Top 5 WordPress Website Security Tips to Keep Your Business Investment Safe

By Web Development India| Date posted: | Last updated: May 6, 2021
Wordpress Website Security Tips

Many of the Hackers and cybercriminals target WordPress website Installations especially. This article will cover the 5 most effective WordPress security tips to keep your website running smoothly and business investment safe.

1. Enable two-factor login authentication

It is advisable to limit the access of your administrator account to only responsible professionals who are handling the customization and other site-wide changes of your WordPress website. The more administrator account access will have more chances of your website can be hacked.

As a Specialized WordPress development company in India, we recommend enabling the two-factor login authentication for all standard and administrator accounts. This would really help you to prevent hacker or attackers to steal your website data or confidential information or lunch attacks on your site.

2. Enable an SSL certificate

You might have noticed a small padlock icon next to the URL in the address bar. That means the website you are currently browsing is protected with a valid secure socket layer (SSL) certificate. It helps to protect your WordPress site from hackers, intruders and cyberattacks. All the data transfer between the local system and router is fully encrypted and hacker or malware cannot decode it.

If you have a WordPress website which supports credit card transactions or any personal information transfer, SSL certificate is the must for your website. As a trusted hosting provider, we can install an SSL certificate for your WordPress website at an affordable cost and in no time.

3. Use a latest security Plugins

One of the most important reasons for getting WordPress website hacked is an outdated plugin and version. WordPress provides many security plugins that function as a firewall, monitor the incoming traffic to your site and block the critical or suspicious threats. WordPress also provides a plugin to scan your website to find potential malware or vulnerability.

At Skynet Technologies, we have an in-house and dedicated team of a WordPress developer to install the latest security plugins and extension to your WordPress site and monitor it on a regular time span.

4. Keep regular website backups

Regular WordPress website backups are essential for any size and type of online businesses to reduce confidential data and information loss. Your website can be hacked, damaged, infected with ransomware and shutdown at any time without any prior notice. A regular and systematic data backup would help you to quickly restore to a recent point in no time and get things running smoothly again without any hassle.

There are 3 most common type to take WordPress website backup,

  • Backing Up a WordPress Website with a Plugin
  • Backing Up Your Website Through Your Host
  • Backup Your Website Manually to Cloud Storage

It is recommended to hire a professional and experienced WordPress developer to keep a regular backup of your WordPress website. Our dedicated WordPress developers are committed to keep your website data backups on a regular time span and ensure to store it at more than one place, (one at the local system and another in the cloud). It would add an extra security layer to your website in case of natural damage or system crash. You can always use the data saved on the cloud.

5. Enable Secure Web Hosting

In the changing era of technology, everything has moved to cloud computing where a virtualized server is maintained in large data centers so that individual customer can rent computing power. It is efficient and cost-effective to use a cloud-based hosting provider for next-generation website development or migration.

WordPress security requires regular and active maintenance and monitoring in order to keep it running smoothly. It is advisable to hire a dedicated WordPress website service provider to protect and secure your codebase and keep your business investment safe.

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