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By Web Development India| Date posted: | Last updated: March 22, 2021
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In today’s fast-paced digital age, there are more than 1 billion websites currently up and running. These websites serve as the first exposure with a prospect or customer, and hence it is quite important to make sure you get the best first impression! Websites with aesthetic appeal and visually enticing will help convince the visitors to stay on and engage, thereby, improving your business at an exponential rate. Poor website design could break their overall impression about your business which mars credibility and hurts brand image, in turn driving away from potential customers. Therefore, it’s important to invest in a professional website design that communicates effectively with customers/prospects and improves brand awareness, conversions, and sales.

A leading web design agency understands the role of prototypicality and visual aesthetic judgments regarding the first impression of websites. However, it’s a herculean task finding a professional web design agency that not only creates great aesthetic appeal but also creates responsive websites and empathizes with the visitor to make their overall UX a great one. You have to rigorously search for agencies, look into their portfolios, and may still end up making a poor choice.

We are here to help you find the best website agency. Finding solid answers to the following 10 questions can help you in minimizing the risk and making the right choice!

1. Agency Track Record and Expertise

Look into the portfolio to find a slew of client testimonials, case studies, and SERP results. The previous work would throw a light into the industries it has provided the designs. See if the designs are varying as per the industry to find out how creative and versatile the agency is. Make a quick background check on the user pain points of the previous clients and see how the agency resolved them. This could give you a fair idea of how they would serve your purpose.

2. Reviews and Credibility

Happy customers are the best indicators of the agency’s work and the agency portfolio may provide the details of client testimonials and success stories but they could also be hyperbole with misleading and false information. You could verify their claims with the third-party sources like Awwwards, Behance, Clutch, Dribbble, GoodFirms. You can also look into their directories to find the top-verified design agencies and freelancers in the industry who could match your requirements.

3. Workflow and Deliverables

Understand the agency’s workflow to gain deeper insights into their business model and to set reasonable expectations and timelines.

A. Project Discovery

Find out their method and approach to understanding the problem, defining goals, and outlining a strategy to work on your pain point. See how well they research the needs of your target audience, understand their persona, do a competitor analysis, and come up with the user journey maps.
And finally how well they stick to the design best practices to make an engaging and competitive product.

B. Ideation Phase

Once the requirements gathering was over, they come up with the suggestions to solve your pain points, the sitemap, the user flow, and the whole structure of your project. They do the wireframing and come up with the mockups and see if they are as per your need.

C. Design Phase

A good web design agency understands that UI is not just about visual aesthetics. It needs a lot more than being creative, the UI designer needs to empathize with the user. Identify the potential problems, the latent frustration that the user may encounter, and come up with elements that makes the overall user experience a pleasant one.

D. Testing and Evaluation Phase

Before making the design go live, find out if the agency offers usability tests. Usability Testing will allow you to see which elements of your websites are performing well and which could be changed for better interaction. This could save several iterations for you by uncovering the broken and poorly designed parts on your website.

4. Setting a realistic timeline

Make sure you get the design calendar from the agency and monitor it all the while to see that the timelines are intact. Also, be prepared to face any unforeseen obstacles and hindrances that could affect your deadlines. Design done in haste could lead to more production issues and also be disastrous.

5.Pricing Policy

The pricing policy varies – could be project-based and hourly based.

A. Fixed Price – If you have a limited budget, you could stick to this plan as it is less risky. Any unanticipated additional costs that come up would be on the vendor himself. More ideal for short term projects and feature alteration projects with strict deadlines.

B. Per-hour basis – More flexible and ideal for projects where the scope of the work is unclear. Using time tracking tools, monitor the work to see there is no abuse. The product quality is high in this model.

No matter what model you use, get a contract by outlining all the details. However, sometimes, the devil lies in the details! There could be additional costs and hidden fees. So make sure you get the final cost for the project prior to signing the agreement. For small and medium enterprises, investing in a professional web design agency may seem daunting with the cost challenges. And if you are already having a working site, with the cost and time overruns, a redesign may seem unnecessary. But there are several agencies that offer professional, inspiring, and appealing designs without draining your entire marketing budget. Remember, getting a quality design is not an expense but an investment.

6. What technology is to be used?

There is a staggering number of platforms out there that could be used for your website by the agency and each has its own pros and cons. Find out the details and make sure the CMS used by the website design agency fits your marketing stack. Some of the popular CMS platforms are WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Shopify, Magento, and more.

7. UI/UX Web Design Strategy

UI/UX design strategy should entail brand-building features and go beyond just visual elements. Thorough research on the demographics and winning niche design areas would help the agency to understand the trends that appeal the most to the visitors.

Also, make sure if your agency is working on a responsive framework that works well across varied devices. Ever since Google introduced a mobile-friendly algorithm, responsive website designs have become a necessity in order to be visible in search engines.

8. Extensive Services

There are several agencies that are prepared to go the extra mile for you and provide comprehensive solutions that could enhance your brand exposure through top-notch Search Engine Optimization(SEO) and other marketing strategies.

The best web design agencies maximize your online presence and improve your SERP rankings by combining the best designs with a highly optimized website. This increases your website traffic and most importantly, convert visitors to customers.

However, if they are not providing these services, make sure you come up with an SEO strategy that could be aligned with the website design process.

9. Test Task

Nothing speaks louder than this. You can get to assess the quality of their work and decide if you want to go ahead with the website design agency. You could also get to see their enthusiasm and work integrity during this phase.

10. Future Web Maintenance

Your job doesn’t end once the website goes live. You need to constantly update your website to rank better in the search engines. Make sure your website design agency is willing to monitor your website periodically and make design changes if required. They need to make sure that the website doesn’t go obsolete or get abandoned by the users due to broken links.


The design of your website can either make or break your business and you can’t afford to fail that might cause your prospects to bounce off your website. So carefully chose a website design agency that works meticulously to transform your business. Conduct thorough research on them and take stock of their portfolio without rushing into hiring one.

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