How custom ecommerce website design is recording a huge impact on Sales!

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Custom Ecommerce Website Design

In this modern digital era, the audience is no longer interested in orthodox content or designs be it any application or website. The online market doesn’t bloom on the type of product a company sells anymore! It is more dependent on how the company intends to interact with their customer.

Demands never die nor will the urge to fulfill and make a profit from the demands, if your website won’t step up someone else’s will. We will help you step up and take your ecommerce store to new elevations with custom ecommerce website design.

Factors which affect the Impact of Ecommerce website on Sales

The design (UI/UX) of the web page and the back-end of the web page are the two principal factors of custom ecommerce website design. Unlike physical shops, websites don’t have any salesperson to sell the product.

Your website must have the potential to attract visitors with its design. Design that keeps the visitor in touch and develops a positive judgment towards the website. After visiting the website within the first few seconds a visitor compels a decision.

These few seconds decide whether your website will bring about a profit for you or it will be dead-beaten on the internet. To avoid such circumstances, you can just consider the subsequent and crucial aspects of the ecommerce website design.

Visual Attributes that will keep the Users stay

The first time when a user visits your website, they just visit and do not buy any product, they visit to reject the website. How to avoid this sort of user rejection?

The viewer in these moments wants a complete overview of your website and develops an opinion on whether to trust your website or not. They spend this time looking at the logo of the website, the menu bar of the site, images, other visually attractive attributes.

Here you must think like a customer! What would have made you stay if you were visiting this website? You must also consider the latest trends and consumer preferences. Accordingly, you can curate a webpage design that will make the users stay in the first go!

Three Important pillars for ecommerce website design

User-friendly navigation

Try to offer more features in a few clicks of the user without making it look clogged. No need to scratch your head for thinking out of the box for creating a navigation bar, adding creativity to the basics will attract the user. Users don’t want to study your website; they will stick to your website only if it is easy for them to find the resources.

So, what to include in the navigation of your ecommerce web design to have a smooth tour of the website?

  • Search Bar: for the user to search the required product or service.
  • Home Button: Return to the place from where other functions are accessible easily.
  • Generalized Product bar: Where a variety of products are displayed for the user to directly jump to the required product.
  • Language selection: For the feasibility of shopping irrespective of any peculiar language.

Including Visuals

Images/videos are the key attraction of the webpage. They have an important role in creating the idea of the product and the website. So, using them is very essential. Visuals with an indefinite amount, abnormal size, no connection with the product, poor quality can result in dis-interest of the user and they might decide not to buy the products from your website.

Ecommerce Website Content

Details missed by the visual can be covered in the content section. Alongside it should contain words and phrases that have a direct impact on the user and influence them to develop a deep interest in the product. Having high-quality keywords in your ecommerce website design will be a plus to enrollment for the product.

Unrealistically designed websites yet users refuse to stay. Why?

Your ecommerce website design is wrapped with minute details and creativity. But what is the use of such designed websites that takes an ample amount of loading time? Users don’t like to wait; they want a quick result. When we talk about loading time it is not only about the homepage but also the features you have worked on and implemented over months for its success. Avoid lag in the time for loading of the webpage.

You can follow these easy ecommerce optimization tips:

  • Use PNG only for the logo of the website and the company rest of all images should be in jpeg format.
  • Range the quality of the image up to 75%.
  • Reduce plug-in usage
  • Choose the appropriate hosting option
  • Enable coding compression.
  • Limit the HTTP request.
  • Enable cache browser.

We have come a long way from factors to hidden back-end technicality of the website design here are a few more specified points for your ecommerce store.

Ecommerce website design service must include:

Ecommerce Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Identify the pattern of your SEO and build a custom ecommerce website design accordingly. For instance, the chrome browser prioritizes visual media over text. You can check out the guide of On-Page SEO for ecommerce website to know more about SEO.


Providing a variety of payment methods would result in more potential visitors to convert into profitable customers.

Privacy & Security

Personal data of the customer should be kept confidential which includes the address, phone number, credit card details, etc.

Quick response chatbot

This would lead to quick problem solving and better customer satisfaction.

Shipping options and offers

Users at times are willing to buy the product but are unaware of the shipping details and charges. In such scenarios, the website should provide the offers and details before the user demands.

Cart reminder

A timely reminder from the website regarding the unattended product inside the cart. This reminder can be clubbed with motivating phrases for the user to complete the remaining process.

User final interaction

After the delivery of the product asking for ratings and reviews from the user to implement necessary changes in the product as well as the website.

Key Takeaways
One of the key advices for an ecommerce website design service to function uninterrupted is that never think that your website design has everything and the client base you have managed to build will never be bored of the design.

Continue to develop the idea with three basic concepts, inspiration, usability, and credibility. If a website has these three features along with the fusion of all the mentioned aspects the chances of customers visiting your ecommerce website will increase drastically, and provide you with more sales!

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