Ecommerce Digital Marketing Checklist for this Holiday Season!

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With the outbreak of coronavirus around the globe, every industry faced a large dropdown in sales due to stretched lockdown. Many businesses faced immense losses in this period, but many took it as an opportunity to flourish. The ecommerce industry was the one that took great advantage of this pandemic where the customers placed bulk orders out of panic or to further sale at their place.

With the holiday season right at the corner, it is the most appropriate time for such businesses to skyrocket their sales. With social distancing and the prohibition of large gatherings at one place, it is difficult to go out and enjoy like the days when this virus did not exist between us. From the perspective of a customer, shopping from the online platforms is the only option left to fill carts with no risk of getting in contact with the coronavirus.

For an ecommerce company, the Holiday season means hefty discounts for customers and massive traffic on their website. The upcoming festivals like Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, New Year will bring a great opportunity for your ecommerce store to boost the sales and double the website traffic. Many companies have chosen to get help from eCommerce Marketing agencies to attract the audience towards their eCommerce Store. Choosing the best eCommerce Marketing agency demands a thorough research and study. For those who are doing it by themselves, here are some exceptional Ecommerce Store Digital Marketing tips.

Ecommerce Digital Marketing Checklist:

Ecommerce Website Optimization

A smooth and responsive experience on your ecommerce website will help you add great numbers to your profit.

  • From testing the web page loading speed to less than 3 seconds to optimizing the images on your website for both mobile and desktop can help you prepare in a better way.
  • Another crucial web page that requires prior optimization is the checkout page. You would not want to lose a customer at the end of the sales funnel. Focus that the checkout page on your ecommerce website runs smoothly and loads at a faster speed. To ensure this, you can avail the assistance of ecommerce digital marketing professionals who will further guide you for the same.
  • A responsive website theme or template adapts itself as per the device screen of the user.
  • A user-friendly website template, website design, and more on both the mobile and other devices are to be taken care of for a smooth experience of the customer.
  • A beautiful landing page will be an additional parameter that can impress the customer at first glance.

Effective Digital Marketing or Ecommerce Website Promotion

Spread the word about the sale on your online platform through various marketing strategies to attract the attention of your customers. Give your customers a reason to choose you.

  • From offering gift cards to free wrapping service and delivery, you can lure the customers to buy a product with so many benefits.
  • Prepare a well-tailored marketing plan with your experts of Digital Marketing for Ecommerce that drives more sales and conversions. You can also take an idea of the strategies being used by your competitors for a tough battle.
  • Get in touch with your customers on various social media handles to acknowledge them about the hefty discounts they can benefit from shopping online.
  • Free shipping, Holiday contest, giveaways, rewards, and more are a significant part of any marketing plan and to increase engagement and interaction between the brand and the customers.
  • Don’t hold back to showcase urgency in the sales going on your online platform. The FOMO or fear of missing out on the limited products left on discount will help you drive more traffic as the customer won’t be able to stop themselves from missing out on the same.

Robust Ecommerce Customer support

  • Adequate support is required to be prepared in advance for the holiday season to get skyrocket sales.
  • Ensure that round-the-clock customer support is provided to the visitors on your platform so that no queries go un-cleared of the visitors.
  • Check for a high-end security platform and prepare a team of dedicated professionals for offering assistance to the customers on your platform of any kind.
  • Make sure that no customer from your online platform leaves with an unsatisfactory experience.

Deliver a seamless Ecommerce Holiday Season shopping experience to the customers at your place to add happiness to their festivity’s celebrations.

Extras to focus on

  • Avoid any disappointment to the customer with the no results remark on their search results. You can instead showcase a live chat button with an expert, show product recommendations similar to their search, and more instead of No Result!
  • Product recommendations based on the search history of the customer can make them shop more and thus generate more revenue for your business in return.
  • To boost sales on any new product, you can create a coming soon page on your website and request your customers to subscribe on your online platform to get notifications about the launch.

The guide to Digital Marketing for Ecommerce Store will help you prepare for the festivities sale you are going to organize on your ecommerce website platform. Follow the step-by-step approach listed above to hit the road of success and boost your business in this holiday season.

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Top Ecommerce Support Services to Boost up your Business!

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Ecommerce business has seen a significant hike in recent years. Many famed ecommerce businesses have built up a large customer base with increased digitization in the market. Although, marking success on the web amidst the pool of competitors is the major challenge.

