Ecommerce Marketing Trends to watch out in 2021!

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The boom in ecommerce is unbroken and is spreading to a wide variety of industries. Online retail growth continued to increase in 2020 and was reinforced by the Corona crisis. An increasing number of ecommerce store owners also means stronger competition. Those who do not move with the times will move with the times. This guiding principle aptly describes the competitive situation in online trading and underlines the importance of continuous further development. The following is a presentation of the most important ecommerce trends for the 2021 financial year.

Ecommerce Marketing Trends:

Voice Commerce – quick search queries and easy ordering processes

More and more people are using digital voice assistants and modern smart home devices. Voice commerce is thus the next level of online trading and is accompanied by a simplified ordering process. Convenient ecommerce shopping by voice command can drive ecommerce store sales to new heights and increase customer satisfaction. Moreover, Voice Search Optimization plays and important role in SEO. So, it is beneficial in either way. Ideally, ecommerce store operators create the technical framework at an early stage in order to benefit from this global ecommerce trend. The first step is to adapt your own website and enable the product search via voice input.

The targeted use of artificial intelligence

Powerful AI offers a wide range of applications in online trading. This includes, for example, the integration of chatbots that automatically answer customer inquiries. In this way you can relieve your own service department and shorten response times significantly. The result is holistically improved support and lower costs. Customers often ask similar questions, so using chatbots makes sense. In addition, AI systems are constantly learning and ensure efficient data evaluation.

Social Commerce – maintaining personal relationships with customers

Social media offer you an excellent platform for your products and services. Thanks to the enormous reach, new groups of buyers can be addressed here and successful advertising measures carried out. A significant trend is the active participation of customers in processes such as product design. In the form of surveys on Facebook and Co, you can obtain valuable feedback and specific wishes from the target group. The direct contact strengthens customer loyalty and enhances the image of the ecommerce store. The emotional relationship with the brand is a crucial factor for long-term success. Check out more Ecommerce Marketing Trends.

Mobile first as a basic approach

Classic desktop computers and laptops will only play a subordinate role in the future of online trading. More and more people are ordering using tablets and smartphones, which ecommerce store operators must consider. According to a study, almost three-quarters of all orders will be placed for portable devices in 2021. Optimizing your own website for mobile use is therefore essential for every ecommerce store. Depending on your budget, you can also have your own app in order to be able to stand out from the competition.

Create an innovative and convincing user experience

The expectations of customers for the ecommerce shopping experience in ecommerce stores are increasing all the time. The Covid-19 restrictions for classic businesses accelerate this development and ensure additional traffic. High-resolution photos and product videos, for example, are of great importance. With appropriate presentations, you can skilfully stage your range and increase the interest in buying. The visual impression of the ecommerce store is a central criterion for the purchase decision and should be perfectly coordinated. Harmonious color constellations and a uniform appearance form the basis for a modern ecommerce store design in 2021. In combination with new features such as 360-degree views of the items, the ecommerce store is the ideal alternative to shopping on site.

Integrate advanced payment systems

The payment options offered are of great importance to many online customers. Mobile payment systems such as Google Pay or Apple Pay are becoming increasingly popular and could become even more important in 2021. Another trend is paying with crypto currencies such as Bitcoins, which are characterized by particularly low transaction fees. The fast processing and the high security standard are further pluses. The expansion of the selection of payment options thus offers various added values and is an important measure for maximum success as an online retailer in 2021.

Effective advertising through personalized marketing

Ecommerce store sales can be effectively increased through individual product suggestions and personal recommendations. The possibilities of data analysis are becoming more and more extensive and allow the implementation of specific advertising measures. The result is tailor-made marketing with which the conversion rate can be raised to a new level. The use of appropriate software and algorithms offers great potential for the 2021 financial year.

Final conclusion on the ecommerce marketing trends for 2021

Developments in online trading combine pioneering technology with increased convenience for customers. The presented trends offer ecommerce store operators a wide range of opportunities to strengthen their own market position. We at Skynet Technologies are happy to assist you with this project and support you with our specialist knowledge. From web design to powerful plugins, our offer covers all areas. Do you have questions about individual services or the process of a possible collaboration? Then simply contact us by phone or email. We look forward to your inquiry and take care of optimizing your online ecommerce store.

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