A Complete Guide to Choose Ecommerce Store Design!

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Ecommerce Store Design

With every unique field emerging online, it becomes necessary to stand out to survive the competition. Be it any brand, everyone is going for digital. Especially during and due to the global pandemic online, consumerism grew into ten folds, and to make a business out of that trend you need to pay attention to design an online store with the most standout design and look.

Research before you start!

Before you step out on the field you need to be well aware and informed about every sector of ecommerce and its design. From picking up your economic store design to sourcing your supplies and production, you need to build a road map for your business plan as there are some basic standards you need to meet which are already set by other businesses today.

The Must-haves for your Ecommerce Store design

Whenever going for ecommerce design and the related ecommerce design services, you must have some basic facilities and features on your website which will increase your business ethics, values, and credibility.

  • You need to provide your customers with a personal portal or an automation service that gives them updates about their order status and tracking Id.
  • Many times, due to shipping process error, customers receive half or damaged products, so their needs to be help services which solve issues within 24 hours.
  • Strictly lay down your return, exchange, and refund policies to avoid any miscommunication or issues.
  • Social share buttons to various digital platforms on your ecommerce websites will help you to promote and find more customers easily.

Designing your ecommerce store right!

To sell your products, you need to attract your visitors! In this extremely fast generation, everything is reduced to catching attention at first sight. Your store’s web design plays an important role in it. You can have a look at the reasons why Ecommerce Store design is very important. for ecommerce website. You need to make your outlet interesting and captivating enough to win the trust of your customers. Any site with little basic web designing wouldn’t appear as credible and as elaborately detailed with capturing outlets.

  • Describe it

    Spoon feed your customers with precise yet elaborative information in the descriptive box so they crave to look more about it with other links on your ecommerce website.

  • Logo

    A logo can speak a lot about any business. Your logo should always symbolize your business motto or what your business stands for.

  • Name it

    Your business name should be memorable and something out of the box, one which stays in people’s heads for rent-free!

  • About colors

    Always opt for eye-pleasing color palettes and schemes which adds to the aesthetic value of your website. Options of buying or making a purchase should be of bold and loud color to stand out and make more impact on customers.

  • Photography

    Hire some professional product photographers who are skilled enough to even make an empty can look aesthetic and useful.

  • Videography

    You can also go for video descriptions as it helps to provide an all-over 360° view of the product and is best when accompanied by an image.

  • Categorize

    Different products pages and options should be categorized systematically and independently to avoid any confusion.

  • Convince them

    Humans can be influenced and so you should give customers their say! Reviews and ratings not only help a business to build its image among the public but also gives them the confidence to make a purchase.


Whether it’s a webpage or an application, you need to keep your clients incoming touch and engaged through notifications like –

  • Upcoming offers or flash sales create a sudden need to buy.
  • For special occasions and festivals, giving out creative messages or wishes also creates a greater human impact and personal touch.
  • Keep updating your customers with their order status and tracking ids.
  • A lot of conversions can be created through a call to action by asking customers to make their final purchase or fulfilling their wishlist.

However, too many notifications can be frustrating or annoying making it counterproductive hence, go for an absolute balance.

International customers

It’s advisable to make your ecommerce web design service international customers friendly. This will help you to increase your outreach and all overgrowth rate. Your website should provide

  • Currency conversions for every country
  • Accessing the site in their regional/national language
  • Take care about international shipping and customs duties and further instructions on a refund or returning packages
  • Reachable customer service, especially toll-free numbers and active mail ids

Note the important customer aspects

Certain things work based on human psychology that you should keep in mind while designing an ecommerce web page.

