How to improve click through rate organically for your website?

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improve click through rate

Being on top of SERPs is not enough for your website if people don’t find your website link useful. It simply means that your SEO and digital marketing practices are lacking somewhere to bring organic click-through-rate.

Optimizing click-through-rate is a tough feat. You cannot just get it by adding backlinks or keywords. It is a proper process of implementing SEO and digital marketing best practices in the right proportion.

Imagine, you have to compete with plenty of websites to secure a position in the top 10. Ironically, CTR influences a website’s ranking and vice versa; thus, the strategies must be outstanding to improve the CTR of your website. Read the article and know how you will get more organic CTR.

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Why is Click-through-rate important for a website?

The CTR or click-through-rate is the number of clicks on any specific link record (clicks), compared to the number of times it appeared online (impressions).

CTR = Clicks / Impressions * 100

To put it simply, if your CTR is 10%; it means 10 out of 100 people click through your website.

Now, the question is, why is it important?

Obviously, it is!

Because the higher CTR shows a huge number of people are visiting your website.

CTR is not a ranking factor, as you can see in tweet below what google had said about CTR and ranking relation.

And above all, when people visit your website, they are closer to converting into your customers.

CTR also helps you to predict the traffic, you get from organic search improvements, and accordingly, you can optimize and prioritize content.

How will you find pages that need CTR optimization?

CTR cannot be handled in a general way. This component needs special attention to retain the website’s traffic and rank. If you want CTR to work in your favour, you should not make its optimization a site-wide action, instead, you must find pages that need optimization and work on them.

To find which pages to optimize for CTR, go to your Google Search Console, select search property, and open the Performance > search result reports.

improve click through rate

You can set the date range as per your requirements to see the reports. Check the scorecards for ‘total impressions’, ‘average CTR’, and ‘average position’. Additionally, you can apply filters to get the reports for your target country.

improve click through rate

Your Google Search Console will give you a complete report of impressions on pages of your website. Optimizing CTR will depend on the report you will get. Once you know, which page has a lower CTR, you can invest time and resources to improve CTR and traffic for that page.

Tips to Improve website’s click-through rate (CTR)

As mentioned above, higher rankings in SERPs don’t guarantee elevated CTR. It needs a whole bunch of appropriate strategic planning or tips.

1. Give special attention to long-tail keywords

You know that search strings with more than three or four words are called long-tail keywords. These are the queries that are highly focused and properly defined. For instance, if a person is searching for ‘boots’, the search engine will give unlimited search result. While if a person will search “leather boots for women”, the search engine will give them a right result whatever they require.

2. Titles matter

A page title is the first thing a user sees before they click on your URL, as soon as they see your link in search results. Therefore, you need to write a SEO title that is eye-catching and appealing enough so that users will click on the link.

It doesn’t mean that you write misleading titles, only the focus must be on writing something that immediately connects with the searchers. Writing engaging titles is certainly an art but you don’t need to be an expert copywriter. There are some basic strategies that can help you to write amazingly impressive titles for your website.

The title should have a concise summary of user intent to catch their attention.

You can include the focus keyword in the title. It not only helps users reach you easily but also assists search engines to understand your content.

Use emotional adjectives in your title; make it more powerful.

Format the title properly using hyphens, brackets, etc. wherever needed.

Also, when you start optimizing titles, try to do an audit and understand how the top-ranking results have written their titles. It will help you to keep the right title for your website.

3. Focus on meta description

Meta description is important for search engine. A well-curated, thoughtful, and informative meta-description can surely increase your CTR, which leads to increased traffic and conversion.

Thus, you must focus on writing and optimizing meta description as well.

You can write intent-based descriptions to satisfy users’ needs. Try to be descriptive yet precise.

Include the target keyword in it. Searchers will definitely notice them before they click on your URL.

Use powerful words to describe what your website has for users. Try to generate curiosity with the words like Imagine, Free, Instant, etc. And make sure you are offering the same stuff you promised in the meta description.

You can add some real data facts as well to make the description persuasive. For example, more than 1 million downloads.

4. Work on curating simple yet alluring URLs

URL structure helps users to know about your company name and what they are going to get if they will click on the link. Thus, it should be made noticeable with correct keywords and precise descriptions.

They should be clear enough.

Keywords set the right context and expectations among users.

Shorter URLs are more impactful.

Use breadcrumbs in the URLs. They are visible in the search results and make your URLs comprehensive.

5. Rich snippets can help

The usage of rich snippets enhances the information’s value and generates confidence in users to click on your URL. This leads to better search results performance and higher click-through-rate. Some of the most common rich snippets are: Reviews, Prices, Currency, Videos, etc.

Clearly, if you are conveying the right information through rich snippets, CTR will certainly increase because users will be more likely to click on your URLs.

6. Fix Keyword Cannibalization

Keyword cannibalization happens if more than one page of a website target similar keywords and become competition for each other during an organic search. It implies, your website pages are competing against each other and harming your SEO.

It is a sign of bad SEO, which impacts your digital marketing strategies badly because your click-through-rate and conversion get split between multiple pages instead of one. This creates a problematic situation for your website as Google and other search engines cannot find the relevance of numerous pages with similar keywords. Thus, they will choose any one page according to their comprehension.

To fix this critical issue, you can create landing page where all your content can be consolidated. It will be a central point for all the pages. Moreover, if you find multiple pages are ranking for the same keyword, merge the content. And another full-proof step to fix keyword cannibalization is looking for new keywords. There are chances that you haven’t done proper keyword research and it is hurting your SEO.

Also, perform regular website seo audit and content audit to keep an eye on this issue. Update content with the right keywords regularly. And apply a targeted keyword strategy; it optimizes web pages for different keywords in SERPs.

7. Continuous improvement

There is always a little scope to work on improving your content and SEO elements. Thus, don’t just implement and forget; instead, keep the improvement process in a loop and iterate them.

Wrapping up

Enjoy improved organic CTR by applying the best practices. Click-through-rate is all about focusing on users’ needs and providing them exactly the same. Also, remember their needs keep on changing; thus, you must change your strategies accordingly.

Tools like Google Search Console and Google Analytics are there to help you. However, you should be focused on streamlining the strategies and fixing the issues. You can hire SEO practitioners, because they may know other strategies to improve your ranking and CTR. You can contact Skynet Technologies – a SEMrush agency partner who provides SEO services to help your business elevate to new heights. You can also fill out the form to request a quote.

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