The start-up businesses usually shut down in a short time due to unorganized Ecommerce Maintenance and Support. Many other reasons that takedown such an ecommerce platform are the incompatible business website, loopholes, and more! Many start-ups fail to focus on the critical points like connecting with the customers first. As a brand, one needs to stand up to the expectations of the customers to turn them into payable ones. Otherwise, you would offer your competitors a pre-qualified lead smoothly.

So, to guide you on the parameters to bestow exceptional Ecommerce Support and maintenance on your online platform, go through the below-mentioned points that need your utmost attention.

Shopping cart abandonment

Shopping carts are often left in between the shopping by the customers due to many reasons. Despite a smooth experience on your website, great SEO, and others, cart abandonment is a significant problem noticed on ecommerce websites. Ecommerce Support services can be utilized to rectify the issue and get your customers back on board.

A simple email reminder of what customers left-back in their cart can help the business bring back a lost lead. You have to reduce shopping cart abandonment rate in order to bring back those lost leads. Cart abandonment happens when the customers who did not complete the purchase and left items in their cart, and then those incomplete purchases are captured by the system. An automatic reminder is sent via email to the same list of customers by the system. These are either just a reminder or include an offer or a discount to lure the customers back to complete the purchase cycle.

Ecommerce Website Search Bar

Enhance the search competency on your ecommerce online platform to increase sales in your business. The instant search results that the customer gets through the search option installed on your website can add to the seamless experience of the customer.

You can hire the experts of Ecommerce Support Services for the same. The professionals will help you enter a wide variety in your search bar, including products, pages, forums, blogs, categories, and more. It increases the ease of navigation for the customer on your website, thus enabling them to complete the purchase cycles within minutes.

Product Reviews

Product reviews are attained through two means, either by reviewing them after using the product or by encouraging customers to write a review through an integrated incentive system. In the first case, the company that you five charge for the product review hire experts to use the product and give an honest review about the same. For the second way, the review booster application is integrated into your online store where the customers receive great discounts, offer or cash backs in return for writing a review of the product they used. It is a more handy option than the first one that is also known to increase your customer base.

With the help of ecommerce website support, the ecommerce company can help you get more reviews through both ways and thus increase the sales on your online platform.

Ecommerce Helpdesk System

Accomplish quality customer support in your business to save yourself from losing a customer to your competitors in the market. The problem may not be a major one, but the process of rectifying it or the ease of the same is what sums up the customer experience on your platform. Resolving the grievances of the customers through an efficient and qualified system helps in offering a satisfactory support experience to the customer.

Many businesses lose their large portion of loyal and most profit-generating customers due to this factor. By utilizing the Ecommerce Maintenance and Support, ecommerce businesses can avail of a functional and efficient helpdesk system that will help the customer executive resolve the queries of the customers right on time. It will save your business from any damage to your brand reputation.

Ecommerce integration with reputed brands

If you are starting from scratch, the best way to boost sales in your business is by selling products on reputed online platforms like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, or others. Although many brands have their ecommerce store to sell their products, so they find themselves stuck in a dilemma of which platform to focus on priority. To manage that, Ecommerce Support and maintenance companies offer integration systems to help you manage it all for the sale of your products.

Ecommerce Customer Service

A happy customer always comes back. It is true when it comes to shopping from ecommerce stores. From welcoming your new user with a welcome mail on your platform to quickly responding to their queries, Customer service is the key to attaining a loyal and huge customer base for your business. Thank your customers for shopping from you, ask them for feedback, reward them, and more can help your customer understand how much you value them and keep them tied to you for a long time.

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How to choose the BigCommerce Development Agency?

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BigCommerce Development Agency

A growing number of customers on the web lure every business to switch from traditional marketplace to the online one. Everyone is aware of the fact that every business needs some investment in the initial phase. In this case, you would too have to spend some bucks for establishing your business on the internet. The very first step towards this goal is to build your business website from scratch & for that, you would require the Best BigCommerce Development Agency.

Collaborating with BigCommerce Partner will help you rest assured of your business website in safe hands. They will cater to all the requirements of your website with the experience they behold.

To start with, answer to the question; “Which BigCommerce Development Company to collaborate with for your business website development?” must be responded.

So, to help you partner with the elite out of the bunch, the below-mentioned highlights are perfect for your guidance.