  • Too many or too few options and choices in products can confuse or fluster customers making it a hassle for them to make a quick decision.
  • Do not overwhelm your customers with too much information. Always group products horizontally and provide variations on a vertical axis for a better view.
  • Make your page easy to navigate around as people don’t have enough time to analyse options to click just to make a purchase.
  • Over distracting themes and cluttered outlets due to unnecessary information, doodles, games, drawings, pop-ups can make it difficult and less comfortable to place an order for a customer.
  • Strike a balance between texts and visual representations, which also means you need to take care of the sizes of fonts according to their importance and impact needed.
  • Make sure there’s always an easier way to come back to the homepage so they don’t get lost while exploring the options and varieties

Overall Brief
Here’s a basic roadmap framework you can begin with to aid you better for your ecommerce development –

  • After thorough research and evaluation, do rethink the products in terms of their market value and demand in the industry.
  • On coming up with plans, go and register your business with the government to get copyrights, permits, and licenses. It avoids plagiarism and also helps to gain authenticity and credibility.
  • Invest more in designing a webpage that meets all the needs mentioned in the above discussion.
  • Make your site ready for google search by paying attention to keyword statistics.
  • Invest more in digital marketing and advertising to spread the word about your business.

Your online design store will speak a lot about your business and brand. Every decision on it should be or at least appear to be mutually beneficial to you and your customers. Don’t forget that in this generation just a single click is the next building that can be a base of capitalism.

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Why does your business need an ecommerce mobile app and how to attract users?

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An ecommerce website and mobile app was never a necessity for businesses a few years ago. But, today no one can even imagine success without a website. A recent add on necessity is the need for a mobile app for the ecommerce store. Without any doubt, mobile apps deserve a space in your budget planning for your ecommerce stores.

As people are shifting online more than ever before and this is true for all industries. The internet allows you to reach any customer at any point across the world. But this access brings in new challenges with it. Establishing the presence and being up to date with the newest trends and advancements it brings is one of them. Mobile apps are one of the most powerful tools in the digital world today.

Why an ecommerce mobile application?

Almost everyone, no matter what age group owns a mobile phone today. Thus, there is no need to argue about the need to focus on mobile technology. You need to adapt to this changing world. Your ecommerce business will never reach its potential with a website alone. the most recent ecommerce mobile app development trends show that everything is heading in the mobile direction.

Here is the list of benefits, and reasons for why you need an app for being relevant in the coming years-

Ecommerce Sales growth

Mobile ecommerce apps are new channels that can largely increase your company’s profits. According to Google, 58% of m-commerce app users prefer utilizing these apps for attractive offers, discounts, reviews, comparing prices, and purchasing. With rewards and push notifications, these apps can motivate and change customer’s wants and desires into actions. Directly reach out to customers and ask them to install your app.

Did you know?
Ecommerce sales are likely to bring in $3.914 trillion this year globally, according to Business Insider.

Audience building

You can build personal relations with your customers no matter where they are in the world. They don’t have to log in and remember web addresses every time. These apps allow you to deliver personalized services to your customers. Every individual gets suggestions and offers of their interest, which makes online business as easy as offline.

Apps give you the entire user history and updates on their activities. You can reach out to customers not using your app in a long time or someone using it daily and provide content accordingly. Thus, a company can do more of a targeted work on him/her.


A 24/7 helpline and availability assure the customers and wins their trust. Almost every customer likes to have an instant and direct chat with the employee in any case of issues. Thus, chatbots help consumers to find assistance and solutions around the clock.

Chatbots provide ready questions and answers beforehand by studying and predicting the most common queries which save a lot of time and trafficking too.

Higher conversion rates

Conversion rates are a great way to analyze profits and returns. When we compare the difference between mobile app and website’s conversions, apps are the clear winners. It’s found that customers view 286% more products and add products to the cart at an 85% higher rate when using an app against the website.

These conversion rates are huge and enough to tell you the increase in sales these will bring. In the end, more conversions mean more money. If you want to improve conversion rate, then you can refer to this conversion rate optimization guide, and it will help you increasing your eCommerce store’s conversion rate.


Geofencing is tracking user’s locations and using it for personalized purposes. This helps you increase your sales by offering area-related offers, and suggestions, exclusive coupons, etc. customers are always impressed by high-quality special treatments, leading to customer satisfaction and higher benefits.

