Is it Worth to Invest in Content Marketing? How it can be the Best Long-Term Marketing Strategy?

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Content Marketing

Content Marketing promotes Rewarding Customer Relations

Traditional marketing activities and advertising strategies are characterized by short-term effects on business success. Rewarding customer relationships require more than advertising. Content marketing as a long-term marketing strategy is the answer.

Over the long term, traditional marketing is unprofitable!

Recipients of direct mailing campaigns are activated on average with a single-digit, rarely double-digit conversion rate. Success is often not measured at all and in most cases, this means that only a manageable number of interested parties are generated.

An offer or product campaign is completed with the shipping. A lack of resources and leads to inadequate evaluation and tracking of the campaign results, while the next direct mailing is already being extensively revised. This is expensive and unprofitable in the long term.

Print ads and billboards can work successfully for a few months, while the advertising impact naturally declines. Follow-up campaigns must be developed in order to continuously set new impulses. This makes sense for brand-building campaigns in high-reach media, but rarely for new customer acquisition.

Of course, the approach is fundamentally not wrong, especially if it is possible to achieve a positive advertising effect that pays off for the business. Check out the guide on how to build stand out Benefits of Content Marketing for B2B Organization..

Online advertising generates expensive wastage

If we want to be successful in digital marketing in the long term, we need a marketing strategy with sustained traction. Marketing activities, such as digital advertising in search engines and social networks, can contribute to visitor traffic and are often associated with expensive “wastage”. It is not uncommon for there to be a misunderstanding, because not every visitor is a potential customer.

A major disadvantage of the marketing measures mentioned, they cannot build a worthwhile business relationship with prospects and customers. A long-term content marketing strategy that is oriented towards the interests of buyers and thus contributes to business success is more sustainable and cost-effective.

Roll of Content in digital marketing

First of all, it is important to understand that content is an elementary part of every other – in this case non-commercial – digital marketing strategy. Especially with the goal of increasing customer and sales growth through lead generation, lead nurturing and conversion optimization. Watch out the guide on Content Optimization Tips to Improve Google Rankings.

Content marketing is therefore a key component for all inbound marketing measures in SEO, social media, email and marketing automation. We combine the individual Digital marketing activities into a holistic inbound marketing strategy.

Benefits of content marketing

In search engine optimization, content contributes to upgrading your own website by increasing Google Domain authority. Content serves as the basis for direct and email marketing campaigns and can multiply the number of newsletter subscribers. Landing pages and sub-pages of your own website, for example for lead generation, gain in value.

Guest posts and external content can promote rewarding relationships and collaborations with online brands and experts.

Content is most effective for attracting website traffic

1. Content is most effective for attracting website traffic

Posting guest posts or blog posts on your website increases the likelihood of being found and attracting interested visitors. You can increase the effect by linking your blog content to other blog posts in order to keep the visitor on your own website.

Build a reputation through content marketing

2. Build a reputation through content marketing

The more often your content is viewed and used, the more likely you will be perceived and remembered as a brand. This promotes your reputation as a competent contact in your business area.

Content promotes credibility and trust

3. Content promotes credibility and trust

When a visitor comes to your website, credible content can create trust in your company, as long as the content is reliable, helpful and attractive.

Using Product Content to Boost Conversions

4. Using Product Content to Boost Conversions

Assuming the blog post is attractive and well written, a call-to-action element placed in the content can encourage direct lead conversion. It is sensible to ensure that the call-to-action is directly related to the content and visitor intentions.

Content promotes business growth

5. Content promotes business growth

If your content is strong enough, use it specifically for relationship-building offers, whether as an e-book, white paper, infographics or in webinars.

Effective Content Strategies That Last Forever

Let’s call it “evergreen content” because its durability rarely expires. Trends, news and other forms of current content attract many visitors at short notice, timeless topic content is permanently useful and relevant. They guarantee a steady stream of visitors and interested parties.

General knowledge, specialist knowledge, tips and advice are asked for almost all topics at any time. Of course, the multimedia and interactive formats are constantly evolving as technology advances. Relevant content retains lasting value and is a worthwhile long-term investment.

Each content is a permanent added value

As long as you do not remove your blog posts or change their Internet address, each publication contributes permanently to the valuable inventory of the website. Even if you have no influence on your guest posts, each blog post and content is indexed by Google with its own URL and can therefore be found in the organic search results.

Impact of Content Marketing

Content marketing has a fundamental advantage. Each new content increases the existing inventory and works as long as it is relevant and offers added value. The total of all content grows steadily and pays for more visibility, interest and reputation with every new piece.

Let’s say you publish once a week. They publish 55 blog posts and premium content in the first year, 55 content in the second year, whereby the special content achieves a specific result for itself.

In addition, the result is increased many times over. While 55 contents fuel the marketing machine in the first year, there are already 110 individual contents in the second year that build on each other and work together.

The investment is therefore profitable in the long term if every new content brings effective results. This lowers the costs for every new visitor, lead and new customer.

Evolution of Content Marketing

New technologies and trends are constantly changing marketing as we know it. The formats and functions of content will adapt to market conditions, technical possibilities and user needs and develop further.

Two examples: The popularity of moving pictures begins to overtake the written word. For some unnoticed, search engine optimization has continued to evolve, from a purely technical keyword to a semantic, long-tail keyword search. Google wants to ensure that the search results with the best content are preferred, which offer the greatest added value for the user.

Modern marketing is based more on content and less on advertising. Content is becoming more and more relevant to marketing because it shapes the relationships between companies and buyers. Nevertheless, content marketing is subject to constant change, namely how we will produce and distribute content in the future, how we will present it and make it available to users.

Content marketing cannot be postponed

Content marketing is both a necessary and long-term strategy. For companies and decision-makers, this does not mean that content marketing can be postponed for an indefinite future.

The advantage over the competition is a decisive advantage here. A simple content strategy can still be established quickly and easily.

What to take with you?

The earlier you start; the sooner you will see first successes. Go step by step to develop and implement a content strategy, learn from it and get better. If you don’t currently have a content strategy, now is the right time to start. Whether as an independent marketing tactic or the backbone of your inbound marketing strategy, you will be happy to have made up your mind.

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