10 Web Design Trends to Take Your Site to The Next Level in 2020

By Web Development India| Date posted: | Last updated: May 6, 2021
Web Design Trends

In this changing era of technology, it is very essential to keep your website updated with current web design trends and technology to keep your audience engaged.

Check out some of the biggest upcoming web design trends in 2020.

  1. Mobile-First Web DesignMobile-First Web Design

Mobile-first website design will put the mobile friendliness at the forefront of 2020. Mobile internet usage surpassed desktop usage from the last few years. In a result, website owners and designers are directing towards making a mobile-first website and then making it responsive to desktops.

  1. Virtual Chatboxes and AI

With the use of Chatboxes and AI, human assistance will be completely removed. It would have the capability to manage and answer all the questions and concern of visitors. So it is essential for a web designer to opt-out for Virtual Chatboxes and AI to provide an enhanced and improved user interface.

  1. Bold Colors & Simplicity

Loud, Bold and Bright colors are known as attention grabbers. As most of the brands are directing to stand out among competitors; bold and loud colors are something which many online brands can use.

  1. loud typographyLoud Typography

A Custom, Big and Bold fonts make more impact than using traditional san serif fonts to say it loud. You may find many of the websites with overly complicated and multiple fonts are dying out now. Most of the users are connected from mobile devices and appreciate clean, consistent and simple fonts to read and found information. Carefully selected fonts can only convey the right emotions to readers and build a visual hierarchy.

  1. Voice-capable Interfacesvoice interface

More and more people are moving towards voice over text. Millions of devices hosting smart virtual assistants like Siri, Google, and Cortana. Voice User Interfaces (VUI’s) will completely changing the way we search for the information on the web in 2020. Take advantage of voice capable interface and let your audience enjoy the browsing on voice capable interface.

  1. videoVideo

Video content has a great future ahead. As per the analysis, there are more than 500 million hours of YouTube videos are watched per day. It is getting a more popular channel to engage more customer to your website. Website design trend in 2020 will cater to a layout that put the video on the Home page, Landing page and service pages as more customer are interested to see more video content over text.

  1. clean & simple layoutClean and Simple layout

In Web Design Trend 2020, Less is More. Clean, simple and elegant web design help visitor to understand the website easily and keep them focused on the next step to proceed. An essential message with clean, readable typography, bright colors and action button would help visitor to digest information faster and contribute to positive user experience.

  1. flat designFlat Design

Flat design contributes to the fast loading speed, clean and rich UI/UX and faster browsing experience for mobile as well as desktop. It is mainly relying on simple design and less data. It reduces larger images, heavy visuals, multiple fonts and complex structure which distract users. Flat Design is becoming the most popular web design trend to keep users focused on important information to navigate to the next level.

  1. Personalized and Dynamic IllustrationsPersonalized and Dynamic Illustrations

Before designing the website, it is essential for a web designer to understand the audience and targeted market. In regards to web design, personalized and dynamic content is something which should change depending on user interaction. A web page content should be depended on last time visit history, age, gender, interest, etc. For example, Facebook.

  1. 3d visibility3D Visibility

3D view also known as Augmented Reality. Creating a computer generated image with a real-world view help visitor to make a faster and better decision. 3D designs are must for online retailer shop like fashion, jewellery, beauty, and more. AR and VR design will become the prime web design trend in 2020 to provide better user experience and improved conversion rate.

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