Why PHP Website Maintenance is Essential for Any Size of Business?

By Web Development India| Date posted: | Last updated: May 31, 2021
PHP Website Maintenance

PHP is today one of the most widely used scripting language that is used to create dynamic websites. The key advantages of using PHP stem from the fact that:

  • It is open source and thus ensures web development is quick and easy
  • It is platform agnostic and is supported by all operating systems including MySQL, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL Server.
  • It supports a wide variety of data bases
  • It is extendible
  • It allows for easy testing
  • It has both low development as well as low maintenance cost

Simply having your e-commerce or any other site developed on PHP, however, isn’t enough. What is equally important is for the site to be well maintained. This is true of businesses of all sizes, from startups to large corporations.

Top reasons why you need PHP website maintenance:

Speed Optimization

Irrespective of the size of your business, one thing is certain; a website cannot afford to be slow. Speed or the lack thereof affects a wide variety of metrics including bounce rate as well as conversion rate, not to mention the fact that it can lead to negative word of mouth for the website. What is imperative, therefore, is that the site be well maintained to ensure that user experience isn’t impacted. A professional PHP website maintenance company in India will ensure that the website source code as well as the images are optimized such that the website speed is optimal and the user experience is impeccable.


Another major area that requires continuous website maintenance is to do with ensuring that there are no errors on the website. These could be to do with broken links or issues with configuration. Other that impacting user experience, they also go a long way in impacting your corporate reputation! It is therefore important to partner with a PHP website maintenance company that can ensure that the user has a seamless experience on the site.

Security Updates

There is no way you would want your site to be hacked or compromised. This requires that the security patches are periodically run that keep malware as well as hackers who are looking for vulnerable sites, at bay. This in turn requires a professional PHP Maintenance company that ensures that the website conforms to all security parameters and in turn does not stand the risk of being hacked. Similarly, if there are any technology changes or any updates, those can be seamlessly integrated too.

Website Backups

The importance of regular website backups cannot be overstated. In the event of any malware attack or the site being hacked, the one thing that you want to have for sure to ensure that the site is up and running quickly, are data backups. A PHP Maintenance company will ensure that they follow the best practices for periodic data back up. In fact, a professional PHP Website Maintenance Company In India will also have automated back up systems that can handle all kind of data backup seamlessly.

Design Upgradation

Businesses by nature are dynamic and evolving. Despite spending time and effort on designing the website, once it is up and running, you may feel the need for design upgradation with improved features or a better user interface. In case your site is not mobile responsive, that is one of the other features you would definitely want included with web access on mobile on an increase. A PHP website maintenance company can redesign your existing website easily and keep you up-to-speed.

Module Creation

Creating PHP Modules or extensions go a long way in an increasing the efficiency and performance of the application. With a dedicated team that is equipped with the industry best practices PHP module creation can be done seamlessly.

Above everything association with a professional maintenance company will ensure that as a business owner you can focus on the core areas that require your attention without spreading yourself thin in taking up maintenance work. Similarly for large corporations a tie up with a PHP maintenance company will mean that your core teams can concentrate on areas of their expertise while a maintenance company ensures that all the hygiene issues are well taken care of.

With agile methodology, adherence to industry best practices and a flexible approach for different business sizes, what you have at your disposal is a strong support system that will take your business from strength to strength.

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