Why Email Marketing is an Essential Part of Successful Ecommerce Store?

By Web Development India| Date posted: | Last updated: February 9, 2022
Email Marketing for Ecommerce

Ecommerce is the fastest growing industries in the world. Globalization and digitization mean more and more transactions are made online. New ecommerce stores are emerging and established retailers are increasingly relying on business on the Internet. In addition to a good website and a suitable store system, direct communication with customers and interested parties is the focus of the providers. In this blog you will find out why professional ecommerce email marketing is an essential part of success.

why ecommerce email marketing is so attractive?

Newsletters score with relatively low costs and decent performance of marketing. A study shows that newsletter readers have bought at least one product that was advertised in a newsletter in the last three months. This makes email marketing one of the most efficient marketing channels in ecommerce.

But newsletters don’t just perform like that. The newsletters, which are tailored to individual target audiences, score particularly well in addition to creative content, good subject lines and a call to actions. The more interesting newsletters the better the performance for individual recipients. This is where functions such as segmentation and personalization come into play.

Email marketing tools offer the possibility of dividing recipients into different groups. Recipient segmentation is usually carried out using personal data and behaviour-based characteristics.

A strategic division helps to get a summary of your own recipients and to send individual campaigns and newsletters to specific groups. for example, newsletter subscribers are often segmented consistent with age, place of residence or gender (personal static data) or consistent with the number of purchases, product category purchased or newsletters received (behaviour-based characteristics).

The more information about recipients is available, the higher individual mailings can be tailored to them. Additionally, to segmentation in groups, individual blocks of the newsletter also can be personalized for specific customers. For example, this is useful for presenting various products inside a newsletter to the individual recipients. The customer-oriented adaptation of newsletter content is an important component for successful email marketing.

In the era of WhatsApp, Facebook and Telegram, classic newsletters are one of the older measures of communication. Some providers now provide newsletters for the WhatsApp. For example, why should use email marketing over other marketing activities?

As of now, newer channels like WhatsApp newsletters cannot yet compete with email marketing. this is often due on the one hand to the type of use of the various messaging services and on the other hand to the target group. While WhatsApp newsletters tend to appeal to a younger audience, email is an established channel and has virtually no limited target group. At the same time, consumers see WhatsApp and Co. as a very personal channel, so that only very sporadically is the newsletter function utilised.

Currently, mobile messaging services such as WhatsApp cannot replace email marketing with limited target groups and few subscribers. Therefore, most companies providing a newsletter by WhatsApp only use it in addition to the email newsletter.

With its reach and efficiency, email marketing is one of the most important marketing channels in ecommerce. With the right strategy and a professional newsletter tool, email marketing can become a high-performance channel in any ecommerce.

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