus, it is advisable to consult Magento experts for the same. They can answer your problems and guide you throughout the migration process. Check out the ultimate guide on Migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2.

Testing time

When you finalize all the procedures in Magento migration, make a list of the features and check them one by one. Put extra attention to the payment methods and check if they are working smoothly and the money doesn’t get stuck in between.

Any complex shipping setups should also be tested to check. If they are working like they are supposed to be, you can take a sigh of relief. For a safer side, it’s better to make a list, check & test twice.


One who says that Magento migration is an easy task would have never done it themselves in real life. It requires enough attention and planning to pull it off with little to no downtime. As a word to the wise, do a test drive your migrated Magento Store from the very checkout, customer registration, product management to others.

With so much work done, you can expect great results at the end. If you want nothing to go wrong, you can always hire a Magento expert that will do this daunting task for you.

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