Choose the best BigCommerce Development Agency:

Get a Perspective from BigCommerce Development Company’s Website

A BigCommerce Development Company website is what you need to start exploring first. Check out how they have displayed their business on their website that will get you a perspective into the work they will provide to you. Focus on all the important factors such as, is CTA easy to locate, is everything easy to find on the website, and is the design and theme suitable, and other factors. If the store’s design doesn’t match with your business niche, then you have to find out how to customize BigCommerce Store design or get it done by a professional designer. It will help you get a perception of their best works. Your feedback on the same will help you make an intelligent decision for your online platform setup.

Explore the Reviews of the BigCommerce Development Agency

Every BigCommerce Development Agency in USA has an existing customer base. Their testimonials or say reviews listed by their customers will help you learn about the honest service experience they provide to their customers. It will also help you in getting a perspective about the company’s reputation in the market and among their customers.

Match your BigCommerce Store Budget with their Quotes

It is a crucial point to keep in mind while selecting any Best BigCommerce Development Agency for your work. One must go through every company’s plans and the services that they deliver in it.

If you are low on budget, don’t settle for a company that is offering you cheap quotes for your work. Learn that besides low cost comes a low quality of work that you would not like to compromise with while setting up your business online. You need to partner up with the best-suited company for your website.

For a solution to this problem, get in touch with the most suitable company for your ecommerce website. Let their professionals know about your budget and the requirements you have. This way, they will help you get a pre-planned package they have at their place. If they don’t have the same, chances are they will customize a package to not lose a potential customer like you. This way, you will get your work done in quality and from the experienced professionals of the company of your choice.

Learn BigCommerce Developers’ experience in the field

Evaluate the BigCommerce Development Agency USA for their experience in the work you have from them. With experience comes quality in work and less or negligible error.
When you contact a website developer and share your requirements with the same, he/she would be able to give you better ideas from their experience in past works. It would help your website benefit from the mistakes learned by the developer in the past work. This way, you can rest assured that your website is in safe hands and get it developed in the best way possible.

Check for Active Communication

Communication is a two-way road. Partner with a company that is active in the communication part with you and responds to your emails and calls responsibly. Focus on the point that are they all ears to your custom requirements you want on your website.

Do they understand that the point you tell them or do they get the work done on time & more are some of the questions you should answer yourself to get feedback about the company.
If your answer is yes, you are good to proceed to hire them for your work. But, if you are not satisfied with the service from the beginning, your work can get affected & your professional relationship with the company will not continue well.

Review their Proposal Attentively

The Statement of Work (SOW) or say proposal offered to you by any company for your work tells a lot about them. It needs to be very specific with all the services they will deliver to you. Every point of service must be described in detail and should be easy to understand. Your and the company’s part in the work must be covered thoroughly.

If you are handed over a single page with nothing pin-pointed properly, you should start reviewing your decision over choosing a company like that. You would not like to get your website to end up in the wrong hands.

BigCommerce Partner

Choose a company who are BigCommerce Partner. They are the best recommendation for you and they will fuel your business to the extent that your platform would be flexible for any change. Their out of the box tools and technologies will offer you an ideal business platform in one go.

Stick to these crucial tips before getting to a decision about any BigCommerce Development Service from a company. Keep in mind that your life ought to be easy when you think of collaborating with them. Their work status on your website development should keep you free from any worries about the progress of your work. All their resources, knowledge, and experience should be best reflected in your website and make your future work smooth.

So, start your exploration today of picking the most suited BigCommerce Development Company for your work. The above-mentioned information will end your hustle on what points to evaluate to find the right partner for establishing your business online.

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Is it worth to consider Magento Ecommerce Solution for your B2B store?

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With the advancement in technology in the field of online trade and commerce, about 93% of B2B buyers are drifting towards the various shopping platforms that are available over the internet. Magento ecommerce solution, proclaimed a pioneer in the ecommerce industry, is the ideal forum to surpass the objectives of your B2B and B2C store.

B2B ecommerce has been taken up in a major way. As most B2B organizations are engaging in broad and complicated ordering processes to keep business running, comprehensive front-end and back-end systems are needed.

You must understand the fact that the online portal of your company is the pillar for the success of your venture. Thus, it is imperative to Analyze all the available options and then decide upon the perfect venue for your company’s B2B site. It needs to be an engaging tool that delivers the results you’re looking for to your market.

If you select a website that is not new, then you will end up making a bad decision for your company’s future. To prevent yourself from doing so, you need the professional assistance of the Magento platform to develop your company’s B2B online platform. It’s strong and versatile, making it the ideal option for many companies.

