5 ways to increase online sales using Magento Development

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Magento Development

With a leading open source eCommerce platform like Magento, having a functional e-commerce store is now made easy. With the ability to customize its script, you can now have a unique store that meets your design as well as feature requirements. Here are 5 ways that you can use Magento’s powerful features as well as its extensions to give a boost to your online sales. In fact with these features you can acquire, convert as well retain your customers effortlessly. Read On:

1. Improved user experience

A major aspect that drives sales is the ability to offer a user- friendly experience. Magento can provide a seamless user experience in several ways, each of them impacting sales. Here is an overview:

  1. A) Responsive Design

With internet being accessed on a variety of devices it is imperative that your site is optimally displayed on each of these devices. In fact, mobile devices are now found to account for over 50% of ecommerce traffic. Having a non-responsive design that does not lend itself to a great user experience on the mobile phone for example, means losing your sales to competition. Magento offers a responsive design that adapts itself to the device. This in turn means that your target audience can access your site seamlessly across devices thereby improving the probability of sales. Check out the top things to consider while choosing Magento development services for your business.

With extensions like couch commerce and ten foot or the use of Magento Mobile HTML 5 theme, you can ensure that you offer great user experience in terms of a responsive design.

  1. B) Online Wishlist

Other aspects of an improved user experience entail introducing features such as an online wishlist. This will enable customers to return to your store to check out the products they had shortlisted. Further adding a share on social media feature will help spread word about your collection, as a store owner, an online wishlist will also help you understand which products are being preferred.

  1. C) Comparison Features

Similarly, allowing customers to compare products within your store will encourage them to spend time on the store and pick up the products to their satisfaction.

  1. D) Reviews

Through the use of extensions, Magento also allows for uploading user generated content, such as reviews, which in turn increase conversion rates and boost sales. This user generated content can in turn be converted to Facebook ads. Ads with reviews are further known to have high CTRs. Extensions such as Yotpo are also optimized for the mobile making the process seamless.

2. User friendly check out

A major issue faced by e commerce sites is its complicated check out process. This often leads to abandoned shopping carts and low sales conversions. Magento offers a one-step check out extension that combines many steps of the checkout process into a single stage. It thereby eases the process for the user to conveniently check out after having selected his products. This in turn results in fewer abandoned shopping carts, in other words it leads to improved sales.

Including a proactive chat support at different stages, including at the check out stage can also help in improving the conversion rate.

3. Customer Follow Up

Despite a simplified check out process, there will be instances of abandoned shopping carts because of various other reasons. Magento helps you track these customers and thereby allows you to follow up with them to figure out why the cart was abandoned. This not only allows you to close these sales but also understand the issues that customers are facing and help suitably resolve them.

In fact Magento Enterprise functionality allows for segmentation of audiences by customer type and behavior. This can go a long way in understanding consumers and developing products and functionalities to suit their bespoke needs, further enhancing sales.

4. SEO

With Magento providing a solution to convert Long tail links into short ones that are also Search Engine Optimized, the chances of the customer finding your store through search engines goes up significantly, thereby boosting your sales. Using this function, you can also optimize page titles thereby improving search ability. Watch out the top Magento SEO Metrics to Boost the Performance of Ecommerce Store.

5. Multi-lingual Offering

If the product that you are selling has its audience spread all across the globe, you can benefit from having a multi lingual presence. With Magento this task is made easy as it can identify the geographic region of the user and thereby direct them to the website in the appropriate language. With Magento supporting multi lingual, multi-currency sites, improved sales are a given. You can also direct traffic to local suppliers in different countries through a multi store Magento installation.

Magento development is a great way to impact your sales. In fact listing these 5 ways to improve sales is only akin to scratching the surface. There are enough and more ways including promoting product ratings and reviews, offering discount coupon codes etc that can set the popularity of your online store, skyrocketing.

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