Why Does My Website Need Regular Website Maintenance?

By Web Development India| Date posted: | Last updated: May 6, 2021
Regular Website Maintenance

A business website is without a doubt a marketing resource, a business tool, a virtual storefront all rolled into a single www address. While most businesses recognize the value of having a website, what is equally important is regular website maintenance. Not without reason! After all it is only with regular website maintenance that you can attract and retain customers, maintain your position as far as search engines go, as also keep your website secure.

Let us look at some of the advantages of website maintenance services in some detail:


Above everything regular website maintenance is required to ensure that the site is kept relevant and can retain customers as well as attract new ones. This is true in terms of keeping the content fresh and relevant as also checking for the fact that all links are working well and information isn’t dated. A website that has broken links and a host of errors can also play havoc with your brand image. Links that do not work or information that isn’t updated, is also enough to increase the bounce rate of your website and send visitors to well updated sites. Your website especially needs to be monitored for areas such as:

  • Slow loading pages and broken links
  • Page not found errors
  • Poorly written content

With website technology being highly dynamic, you also need to ensure that the site is updated with new, state-of-the-art features that add to the user experience. In today’s dynamic world with so much fragmentation and short attention spans, it doesn’t take much for a website visitor to switch from one site to the other. This is something you can avoid by keeping the website up-to-date and relevant.

Search engine ranking

Website maintenance is also crucial to maintain search engine rankings and ensuring that your website lends itself to discoverability. In fact search engines are even known to check “ if-modified-since” to figure out if the site is updated and should be crawled. If the site isn’t updated for a while it is bound to suffer in terms of relevance given the dynamic market conditions as also in terms of search engine rankings.


Another major reason to ensure regular website maintenance is to ensure that the security code on the website is updated. Hackers are known to take advantage of the vulnerability in the website code. It is therefore imperative to have the latest patches and security releases as a part of your website maintenance. The website maintenance company can also ensure that bugs, if any, are immediately fixed and the site continues to run smoothly. Using SSL Certification is yet another way of keeping the website secure as it encrypts information and keeps sensitive information secure.

Back up

Despite your best effort there could be occasions where the site is under threat or generally needs to be rebuilt. The importance of taking regular backups, therefore, cannot be overstated. The back ups can be in terms of code or in terms of content. An effective website maintenance company will ensure that you your site isn’t found wanting.

Wasted Time and Money

Not maintaining the site periodically can turn out to be costly as in the long run it will mean far greater investment both in terms of time and effort to bring the website up to speed. In fact not updating the site with a new release will also cost in terms of poor user experience, which in turn will result in lack of conversions, a tough price to pay! On the other hand, updating your business website on a regular basis leads to improved ROI.

Here is a handy checklist of some of the things that a professional website maintenance company with domain expertise can offer:

  • Ensure smooth loading of pages
  • Check to see that the website is loading on all browsers & devices
  • Ensure forms are running properly
  • Removal of spam if any
  • Check for Page not found errors
  • Test pop-ups, forms and call to action
  • Update software & Plugins
  • Review security scans
  • Review website design & structure
  • Analyze web statistics
  • Update and refresh content

Website maintenance activities therefore go a long way in helping in a host of business-critical areas, be it monitoring performance, infrastructure maintenance or even risk management. A professional website maintenance company in India can leverage both state-of-the-art technology as well as industry best practices to bring invaluable advantages not just to your website but also to your business at large. With a full range of website maintenance services on offer you can rest assured that your website is in good hands. With a professional web maintenance company on the job, the latest in web technology can be leveraged to bring your website to life, besides allowing you to focus on areas of business that need your attention.

Skynet Technologies is a professional website maintenance company in India offering all-in-one website maintenance services from SSL installation, security updates, troubleshooting, speed optimization, content updates to major version upgrades.

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Whether It’s Laravel, Drupal, Magento, WordPress, or another open-source CMS, we provide custom website maintenance services for any kind and type of website as per your requirements.

  • Drupal Maintenance
  • WordPress Maintenance
  • Magento Maintenance
  • PHP Website Maintenance
  • Mobile App Maintenance
  • Laravel and CakePHP Maintenance
  • CodeIgniter Maintenance
  • Ruby on Rails Maintenance
  • Salesforce Maintenance

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