8 Essential Drupal Website Maintenance Tips for Any size of Businesses

By Web Development India| Date posted: | Last updated: March 8, 2022
Drupal Maintenance Tips

Do you have a Drupal website? Great! You have the most reliable open source CMS. Like any shinny and sparkling car, a website too needs regular care and maintenance to appeal more customers. It is also equally important to maintain a higher rank in search engine and to keep the performance of your website optimal.

Below are the 8 tricky and most vital Drupal Website Maintenance tips

  1. Drupal Security Patches Update

    There are several parts in a Drupal’s site that can hinder the security of the site. They are – custom modules and themes, core application, contributed modules, base themes and libraries. It is very important to update all these parts for better performance and secured site. By updating modules, you can get all these issues fixed quickly. However, it is difficult to make such updated all by yourself. Skynet technologies offer a full suite of Drupal Maintenance Services for start-ups, small, medium and large Businesses. Our developer’s team can help with the one-time Drupal maintenance and ensure smooth, flawless and secure performance of your Drupal Website. Do not leave a tiniest chance for hackers by sticking to good security practices.

  1. Drupal Website Backups

    Backups prevents any loss effecting websites; it is just like a protective shield for maintaining well established site. We at Skynet technologies offer cover every type of backup for efficient customer website, backup codebase, backup file systems, backup code base, backup database, backup configuration and code structure.There are various ways of storing your database, might be by saving to a live server or by downloading files. Also you can back up for codes, databases, files, etc. as one or separately in a zip file. Although Drupal covers the basic backup functions excellently, it permits some more advanced features like automated backups. Hence, it is crucial to backup any Drupal site.

  1. Drupal Website Audit & Optimization

    Indeed, the most required expectation for any customer approaching your site would be security proofed and SEO optimized site. Drupal’s expert team checks for any performance issue on the site and offer a best comprehensive site audit. Their major goal is to rectify any bottlenecks present and to fix the weak spots and improve the performance and speed of site. Drupal is surely the best and award winning application for its audit and optimizing features.

  1. Feature Enhancements and Additions

    Drupal provides easy modes to enhance and develop new features which can easily be added to the traditional features for better performance. Some of the best listed enhancements are:

    • It helps users to identify most expensive frictions, that gives a better behavior analysis.
    • Co-relates process and technology for users
    • Transaction root-cause analysis
    • Identifying drop-offs, delays, etc. for well business process

    Our experienced developers will easily handle minor to major Drupal upgrades efficiently.

  1. Drupal Core, Module and Theme Updates

    To provide you with smooth user experience, our drupal developers make sure to check for new versions of your website or web application. It also looks for modules and themes and alerts you to update the same. In the module setting page, if you have administration permissions you can configure several available options. There is log of ready updates that indicates new releases that are ready for download. Notification options and update checking that are processed while cron runs can also be included during configuration.

  1. Bug Fixing & Troubleshooting

    Firstly, any bug or error is always caused due to older versions. They will be automatically fixed with in newer version. To fix the bug you upgrade to the newer version or get the development release, which is ever changing release and is updated with each bug fix and is always the most current mode. Hire our Drupal expert developers team to identify and fix any bug or troubleshoot on spot and allowing your website to run seamlessly.

  1. Drupal Search Engine Optimization

    Drupal 8 releases proved to be a big push towards web accessibility that covered technical features, overall community commitment and World Wide Web consortium characteristics. “SEO checklist” – one of the best SEO modules of Drupal 8 uses best practice to check your website for proper search engine optimization. It puts an end to guesswork by forming a functional to-do list of modules and pending tasks. Main features of Drupal support several difficult SEO elements. For search engine optimization, Drupal’s content management system is perfectly organized. But you need to update the latest information about your product and services to utilize Drupal’s optimized CMS. Hire our expert Drupal developer’s team to maintain higher ranking in search engine by regularly updating your site with latest information.

  1. Hosting and Uptime Monitoring

    If you are randomly choosing your service provider, you are going to be in a great trouble. As best web hosting is very essential to run a successful business website. Among the dizzying array of competitive business sites, you need to create a best site. It should be working 24/7 with no interruptions. And this demands for a reliable host that offers uptime monitoring.Drupal modules go through multiple revisions and code updates and that makes it more challenging. So it is better make quarterly updates. If you think your Drupal website would benefit more by regular program of application maintenance, feel free to contact us.

Skynet Technologies is a specialized Drupal Development company in India. Our Drupal developer’s team uses agile development methodology to implement Drupal modules based on your business needs.

Our professional Drupal Maintenance Services are available in the USA, New Zealand and India prominently. Whether you are a start-up, small to medium business, enterprise, corporation, web development agencies or firms, we provide customized Drupal Maintenance to fit your business needs.

If you are looking for a Drupal Website Maintenance Services and Drupal Application Security Audit, Please Explore our Drupal Maintenance Services! We also provide Drupal Website Maintenance Services and Drupal Application Security Audit.

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