User-friendly interface

Apps are preferred over browsers for their easy interfaces. Apps are specially designed for mobiles and thus fit the screens perfectly. The designs are pleasing and comfortable against the websites.

Applications and AI are now inseparable. AI will make ecommerce mobile app development an unusual process and provide a more interesting user experience than ever before. Also, most customers will have trust over the apps using AI technologies as they will see these companies as advanced and modern.

Improved Marketing Outreach

With such an amount of engagements on mobile phones today, an ecommerce mobile app will never let you down on your sales projection goals. Mobile apps not only yield you greater leads but also help you to improve your marketing campaign results. You would be able to attract more prospective customers through various marketing channels and also be able to pertain your existing ones.

Mobile apps help you to ultimately rely on your customers to navigate to your website for driving conversions. You can carry on productive email and social media campaigns with a better reach to your customer base. With mobile apps, you can make the most of the push notification features to communicate with your customers better and more productively.

Companies tend to use push notifications these days. It is due to the fact that there is a significant rise in engagement rates by incorporating push notifications. Close to 60% of users open push notifications against the 20% opening emails. Also, it is seen that close to 40% of people have an interaction with the push notification compared to the 5.4% interaction seen through emails.

Final Words

Your ecommerce business needs a mobile app as the numbers speak for themselves. Apps allow you to improve your market communications with your consumers. Customers prefer all-time mobile apps, which is a reality that cannot be ignored any further.

Building an app is a lot easier than hearing. The ecommerce mobile app development companies have grown more than ever before. Anyone can build their app without having any knowledge of coding with them. All you require is patience and interest to have your best ecommerce mobile app that will fetch you the best results.

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How to Customize your BigCommerce Store Design?

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BigCommerce Store Design

BigCommerce has been the showstopper platform for ecommerce website developers. It has been the most comprehensive tool to offer customization abilities and store design features that can be easily practiced by any developer or even by you as an owner. Made majorly to power the ecommerce websites, The BigCommerce store designs never come with complicated integrations and installations.

Why BigCommerce?

BigCommerce offers a wide platter of abilities to its end users with its multiple in-built customization features. It comes with in-built themes that can be easily and effectively customized to make your websites appear unique and different as per your requirements.

A BigCommerce storefront design always uses HTML and CSS to give a diverse versatility to its template customization abilities. It can offer you everything from a basic design modification to a high-end HTML and CSS requiring a design that can make your ecommerce website stand out from the rest of the others in the competition. Hire a BigCommerce Development Company to move first step towards for your business goals.

What all you can do in Custom BigCommerce Store Design?

Design mode of BigCommerce Store

BigCommerce’s design mode is one of the simplest and most easy to use platforms to design and customize your themes and templates. It features simple controls with an easy drag and drops menu to customize your themes at complete supremacy. You also get easy controls to remove, replace or reorder items on any page of your ecommerce website.

To start with your customizing, all you need to do is click “Store Design” and then click the “Design Mode” tab in the Control Panel. Once you do this, you are all set to bring your creative arms to customizing. You can easily customize different pages of your website by just simply going to that specific page you want customization for and access its “toolbar”.

You can move your items on the page using the pointer. You can easily drag and drop items to the place you want to move them or even remove them. After making all your adjustments and BigCommerce design customizations, don’t forget to save though!

Modify your BigCommerce Storefront Design

BigCommerce’s design mode is highly effective in carrying out the basic customization abilities. Though, with the help of a stylesheet editor, you can bring extra professional modifications to your CSS of any theme or template.

You can easily go through the “Browse Template Files” option in the tab of store design and find options to work on your CSS. There appears a great list of multiple different template files on the left-hand side. The upper or the first portion mentions the templates that are already in use. The following portion mentions the rest of the template files that are arranged as per their group type.

Clicking any one of the template file options leads the editor to be opened on the right side. It displays all the necessary coding of the selected template on this site. Here you can perform all your modifications and customization needs on HTML. With the help of the quick edit option, most website design professionals can make the best use of HTML and CSS customization.

