How to maintain a cheerful ecommerce UI and UX that leads to customer gain?

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Ecommerce UI & UX

Website UI is not just what it looks like, but UI is how it works for an ecommerce website. Also, UI is the factor that generates positive or negative UX. If the ecommerce UI and UX are not considering the customers, they (customers) surely will not consider you.

Thus, ask yourself, what are your expectations from an ecommerce store being a customer? Which type of ecommerce stores do you prefer to explore?

They say, “Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”

There is always a window of improvement in your ecommerce design and its experience, which is okay. But do not leave that window unattended because that is the point where your website starts losing its UI and UX quality.

UI and UX are different for each ecommerce store respective of its industry, customers, products, etc. Though there are umpteen tried and tested ways to improve these two critical factors of an ecommerce, you need to use them wisely. You can add too many elements in the design, or a minimalist interface is all you need, one-page checkout will be a preference for some, whereas others may want to have a long checkout process. It is all up to your business niche and requirements.

In short, UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) are two tricky factors of an ecommerce, and every organization must find the most suitable ways to elevate the quality of UI and UX. Let’s unearth some of the methods for maintaining or improving UI & UX for an ecommerce business.

Don’t you think, Ecommerce UI/ UX is a complex task?

UI and UX are the factors that bring traffic to your website and when it comes to ecommerce, it is extremely important to pay attention on these crucial factors. Your whole ecommerce store is wrapped with UI and UX impressions. So, put yourself into the customer’s shoes and think accordingly. The sales, marketing, and development teams should think like your target audience, to achieve the right kind of interface and experience for your ecommerce store.

When a user lands on your ecommerce store and tries to explore the content, UX begins from there only. At every touchpoint, UX is the decisive factor for users’ further actions on the website. Moreover, tone, colors, and images are UI elements on a website that leaves an impact on customers’ mind and these factors decide if the customers are going to revisit your store or not.

Basically, every interaction point in the customer journey is a part of ecommerce UI and UX, and anything that customer finds confusing or doesn’t like, needs to be changed to improve the UI and UX.

Ecommerce UI & UX elements that need extra care!

Your ecommerce UX and UI ought to be smooth and appealing enough to hold the customers in the store. The ecommerce UI and UX design should offer continuity and keep your customers happy whenever they are in your ecommerce store. There are a few critical elements that influence the interface and experience of your ecommerce.

Search support

Ensure that your ecommerce store has an easily visible and functional search field. Moreover, store must have all the search options to make the product search viable for every user.

You ought to make sure that voice and picture searches are working well along with the auto-complete option in the search field. Also, there must be filters to make search specific. The voice search option is the latest feature that makes the search easier for many people who look for some product by giving a voice command. Thus, your ecommerce website/app design should be built the way, it can understand what customer is looking for.

Picture search is also a trending way of hunting for a product. Google provides a custom search API that assists in structured and unstructured data searching on your website. And filters and auto complete make the search field easier and user-friendly, which increases the UX of your ecommerce website. Moreover, you can focus on how to design and place the search option to boost the UI as well.

Precise information on ecommerce website

The ecommerce store design should contain the right and concise information. Any misleading piece of information can cause confusion among customers. For example, product price or shipping charges should remain the same and not get changed while customers check out. Otherwise, they will not trust you and cart abandonment rates will increase.

Thus, review before publishing the information and analyze what information will be useful for customers. Provide correct information on product availability, shipping options and delivery dates, taxes, and other crucial information to avoid any future confusion. Moreover, size charts and color options are necessary be there in the store with each product. Avoid adding fluff instead provide only essential information about the product.

Focus on checkout

The checkout page should not be the reason for increased bounce rates. Thus, keep it quick, easy, and simple. Ask only relevant information and that too in a way that does not instigate customers to leave the page. Cumbersome checkout pages lead to the problem of abandoned carts. People leave such sites without completing the purchase, because of either the lengthy checkout process or if customers find the website greedy or unreliable. So, cut out the irrelevant or too many questions and make the checkout page precise.

Personalize if needed

If possible and required to attract customers, it is a good idea to provide personalized content to users. If you do not want to spend much on personalization, then at least you can offer product recommendations based on browsing history or the last product bought. Ecommerce personalization is a wonderful way to improve the UX of your website, which helps you to gain more customers.

Credibility enhancement

By using UI elements like badges or verification marks, you can gain customers’ faith. Trusted badges with payment partners at checkout pages can boost your ecommerce credibility. And then customers are more likely to complete the purchase with your store.

Untroubled navigation

The interface of the ecommerce website must be smooth and completely functional, that too in a logical order. So that users can navigate easily to the products they are looking for and complete the purchase without any glitches. Such smooth UI ultimately improves the UX.

Advantages of impressive ecommerce UI and UX

  • Successful user interface and user experience provide competitive benefits and help in new customer acquisition.
  • The remarkable UI and UX are the key to customer retention as well. If an ecommerce store can offer enticing design and a smooth experience, customers are likely to come back and stay with you for a longer period.
  • If the UI and UX of an ecommerce website are good, it lowers the support cost as well.
  • As discussed above, captivating UI and engaging UX boost the productivity and conversion of the ecommerce store.
  • It also eliminates the development load because many times organizations spend their energy on UI and UX design and development corrections.

Wrapping up

The customer journey should be painless not only till the conversion but afterward as well. With the right design approach, you can offer a pleasant experience to all your customers throughout their journey on your ecommerce store.

If you succeed in improving the customer experience with impressive, minimal, and navigable design, competition, prices, and profits all factors take care of themselves. Thus, cheerful UI and UX help your ecommerce store to soar higher.

“The best way to control your customer experience is to intentionally create it.” And you can create it by maintaining the UI and UX of your ecommerce website. Fine tune the customer experience and acquire more organic customers.

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