Why does your business need an ecommerce mobile app and how to attract users?

By Web Development India| Date posted: | Last updated: May 28, 2021

An ecommerce website and mobile app was never a necessity for businesses a few years ago. But, today no one can even imagine success without a website. A recent add on necessity is the need for a mobile app for the ecommerce store. Without any doubt, mobile apps deserve a space in your budget planning for your ecommerce stores.

As people are shifting online more than ever before and this is true for all industries. The internet allows you to reach any customer at any point across the world. But this access brings in new challenges with it. Establishing the presence and being up to date with the newest trends and advancements it brings is one of them. Mobile apps are one of the most powerful tools in the digital world today.

Why an ecommerce mobile application?

Almost everyone, no matter what age group owns a mobile phone today. Thus, there is no need to argue about the need to focus on mobile technology. You need to adapt to this changing world. Your ecommerce business will never reach its potential with a website alone. the most recent ecommerce mobile app development trends show that everything is heading in the mobile direction.

Here is the list of benefits, and reasons for why you need an app for being relevant in the coming years-

Ecommerce Sales growth

Mobile ecommerce apps are new channels that can largely increase your company’s profits. According to Google, 58% of m-commerce app users prefer utilizing these apps for attractive offers, discounts, reviews, comparing prices, and purchasing. With rewards and push notifications, these apps can motivate and change customer’s wants and desires into actions. Directly reach out to customers and ask them to install your app.

Did you know?
Ecommerce sales are likely to bring in $3.914 trillion this year globally, according to Business Insider.

Audience building

You can build personal relations with your customers no matter where they are in the world. They don’t have to log in and remember web addresses every time. These apps allow you to deliver personalized services to your customers. Every individual gets suggestions and offers of their interest, which makes online business as easy as offline.

Apps give you the entire user history and updates on their activities. You can reach out to customers not using your app in a long time or someone using it daily and provide content accordingly. Thus, a company can do more of a targeted work on him/her.


A 24/7 helpline and availability assure the customers and wins their trust. Almost every customer likes to have an instant and direct chat with the employee in any case of issues. Thus, chatbots help consumers to find assistance and solutions around the clock.

Chatbots provide ready questions and answers beforehand by studying and predicting the most common queries which save a lot of time and trafficking too.

Higher conversion rates

Conversion rates are a great way to analyze profits and returns. When we compare the difference between mobile app and website’s conversions, apps are the clear winners. It’s found that customers view 286% more products and add products to the cart at an 85% higher rate when using an app against the website.

These conversion rates are huge and enough to tell you the increase in sales these will bring. In the end, more conversions mean more money. If you want to improve conversion rate, then you can refer to this conversion rate optimization guide, and it will help you increasing your eCommerce store’s conversion rate.


Geofencing is tracking user’s locations and using it for personalized purposes. This helps you increase your sales by offering area-related offers, and suggestions, exclusive coupons, etc. customers are always impressed by high-quality special treatments, leading to customer satisfaction and higher benefits.

User-friendly interface

Apps are preferred over browsers for their easy interfaces. Apps are specially designed for mobiles and thus fit the screens perfectly. The designs are pleasing and comfortable against the websites.

Applications and AI are now inseparable. AI will make ecommerce mobile app development an unusual process and provide a more interesting user experience than ever before. Also, most customers will have trust over the apps using AI technologies as they will see these companies as advanced and modern.

Improved Marketing Outreach

With such an amount of engagements on mobile phones today, an ecommerce mobile app will never let you down on your sales projection goals. Mobile apps not only yield you greater leads but also help you to improve your marketing campaign results. You would be able to attract more prospective customers through various marketing channels and also be able to pertain your existing ones.

Mobile apps help you to ultimately rely on your customers to navigate to your website for driving conversions. You can carry on productive email and social media campaigns with a better reach to your customer base. With mobile apps, you can make the most of the push notification features to communicate with your customers better and more productively.

Companies tend to use push notifications these days. It is due to the fact that there is a significant rise in engagement rates by incorporating push notifications. Close to 60% of users open push notifications against the 20% opening emails. Also, it is seen that close to 40% of people have an interaction with the push notification compared to the 5.4% interaction seen through emails.

Final Words

Your ecommerce business needs a mobile app as the numbers speak for themselves. Apps allow you to improve your market communications with your consumers. Customers prefer all-time mobile apps, which is a reality that cannot be ignored any further.

Building an app is a lot easier than hearing. The ecommerce mobile app development companies have grown more than ever before. Anyone can build their app without having any knowledge of coding with them. All you require is patience and interest to have your best ecommerce mobile app that will fetch you the best results.

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