Top 4 Key Elements of Standard Website Design Service!

By Web Development India| Date posted: | Last updated: December 29, 2020
Website Design

Websites have become an integral part of this digital age. They are often used to present their own content or to market a product. Many people design their own website. Unfortunately, you can often see that in the results. Most of the time, the simplest design rules are thrown overboard for your own webpage and the design begins like crazy.

Creating an appealing website is not difficult, but time-consuming. But there are a few basic rules that should be observed. Fortunately, web design differs little from “normal” design. If a few basic rules are observed, the result can be seen.

Basic rules for website design

First things first: nobody wants to see a cluttered website. The page should therefore be kept as simple as possible and too much formatting and continuous text should be avoided. Pictures, videos and symbols are well suited to loosen up the content, but these should also be used with care. The basic rule is: do not overwhelm the visitor and offer them a page that is as informative and well-structured as possible with ease of navigation.

Searching with mobile devices is becoming more and more important – this is why a website must be able to be displayed well on smaller screens such as smartphones or tablets. Accordingly, everyone who wants to offer a website today also has to deal with responsive website design.

There are some key points to keep in mind: Headings should be bold and easy to read. Sans-serif fonts are ideal for this. Subheadings give a text and structure and it is easier for a reader to find something. This also improves the ranking in the search engines.

A sans serif font is good for body text and the text should be at least 12 font size. It is important that the contrast between the background and the text is as good as possible so that it can be read easily. One and a half line spacing in the text should be standard. These points are particularly important if a rather older target group is to be addressed.

Which font is the best?

Especially if the website is to contain content, it is important to make the text as legible as possible. Fonts such as Proxima Nova are suitable here. In any case, it makes sense to stick to one font as much as possible so that the page looks harmonious.

Correct choice of colors

Just like in everyday life, colors can be positive and negative. Here, too, it is important: less, but consequently. It is better to choose three colors that harmonize well with each other and can be found constantly on the entire homepage than to trigger overstimulation in the visitors with too many colors. Important website content such as call-to-action buttons should always be highlighted with colors, whereas background elements should be kept neutral.

Depends on the images

The right images offer real added value for a website. They should be chosen carefully and wisely and pick up the visitor on an emotional level. This makes a website interesting and creates connection. However, care should be taken to ensure that the images are the right size so that they come into their own. Pixelated images look unprofessional and lead to people leaving the site immediately.

Web design is a very popular key element for your business today. If you have not taken an advantage of it yet, it is advisable to grab this opportunity for expanding your business.

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