How a Competent UX/UI Web Design Can Build Long-Term Customer Loyalty?

By Web Development India| Date posted: | Last updated: December 29, 2020
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UX/UI Web Design play essential role to make customer happy!

When the user interacts with a product, service or facility, this is known as the user experience. A successful interaction means that the customer is also satisfied with the service, for example. A user experience design is necessary to inspire customers. But that shouldn’t be all? Is it enough to inspire the customer, or do you want to increase the customer’s well-being with his product or service? One should not equate the usefulness with the experience that a customer has, but differentiate them.

Roles of UX/UI design in your website:

First impression of your brand’s website usage is always the most important. A product or service, for example a website, should be designed in a way that the customer has the best possible experience when using it.

Following are some of the Important points considered in the web design can be divided into five categories.

Utility: Utility is the general use and tangible advantage that a website, mobile app or product contains. Above all, this benefit should be directly recognizable to the customer. To ensure this, an analysis of future benefits must be made in advance. Initial and recurring problems should also be explored to continuously improve products or services and adapt them to customer needs.

Usability: Usability expresses how user-friendly a product, mobile application or website is. Mean that, it is used as appropriately and intuitively as possible. Accordingly, most important functions and features of the website have to identify and place in the foreground.

Make it More Interactive: From Both technical aspects and the prior knowledge of the user play an important role. So that you can adapt your product perfect to your users, a target group analysis must be carried out in advance. So, if there are handicaps or language barriers, these can be circumvented by a clever design, but the user-friendliness should not suffer.

Aesthetics: By definition, is the teaching and perception of beauty – in simple terms, the visual appearance of the product. A target group analysis is also useful here. Even if beauty is often in the eye of the beholder, certain homogeneous groups can be summarized.

Sentiment: In this case, describes the emotions that a customer experiences during use. This point is important because emotions mostly arise in effect. The customer reacts to the use of emotions, which in turn influences the evaluation of the product. So, if the user reaction positive to the product, the user will continue to use it more frequently and even recommend it. To make emotions measurable, regular surveys or user tests are helpful.

How a proficient Ul/UX Web Design makes your Website Successful?

If all points considered, the experience that the customer has with the product or service should be positive. But is this experience enough to make customers happy in the long term? The focus of the UX design is often on a simple, understandable operation. However, to be able to evoke positive emotions, the user must enjoy the product. For this to succeed, design approaches such as “Positive Technologies”, “Positive Computing” and “Positive Design” have become increasingly established in recent years. These positive design approaches designed to promote human well-being. A practical example of this is the so-called mindfulness apps. But also, with technologies that have a different primary function.

From theory to practice

Experience interviews are one method of designing a positive UX design. One does not concentrate on problems and challenges, instead of positive experiences should be reported. So, users should describe what makes them happy in certain situations and why. General human needs should also meet to receive positive feedback. The first step is to determine the needs than paying attention to design & build customer attract strategy for your website.


If your website is to be successful, then it will entirely depend on your User Interface and User Experience. UX design should not only be aesthetic and useful but also satisfy the customer to retain customers in the long term. The added value should create for the user, user abilities should promote, the focus should no longer be on solving problems alone. Do you have any questions? We would be happy to assist you!

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