Digital Marketing Tips: How to combine marketing channels for new opportunities?

By Web Development India| Date posted: | Last updated: May 31, 2021

Many companies already use SEO, Google Ads, email marketing, social media and content marketing at a good level in order to win leads or customers. But the coordination or interlinking of the various digital marketing disciplines has often not taken place or has only been implemented insufficiently. Here are a few simple examples of how combining marketing channels can create additional opportunities.

Digital Marketing Tips:

Combo 1: SEO meets retargeting with LinkedIn

The chances of ranking on Google with informative offers are particularly high with B2B content. In order to get potential B2B customers to buy, retargeting with LinkedIn is particularly interesting for website visitors to direct you to the offers. 80% of the search queries deal with the search for information. You can explain the solution (your product) on the information page. After leaving the page, it is therefore very useful to remind the website visitor of the product via retargeting. The tracking must of course be carried out in compliance with the GDPR. Check out guide on International Digital Marketing Tips.

Combo 2: Social media meets email marketing

A whitepaper advertised through social media generates registrations and an “opt-in”. In addition to the classic newsletter, an automated e-mail sequence can be created here, which turns the interested party into a customer. As a rule, after accepting the double opt-in, the interested party receives an email with a download link or the address of a landing page. You can now offer the potential customer further information in a meaningful sequence. At the end of the e-mail chain, there can then be an invitation to a webinar or an event. This gives you the opportunity for direct communication and further qualification.

Combo 3: Plan social media content with SEO keyword research

Topic research with the help of SEO keyword research is particularly suitable for evergreen content. Have a search volume, i.e., interest over the course of the year, and the current demand trend in view. Data-based content creation helps. This approach is particularly interesting if you are optimizing the content of your blog for the search engines. Learning how to do keyword research is very important. In this way, you not only play the content on your social media channels, but also reach the readers of your blog via the search engines. With this little extra effort, you increase the range considerably.

Combo 4: Search Engine Advertising (SEA) meets SEO

Are you unsure whether the new keyword strategy for SEO also offers conversions? Simply test the new keywords with Search Engine Advertising (SEA) and gain experience before you make a major investment in SEO. By using the various keyword options on Google Ads, you can obtain further information about particularly interesting long-tail keywords and use them for content creation.

Combo 5: content marketing, banner advertising meets SEO

Are you pushing a new product through advertising? Make sure that you have an optimized landing page for the central advertising messages. In this way, everyone can immediately find the right information about your advertised product. The optimization of your own slogans and advertising messages collects the recipients of your own advertising messages. The list goes on and on. But you can see what lies in the holistic approach for creativity and benefit.

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