Follow these tips to optimize WordPress website blogs for boosting performance!

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Blogging is quite in trend now; many people are writing their hearts out and publishing content online. The cherry on the cake is, WordPress made blogging effortless for everyone. As we know, initially WordPress was only a blogging platform. Thus, it still has that writer-friendly essence to allure novice and experienced writers.

Since writing is challenging work and you as a blogger, create content by putting your heart and soul into your creativity. Therefore, it should reach maximum readers for its optimal performance. Bloggers compose their content, but at times, they make minor mistakes, and their blogs don’t reach the audience they’d written for.

Are you also facing the same performance issue with your blog? Despite creating unique content, it is not reaching your audience. Get rid of this problem by optimizing your blog and achieving your hard work’s pinnacle.

Here are some tips to optimize your WP website blog for better performance:

Install the WordPress SEO plugins

WordPress has many SEO plugins to guide you in creating and optimizing the blog for search engines, such as Yoast, Elementor, etc. You can choose anyone to take help for conceiving an intuitive and simple blog for your readers. Like, the Yoast SEO plugin aids you in composing a well-optimized blog and the brownie point is, it’s a free version. You can install Yoast for free, and if more features are needed, then the premium version is also available. You can easily optimize and achieve high ranking through WordPress search engine optimization and these SEO plugins.

Do proper keyword research

Keyword research and using the keywords appropriately in your blog certainly increase the chances of your blog visibility to manifold times. People search for information using phrases or words that are the keywords that make your blog visible to those who are looking for relevant pieces of information. Long-tail keywords are remarkably effective when it comes to your blog ranking in search engines.

You can use any keyword planner to research the popular keywords and use them in your blog. But do not overstuff the keywords in the blog, it may look like forceful effort of using keywords. Google can send your work in spam as well.

Curate quality content

When you compose content, its quality ought to be your priority. The content should be original and well-researched. You must avoid regurgitation because it diminishes the quality of content. The content must be written conversationally.

Focus on content readability

When optimizing the blog, make sure it is readable. Blog content must have consistency. It makes your content easily comprehensive. For example, if you use bullets to describe a list, then use the same bullets every time in that blog.

You can add headings and sub-headings to make the blog clearer. Remove extra spaces between the words and write small paragraphs; most readers leave long paragraphs without reading it completely.

Pro Tip: You can include “Table of Content” at the start of the blog for longer and instructional blogs.

Link building

Try to build a link network using links of other blogs in your blog. SERPs give special attention to such blogs that have other pages’ links or the blogs that are linked together. For example, if some known bloggers mention your blog’s link in his/her blog. Then your blog will be visible to his/her followers. Chances are, they will click on the link and read your blog, which will ultimately increase your blog visibility. The link building should be genuine because fake effort can put you in the black-hat SEO category.

Optimize all media files and Page Speed

If your blog does not provide an efficient user experience, you will witness a higher bounce rate. There is a high likelihood of slow speed of the page or images taking too much time to get downloaded, etc. can be the reasons behind excessive bounce rate. In such situations, people don’t wait and leave your blog in a few seconds. To avoid this significant issue, you must optimize all the media files. They are the major causes behind your blog’s slow speed and deficient performance. Here are the top 10 tips to speed up and optimize your WordPress website.

Focus on mobile UX

These days, when maximum users are using mobile to read blogs, almost all the websites provide mobile-friendly pages. But what about the user experience? Not all the pages are optimized adequately for mobiles. Thus, resulting in poor user experience. Improving WordPress accessibility and mobile user experience will help you achieve a high-ranking in search engine.

Optimize blog title

Create a blog title for SEO, including the focus keyword. There is no character limit for the blog title, though a long title won’t appear entirely in search. Your blog title must be interesting, specific and relevant. Also, check both mobile and desktop results to ensure complete optimization.

Don’t miss meta tags

Write and add a meta tag to WordPress blog and add the focus keyword to it. Meta description enhances your chances of getting recognized by search engines by providing the relevance of your content.

Incorporate CTAs (Call to Action)

Add a CTA (call to action) towards the end of your blog. When you curate a fantastic blog, you intend to get a loyal reader base. A CTA asks your users to take action after reading the blog. For example, Subscribe to Our Blogs, Comment below to share your views on this blog post, Learn More, Follow Us, etc. improves the performance of your blog eventually.

Categorize your blogs

Help your users find the blogs by assigning each blog a suitable category. Create a few category groups and post blogs under them so that your users can find the relevant information, instead of wasting time.

Optimize your blog for social sharing

Enable social media icons towards the end of your blog, thus, your followers and users can share your interesting blogs on their social media accounts. It will increase your content’s visibility and traffic on your blog.

You can share your posts automatically as well on social media by using the ‘social sharing’ option in the Yoast plugin. You only need to hit the social sharing button and your post will be visible on your social media accounts. Ensure that you add an appropriate image to the blog to give a clear picture of the content.


The performance of your WordPress blog is crucial. Your blog’s overall performance affects its search engine rankings, user experience, conversion, and overall business. If you don’t want to compromise on any of these factors, optimizing the WordPress blog is the only option.

Optimize the blog for mobile users as well to get more traffic on your WordPress website blog, don’t overlook this important facet. Google can penalize you for not optimizing your blogs for mobile users. You should try the above tips once to eliminate the problems causing lousy performance. The aftermath of blog optimization will really surprise you.

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