Magento has some primary benefits over other platforms, such as comprehensive native B2B features. It is also an open-source framework, fully scalable, and easy to integrate with the backend code.

Some definitive action points will help to make Magento B2B ecommerce a success, some of which are as follows:

1. Offer easy and intuitive choices to the consumer

A B2B consumer wants simple and intuitive choices that will make it easier to purchase. Simple functions such as connecting to the cart, connecting to the quote, ability to add promotional quotations, accessing and saving the relevant sheet, printing and submitting to a colleague, quick access to inventory, and prices from the perfect B2B store.

2. Sharing Catalogue

Magento online store owners may build custom catalogs using the new Shared Catalog functionality. Website owners can decide the items to be put in each catalog and they can set customized pricing for each product. You will also allocate catalogs to wholesale firms.

3. Fast Order

With Magento’s expansive buying opportunities, you can easily and efficiently buy and improve your sales. Both customers must either join the SKUs directly, use the requisition list, or copy the previous order for easy check-out.

You will also support customers by making orders for them, monitoring offers, and estimating discounts. The fast order feature is very useful to shoppers who know exactly what they want – customers will bypass the shopping phase and easily position orders of the items they need.

Accelerate the buying process, encourage easy reorders for popular sales, and increase repeat sales with easy, frictionless purchasing.

4. Consistent and product-rich knowledge

Consistency of knowledge is crucial for B2B consumers, no matter which team they meet during their interactions. For example, if the price projected on the B2B site and the price indicated by the sales representative are different, this may damage the perception of the customer.

Product data, descriptions, pricing attributes, and specifications that are consistent across all channels help customers to make easy purchasing decisions. Although the B2B user is not shopping for any gift or personal use, they are vulnerable to over-browsing and scanning.

5. User friendly

If this is your first time creating an ecommerce store, you’d surely enjoy the ease of use of the site. It comes with a range of features that make the website enticing and intuitive.

Magento can be seamlessly combined with ERP and CMS, making it simple and convenient to buy goods. It also delivers hassle-free checkouts, which are a big benefit for B2B consumers.

6. Customer Experience Modules built-in to boost revenue

Magento provides a range of value-added consumer offerings such as up-selling, cross-selling, personalized orders, etc. to help B2B company owners boost their revenue volumes. Use the inbuilt customer service application. It will store the records of your customers and thus, it will become easy to convert your target buyers to your permanent customers.

7. Actual responsive Design

As with B2C, B2B shoppers also demand intuitive, mobile-optimized shopping experience. With Magento B2B ecommerce, you can create sensitive and intuitively built ecommerce websites and allow customers to position orders conveniently and seamlessly from any smartphone at any time.

In a smooth buying experience, you can accelerate digital innovation, rapidly introduce new initiatives to the market, improve consumer engagement, and fuel sales growth. Check out the guide on why choose Magento Web Design Company for your Ecommerce Storefront.

8. Professional assistance

Magento’s technical support network provides end-to-end repair programs to keep the site up and running. Be it any type of problems such as problems in the shopping basket, network issue, common troubleshooting, or error text, the Magento website has solutions to every problem.

With a highly experienced staff focused on keeping the website working around the clock, you will concentrate on driving sales. Remember to continuously keep updating the ecommerce B2B Magento website. It will keep you relevant to the changes that are happening around in the ecommerce world. You can add various innovative features to your sites like the latest security, new patches, and new plug-in.

9. Effective search functionality

70 percent of consumers waste hours on the internet searching to find the goods they desire, and this extends to B2B customers as well. Having a strong search feature is crucial to an increasing B2B sector.

Attributes such as auto-correct features and the location of the search toolbar in a tactical role go a long way. There are concerns that customers have in mind and that you, as a B2B company, should be able to answer. This is the secret to B2B’s commercial growth.

10. Control of Smart Inventory

As a B2B provider, you are expected to have a long and complex supply chain. Magento simplifies and increases the performance of inventory management using automatic order execution rules. Let’s say, when you automate the stock of your products, the AI software automatically sends the next order to your suppliers for sending a new slot of products.

Not only does it help you conserve time, but it also means that you have all items in decent supply at all times.

Final words on Magento Ecommerce Solution

Get started with the Magento B2B ecommerce solutions or Magento development now with the new updates and functionality available for your online store. Overall, internet dealers have more influence on their webstores. They also monitor the functionality and continue to provide an impressive shopping experience to the consumers. In reality, Magento is providing the best option for B2B ecommerce.

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