Custom BigCommerce Design through FTP

Getting hold of customization features on BigCommerce will make you realize that you can customize anything on your BigCommerce. It is just that you should know the skill and expertise to handle these customization tools appropriately. As we have gone through the basic customization tool of “Design Mode” and a more modified customization tool of “Quick Edit”, the customization through FTP gives a more modified and enhanced directory of customization.

Customization through FTP allows you to customize almost everything on your website design. To apply the great use of FTP, you would first have to connect your website with an FTP linked with a directory. Here you can upload all your files which ultimately gets linked back to your website. To perform this effectively, you should download a ZIP archive first of all the template files and then modify the required templates as per your requirements.

Here you can upload any kind of files be it CSS, HTML, media files like .fla, .flv, etc. and the other image files like .jpg, .png, .jpeg, etc. These uploaded files through FTP will always be presented under different URLs than that of your template files. You will then need to incorporate the new URLs of uploaded files into stylesheets or maybe web pages where you want to make them work out.

BigCommerce WYSIWYG Editor

The WYSIWYG is the acronym for the “What you see is what you get”. This editor tool was introduced exclusively in 2019 to enhance the customization abilities and features of banners, web pages, programs, products, and other categories. It comes as a “first editor” where you get to edit and customize the content of certain specified pages without changing codes.

You can easily format the various text, add, and customize images, create links, add other media like videos, animations, and create tables. You can also disable the use of this editor tool by clicking the disable button in your “Store Settings”.

The BigCommerce Style Theme Editor

This theme editor tool got also introduced in the year, 2019 which offers you the ability to make easy customizations to your BigCommerce themes. You can customize your purchased BigCommerce themes by just going to the BigCommerce storefront design and click the “My Themes “option.

From there, you can click the “customize” button, which will take you to the left side of your screen with the “Style Editor Panel”. The Style Theme editor helps you to make terrific theme customizations without even changing any code. You can easily make changes to the theme fonts, image sizes, colors, and product columns using Stencil and Blueprint themes. You can customize your theme as per your brand uniqueness and preferences.

Final Words
BigCommerce has been a magnificent platform when it comes to performing easy and effective customizations. All themes, templates, and other parts of your high-end websites can get customized easily with the help of its easy-to-use editor tools. With its growing interface and new developments for more enhanced customization tools, the BigCommerce Store Designs tend to get better and better with time.

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Thing to consider before choosing Enterprise Ecommerce Solutions!

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Enterprise Ecommerce Solutions

In today’s fast-paced industry, every company or business out there wishes to go big with their service and brand products. Organizations compete among themselves in a cut-throat manner to achieve excellence. Enterprise ecommerce services are those elements that aid in improving business effectiveness & provide a great customer experience on online platforms. To get a gist of ‘what’, ‘how’, and ‘why’ do Enterprise Ecommerce Solutions has a positive impact on your enterprise business, read more through the following article!

What Are Enterprise Ecommerce Solutions?

An enterprise ecommerce platform performs the job of handling extensive tasks such as delivering product catalogues, order management with connecting third party systems, and so on. This constitutes a software system that manages and fulfils the elaborate requirements of high-end businesses. Such platforms act as a medium for enterprise businesses to promote and sell their services as well as products online.

What to consider while choosing Enterprise Ecommerce Solutions?

Opting for the best enterprise ecommerce platform is vital for all enterprise start-ups and businesses. To know more on how to join hands with an effective enterprise ecommerce platform, refer to the crucial points given below –

1) Highlight Your Specific Needs

Once you begin your enterprise business journey, your needs primarily include development, essential requirements, business partners and connections, etc.

In order to get an in-depth insight into your needs, you need to perform a complete analysis of your company affairs. Go through the crux of your company’s objective behind creating ecommerce vision. Understand your goals and future aspirations with respect to your business. This will make you comprehend your business strategies better and give you much more clarity in execution.

