The ultimate guide to ecommerce product page design for fostering conversion rate!

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Ecommerce Product Page Design

Product pages are the crucial part of any ecommerce store. These pages are the places where customers get information about products, and they decide which product to buy. For an ecommerce owner, product pages are not ordinary pages, but they are their sales pitch. These pages are the decisive factors for the higher or lower conversion of the ecommerce store.

Therefore, organizations focus on composing impressive copies for the product pages, which can not only grab customers’ attention but also force them to make a purchase. A sales pitch ought to be impressive, promising, realistic, and future proof; thus, designers should design the product pages keeping in mind these attributes to increase sales, conversion rates and leads.

Do you want to know how an ideal product page must look and what information it should include? We shall help you with this information.

What elements an ecommerce product page design should contain?

A well-designed product page ought to have a few critical elements on the page.

  • Correct & informative product name.
  • Relevant images with the enlarged view option.
  • Price including all the charges.
  • Product options such as size and color.
  • Product availability.
  • Instructions to add the products to the cart and a clear message if the product has been added to the cart.
  • Precise and correct product description.

These are the basic information a product page must-have. You can also include additional information to make the pages more enlightening.

  • Ratings & Reviews
  • Product videos
  • Related product recommendations
  • Wishlist
  • Try and buy the option

And the sky is the limit. You can add as many relevant and useful options as you wish to make your ecommerce product page informative.

Best ecommerce product page UX design practices

When a user visits your ecommerce store, they expect to get all their queries resolved to purchase a product. Some sites do not provide sufficient information about products, which leave visitors with unanswered queries and dilemma to buy or not. UX/UI web design can impact digital marketing strategy. Yes, you cannot include all the points, but the bare minimum of correct information is necessary.

Let’s see how you can create a product page to hold on to shoppers/ users who visit your ecommerce store.

Product description must be exhaustive yet not fluffy

No one likes to read marketing fluff. The description should have only useful information, such as, how the product looks like, how it works, its benefits, etc. Always remember, users read the first one or two lines and if they don’t find the information useful, they renounce. Thus, add interesting and key points about the products at the beginning of the description. To make your website visitors and users happy and give them a great user experience with quality UX web design.

The description should be based on the features-benefits technique. Every feature should accompany its benefits. Avoid jargon while writing the description.

Use images and videos

Images and videos describe a product very well. A user can imagine how the product must be in real by looking over the product images. The images must be giving a complete picture of the product. A single image is not enough. Add images from every angle and include the zoom-in option. Images and videos of the products impart trust in the users to buy the product. User-friendly UX website design also helps to improve your website engagement and boost conversation rate!

Product comparison

Before making a purchase, users compare products and check all the information about different variants of a product and look for other equivalent products. They try to discover the size, colour, price, etc. of a product’s variants and other products as well to make sure which product fits their budget and suits them well. Thus, the product page ought to include all variants of products and their information.

Your product pages must have a similar type of ample products across the brands and models. You can also provide comparison tables, which have a comparison of any two or three products, the user is interested in. Add product recommendations as well, which they never thought of adding to the cart.


All the product pages must have information in similar order. It makes navigation easier for the users. The design must be consistent across the pages of an ecommerce website. It increases the UX. To better understand your target customers, you may need to develop an effective ecommerce customer journey strategy.

Product prices

When you add the price of a product on the product page, try to mention shipping charges with the price. If shipping is free, it will grab the user’s attention and when the user will compare your product with other site’s products, there are chances the deal will be yours because of free shipping.

Include customer experiences and reviews

Other customers’ reviews and experiences about the product give extra voice to the product. It adds more insight into the product description. Most of the time, users are sceptical about the usage of the products, but these reviews answer all their queries about the product’s usability as well. Some other person is already using the same product gives them the confidence to buy the product.

Incorporate all the reviews even if they are negative. When users skim through the reviews, they eagerly look for negative reviews to know what is wrong with the product.

Visible call-to-action

The product page should have a clearly noticeable call to action. The CTAs (Call to Action) are elements of effective interactions between product page and users. After the description and reviews, when the user makes his mind to purchase, CTA must be visible. The misplaced or badly designed CTAs can ruin the UX and interrupt the users’ sessions in between.

Mobile-friendly layout

This is one of the profound factors that impact the UX of an ecommerce product page. When the entire world is relying on mobile phones, your website’s product pages ought to be mobile-friendly. The layout of the product pages should be navigable across mobile phones and other devices.

Create urgency

This practice really works, when you enforce the scarcity of the product, the user is searching about. When they come to know that the product has a limited number of pieces left, they are more likely to buy it soon, instead of mulling over or leaving the cart abandoned.

Live chat option

You have provided all the useful information in the description and FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions). Added reviews, images, and every essential information to increase the UX and hence conversion. But you never know, at what point the user may need your help. There is no harm in including a live chat option on the product page. It helps to increase the UX and reduces the bounce rates.

So, what are you waiting for?

These are all UX design best practices for ecommerce product pages, but it depends on your website niche and target audience, accordingly you should use the above-mentioned practices for your ecommerce website. Not all the design ideas are suitable for every ecommerce product page. Thus, think, test, and then apply. Choose ecommerce product page design by considering factors such as research, notification, customer expectations, targeted customers, etc.

It doesn’t matter what qualities you have baked into your products if your customers cannot perceive them. Therefore, product pages ought to be capable enough to display the products aptly and show their qualities wisely. Create effective ecommerce product pages and see the rise in sales.

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