Top 8 Reasons to Invest in Custom WordPress Development!

By Web Development India| Date posted: | Last updated: May 7, 2021
Custom WordPress Development

With everything transforming to being digital, it becomes necessary to take your business online as well and mark its presence and social credibility among all the other businesses. However, the requirement of keeping your work on par with the constant evolution of businesses and technology around can be an unfavorable experience.

Building a website for any type of business can cost you a bomb for creating sites from scratch. Hence, to save up from all the investment and time, you should consider custom WordPress development. Whether developing top-notch companies like New York Times Blogs and CNN or making a presence for your small business, WordPress is the platform for all.

WordPress for Enterprise CMS (Content Management System)

Whether it’s some flashy sales or contact details, anything appearing on the screen can be designed and organized by WordPress. You will come across a lot of options varying in cost, aesthetics, functions, etc. It’s on you and your business requirements to design your content display to be more accessible, organized, and aesthetically pleasing. The content management system is always an appealing choice for web development. Given below reasoning will justify its work and importance.

Top Reasons for Choosing Custom WordPress Development:

1. Designing your Online Storefront

You will come across a lot of themes and mood boards, both paid and unpaid themes. WordPress also gives the feature of adding images and videos along with a drag-and-drop system to make your site appear more attractive and engaging. Whether styling a component or resizing any column, you can always make any changes through image editing tools, if required. The best part of custom WordPress development is that you can always shift to new themes and templates, giving new meaning and a fresh environment to your work.

2. Unique Factors

Customers grow weary of similar-looking structures and layouts, or any overused themes present in business websites, irrespective of the sector. To win over many businesses, custom WordPress development service is at your rescue. By building a website from scratch you can also avoid all the redundant features, focusing only on the required assets. Through this, you can always create and build new functionalities, something more out of the box and innovative.

3. Learning and Managing

WordPress crumbles the ideology of complexity with its in-built tool which makes it very accessible for newbies to work their way around. Perhaps you can be the one-man army to handle and manage your website. When faced with any difficulty you will always find yourself surrounded by a community consisting of developers, project managers, designers, etc. Along with all these, you can refer to tutorials as well for better insights and clarity. WordPress has made updating and managing skills to be a cakewalk for all.

4. Blogging and Social Media

WordPress makes it a child’s play to build professional blogs for your business with its accessible and beginner-friendly tools which are present by default. Such blogs add onto more credibility, clarity, and trust factors to your business. You also get further leverage of social media integration which helps you to expand your customer base and all over traffic. You don’t need to individually log in to various accounts of social media as WordPress has made your work easier by harnessing those channels.

5. WordPress SEO-friendly

To provide your customers with the best online presence you need to rank higher in the search engines for every page. WordPress provides some high standard yet easier code with semantic markup along with better domain optimization to achieve full control over SEO component’s customization. When it comes to SEO, WordPress is an excellent option. The Yoast SEO plugin is the star performer in terms of popularity. Yoast SEO helps you when you create or optimize content with a focus on keywords, also Yoast can assist you with content that is readable for both users as well as search engines. Check out WordPress Search Engine Optimization Tips to boost your website’s ranking.

6. WordPress Security

It’s unimaginable to even think of losing your data and confidential matter to any hackers or viruses, pushing your business from the cliff to fall. It becomes a need to build and opt for a hack-free website. WordPress Development with some advanced tools and technology must be considered to safeguard your websites from all such vulnerabilities. Especially for all those with ecommerce sites because losing customer’s sensitive information to some hackers is the last thing you would want.

7. WordPress Plugins

You also get an option to extend the functionality of your website through various plugins. The best part is that various of them are available free of cost, giving you varieties of options to install desired features and customize according to your needs.

8. Affordability for all

Not all businesses can afford the expenses for websites which drains more on your investment than your actual sales. The best part is that despite being so affordable, nothing is compromised on its services and features. It gives more options and power than any other publishing platform ever did. Perhaps building and updating the website never appeared this cost-effective.

Stand Out Factors

There are some more features as well that relay helps creators on a larger level than any other traditional publishing platforms.

  • Mobile friendly: WordPress makes it convenient for customers to surf around the website through their smartphones as well. All thanks to WordPress, now you don’t have to build mobile-based versions of your websites.
  • Scalability: Without affecting the efficiency or all-over performance of your website, you can add a lot of pages and blog posts to it.
  • Statistical Data: You will be provided with in-depth reports and details on the traffic and reach outs with various graphs and pageviews.
  • Multilingual: You also get themes with features that aid translation to different languages, making it accessible to all people.
  • Spam: It helps to avoid all the unwanted messages and emails, so you don’t have to deal with unnecessary spam content.

In Conclusion
WordPress is a universal platform, accessible and used all over the world. It has a brand value that other platforms are still working on achieving. In conclusion, we all can agree that Your business value is directly linked with sales, leads, credibility, etc. which wouldn’t be possible without having an official website for your business. Along with adding some professionalism to work, WordPress will surely save you some time from the extensive code work and constant maintenance. WordPress Development is the umbrella for both experts and beginners alike.

If you don’t have a WordPress website yet and or if you have any questions regarding it, we are here to help you out! If you are looking for a custom WordPress development, WordPress web development, WooCommerce store development and other related web development services, please explore our custom WordPress development services! We also provide WordPress website maintenance services and WordPress application security audit. For more information, please visit our WordPress maintenance services!

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