Make sure your Enterprise ecommerce services are flexible, scalable, and extensible to your growth in new industries and markets.

Here are important questions and objectives you must take into consideration while analysing needs:

  • How can I make more profit with less investment?
  • How to spike up conversion rates through a user-friendly interface?
  • Does my platform need to grow with growth in my business?
  • Do I need effective third-party integrations for my platform?
  • Is it tough to integrate systems like OMS, ERP, WMS, and so on with my organization?
  • Do I want to be significantly dependent on my hosting agency for server efficiency?

2) Analysis of Your Business Models

The enterprise ecommerce platforms majorly cater to a fixed or defined customer base. Hence, you must look for Ecommerce Enterprise Solutions that are inclined towards B2B Ecommerce sector as well as B2C sector. So, you have to carefully choose Enterprise eCommerce Solution. Your solution must gel well with the 3 main business models. You can find this out by communicating with your vendor and asking them to give you details about the software’s experience with past ecommerce variants.

The B2B sector witnesses a delay in transactions and a need for more organized accounts of the company. It also demands complicated communication between the buyers and sellers before the placing of orders.

The purchasing process is more convenient and fast in the case of the B2C sector. The communication is also not very elaborated or complex in this case. The multi-vendor ecommerce opts for either the B2B or the B2C types of business models to pair up with their revenue-generating models.

Before choosing an Enterprise Ecommerce you must take the mentioned aspects of business models under close inspection.

3) Choosing Between SaaS, IaaS, or PaaS

Your front end, as well as back-end activities, are taken care of when you opt for ecommerce enterprise software for managing core business tools. The hosting environment is usually determined by the type of ecommerce medium you choose. This medium can be an on-premises ecommerce platform or a cloud-hosted ecommerce platform.

Once this is done, the hosted platform falls under either the open-source ecommerce platform, Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), or Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). It is necessary for you to know and decide between the above-mentioned options.

  • SAAS:
    Software as a Service gives you access to data available on web-enabled software and devices. The SaaS providers usually host your database as well as applicable codes. They charge a monthly or annual fee for subscription.
  • IAAS:
    Infrastructure as a Service on the other hand forms a blend of hardware and software infrastructure which is usually offered by a cloud provider. It includes databases, networking abilities, and storage spaces.
    One can set up the IaaS with the help of a Cloud provider. The provider majorly performs the maintenance and management of the system. IaaS gives more stability and control over the structure of enterprise ecommerce solutions as compared to SaaS.
  • PAAS:
    Platform as a Service renders establishment of an ecological system. This is used to install software applications as well as databases. Providers of the PaaS gives you essential services of hosting. However, one must deploy ecommerce software on their own. Developers can easily test and implement their respective enterprise solutions for fast and robust platform execution using PaaS.

Let us say, you establish an enterprise ecommerce service on the platform “Linux”. Following which the PaaS vendor shifts to a different Windows platform. In this case, it is possible that you lose out on the extensive hours of work you had put into the completion of your project.

Also, mend your considerations towards ‘Cloud Hosting’. This is a hosting tool that is extensively used and is known for its extreme flexibility, scalability, and high performance in hosting solutions. It is efficient, convenient, and much faster.

4) Ecommerce Pricing

Business investments are the most important deal of your business planning. This serves as the best factor to look upon before you opt for ecommerce enterprise platforms. Usually, top enterprise ecommerce platforms are quite expensive and might pinch your pockets if you are a budding entrepreneur. This heavy cost depends on features, facilities, and designs.

You must track the change in the ecommerce platform costs from time to time. Find out ways and means to launch your platform with minimal complexities and zero errors.

Final Word

Handling an enterprise business is complicated and requires efficiency all the time. Investing in a good ecommerce platform is the need of the hour in today’s business industry. It must be able to cope with your growing business and its shifting needs.

Hence, it becomes more important for every enterprise business aspirant to abide by the said factors before choosing any enterprise ecommerce services!

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