Why PHP Application Maintenance is crucial to keep your business up-to-date?

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php application maintenance

PHP is a pioneer in offering high-quality & competent web applications and hence enjoys zeniths of popularity among the web developers. The splendid part of PHP is it is fuss-free and easy to build dynamic & interactive web applications. After setting up a sturdy web application for your business, the next important step is its maintenance. The PHP web applications also require ongoing support and essential maintenance for stable and secure functioning.

It is essential for any business to keep up with the latest technological trends and stay ahead of the curve in the competition. Most of the businesses invest very minimal resources on PHP Application Maintenance. But ignoring this would mar your web presence and put your whole business in jeopardy. Most businesses dread over the website downtime issue and it even gives chills if there is none to help. Without a solid maintenance plan, your website would turn obsolete and may be left in the dust.

Let us understand why PHP Application maintenance plays a critical role in your business growth.

What entails PHP Application Maintenance?

PHP application maintenance is aimed at gaining a competitive edge in the market by catching up with the latest trends and updates. It entails fixing bugs, fixing broken links, or creating innovative & spectacular graphics, appealing content to improve the overall visitor experience.
It also includes equipping your web application with additional tools, extra functionality, tweaking the designs as per the latest fad, improving the content, and much more.

You can generate performance reports that throw some light on the website status. This also involves keeping updated with the latest tools, news, events, and trends on website businesses.

In a nutshell, PHP application maintenance services entail –

  • Periodic review of the code
  • Defect analysis and Bug fixes
  • Functionality and application support
  • Configuration management
  • Application and Database Optimization
  • Code and functional enhancements
  • Migration support
  • Dedicated tech support

Why do we need PHP Application Maintenance?

Most of the businesses today are understanding the importance of regular maintenance services and the importance of keeping the application up-to-date with the prevailing trends.

PHP application maintenance services aim to provide the following to clients-

  • Stability – To keep the code up-to-date and any new changes are incorporated without any time loss.
  • Security – Many preemptive and potential risks are monitored and mitigated.
  • Reliability – A dedicated team to help you with the website application maintenance and you be reassured that you are in the right place.
  • Responsiveness – Quick and responsive to any of your queries and fix the issues faster.
  • Scalability – As the application gets bigger, issues are bound to arise. Anticipate them in advance and help you mitigate the effects of potential pitfalls.
  • Dedicated Support – Have a distinct support and maintenance team that helps you with the issues.

When do we need PHP application maintenance?

Even PHP web applications may not run smoothly forever. Issues are bound to arise. You need to devote some resources to maintenance without which you would put your whole business in jeopardy. We need PHP application maintenance services in the following scenarios –

1. Regular Servicing

As mentioned, any website application requires regular servicing. Even the PHP applications require periodic servicing to ensure smooth functioning.

2. Code Updates

Websites need constant updates to attract and grow their customer base. Any code updates or third-party updates shouldn’t be neglected especially security upgrades. You need to constantly monitor your codebase and align it with the latest updates. This ensures that your application is safe, risk-free, and optimally running.

3. Scalability

Any business aims to grow and scale new heights. PHP applications are also no exception to this. One needs to understand that as the application gets bigger, problems are bound to arise. A dedicated maintenance service helps you to have scale smoothly without hassles.

4. Bug-fixes

From minor tweaks to major edits, PHP applications undergo several changes. These may impact the optimum performance of the application and induce some bugs. With a maintenance team in place, one can keep the application error-free and bug-free. Having a safe and regular backup for the website is important to avoid any kind of mishaps.

Benefits of PHP Application Maintenance

1. Customer Retention – With regular maintenance services, you can confiscate errors, keep your content updated, and ensure that there are no broken links. This improves customer engagement and they won’t flock to your competitors looking for a well-maintained website.

2. Security – Most of the web applications rely on a web hosting server and they are prone to security attacks. Hackers quickly exploit the loopholes in the code and cause damage to your data, files, and other confidential information. However, with regular maintenance, one can safeguard the web application from any malicious attack.

3. SEO – With regular maintenance services, your websites will be faster, bug-free, and updated content. Search engines find updated websites to be reliable, and trustworthy. It even creates a great first impression among your potential customers, all of which improve your search engine rankings.

4. Improve Visitor Experience – Regular maintenance audits check the full functioning of the website, the page speed, broken links, 404 errors if any, and grammar errors. A regular check of the website optimizes the web application and improves the visitor experience.


Skynet Technologies provide reliable and responsive support for your website maintenance so that you can focus on other core aspects of your business. We nurture our clients by working in a closely knitted network and our PHP practitioners offer a full spectrum of maintenance services to them. We are pioneers in guiding you to overcome any pitfalls in the application services and bring greater returns to your business.

Since performance and security are important considerations, it is worth investing in professional web application maintenance services. If you are looking for PHP web maintenance services any or having a query regards to website maintenance. Please Explore our PHP maintenance services! We provide a complete, best website maintenance service from a small content update, bug fixing, troubleshooting, critical security updates, SSL certification, module configuration, installation to version upgrades and much more.

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