Follow these tips to optimize WordPress website blogs for boosting performance!

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Blogging is quite in trend now; many people are writing their hearts out and publishing content online. The cherry on the cake is, WordPress made blogging effortless for everyone. As we know, initially WordPress was only a blogging platform. Thus, it still has that writer-friendly essence to allure novice and experienced writers.

Since writing is challenging work and you as a blogger, create content by putting your heart and soul into your creativity. Therefore, it should reach maximum readers for its optimal performance. Bloggers compose their content, but at times, they make minor mistakes, and their blogs don’t reach the audience they’d written for.

Are you also facing the same performance issue with your blog? Despite creating unique content, it is not reaching your audience. Get rid of this problem by optimizing your blog and achieving your hard work’s pinnacle.

Here are some tips to optimize your WP website blog for better performance:

Install the WordPress SEO plugins

WordPress has many SEO plugins to guide you in creating and optimizing the blog for search engines, such as Yoast, Elementor, etc. You can choose anyone to take help for conceiving an intuitive and simple blog for your readers. Like, the Yoast SEO plugin aids you in composing a well-optimized blog and the brownie point is, it’s a free version. You can install Yoast for free, and if more features are needed, then the premium version is also available. You can easily optimize and achieve high ranking through WordPress search engine optimization and these SEO plugins.

Do proper keyword research

Keyword research and using the keywords appropriately in your blog certainly increase the chances of your blog visibility to manifold times. People search for information using phrases or words that are the keywords that make your blog visible to those who are looking for relevant pieces of information. Long-tail keywords are remarkably effective when it comes to your blog ranking in search engines.

You can use any keyword planner to research the popular keywords and use them in your blog. But do not overstuff the keywords in the blog, it may look like forceful effort of using keywords. Google can send your work in spam as well.

Curate quality content

When you compose content, its quality ought to be your priority. The content should be original and well-researched. You must avoid regurgitation because it diminishes the quality of content. The content must be written conversationally.

Focus on content readability

When optimizing the blog, make sure it is readable. Blog content must have consistency. It makes your content easily comprehensive. For example, if you use bullets to describe a list, then use the same bullets every time in that blog.

You can add headings and sub-headings to make the blog clearer. Remove extra spaces between the words and write small paragraphs; most readers leave long paragraphs without reading it completely.

Pro Tip: You can include “Table of Content” at the start of the blog for longer and instructional blogs.

Link building

Try to build a link network using links of other blogs in your blog. SERPs give special attention to such blogs that have other pages’ links or the blogs that are linked together. For example, if some known bloggers mention your blog’s link in his/her blog. Then your blog will be visible to his/her followers. Chances are, they will click on the link and read your blog, which will ultimately increase your blog visibility. The link building should be genuine because fake effort can put you in the black-hat SEO category.

Optimize all media files and Page Speed

If your blog does not provide an efficient user experience, you will witness a higher bounce rate. There is a high likelihood of slow speed of the page or images taking too much time to get downloaded, etc. can be the reasons behind excessive bounce rate. In such situations, people don’t wait and leave your blog in a few seconds. To avoid this significant issue, you must optimize all the media files. They are the major causes behind your blog’s slow speed and deficient performance. Here are the top 10 tips to speed up and optimize your WordPress website.

Focus on mobile UX

These days, when maximum users are using mobile to read blogs, almost all the websites provide mobile-friendly pages. But what about the user experience? Not all the pages are optimized adequately for mobiles. Thus, resulting in poor user experience. Improving WordPress accessibility and mobile user experience will help you achieve a high-ranking in search engine.

Optimize blog title

Create a blog title for SEO, including the focus keyword. There is no character limit for the blog title, though a long title won’t appear entirely in search. Your blog title must be interesting, specific and relevant. Also, check both mobile and desktop results to ensure complete optimization.

Don’t miss meta tags

Write and add a meta tag to WordPress blog and add the focus keyword to it. Meta description enhances your chances of getting recognized by search engines by providing the relevance of your content.

Incorporate CTAs (Call to Action)

Add a CTA (call to action) towards the end of your blog. When you curate a fantastic blog, you intend to get a loyal reader base. A CTA asks your users to take action after reading the blog. For example, Subscribe to Our Blogs, Comment below to share your views on this blog post, Learn More, Follow Us, etc. improves the performance of your blog eventually.

Categorize your blogs

Help your users find the blogs by assigning each blog a suitable category. Create a few category groups and post blogs under them so that your users can find the relevant information, instead of wasting time.

Optimize your blog for social sharing

Enable social media icons towards the end of your blog, thus, your followers and users can share your interesting blogs on their social media accounts. It will increase your content’s visibility and traffic on your blog.

You can share your posts automatically as well on social media by using the ‘social sharing’ option in the Yoast plugin. You only need to hit the social sharing button and your post will be visible on your social media accounts. Ensure that you add an appropriate image to the blog to give a clear picture of the content.


The performance of your WordPress blog is crucial. Your blog’s overall performance affects its search engine rankings, user experience, conversion, and overall business. If you don’t want to compromise on any of these factors, optimizing the WordPress blog is the only option.

Optimize the blog for mobile users as well to get more traffic on your WordPress website blog, don’t overlook this important facet. Google can penalize you for not optimizing your blogs for mobile users. You should try the above tips once to eliminate the problems causing lousy performance. The aftermath of blog optimization will really surprise you.

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How to Improve WordPress Accessibility? 10 Proven Tips to Follow

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Modern and search engine optimized web design includes the best possible accessibility of a website. According to the “Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0” of the “W3C” (World Wide Web Consortium), the hard of hearing, the blind, or people with other physical limitations should find websites that meet certain requirements and make them easier to use.

These specifications/parameters for accessible web design are:

  • Comprehensibility
  • robustness
  • Perceptibility
  • Usability

Regardless of the hardware and software, accessibility in the context of web offers ensures that people can use the site regardless of their physical limitations. When it comes to the barrier-free design of online presences, the terms “accessibility” is used alternatively for “barrier-free”.

WordPress websites can be designed just as barrier-free as all other websites. This requires either manual optimization or the use of specialized plugins or themes.

Many themes for WordPress are already relatively accessible out of the box. It is also worth making the WP website responsive because mobile optimization simplifies enlargement for visually impaired users. When setting up the WordPress website, you should specifically filter for accessible themes.

Tip: If you use themes from third-party providers, you should make sure that they value accessibility.

Tests and tools to check the accessibility of a WordPress website

Tools like WAVE can be used to check whether the theme is already accessible. Unfortunately, the market currently does not offer a plugin for WordPress that would make the website completely and automatically accessible. However, plugins can help website operators ensure accessibility.

And everyone can use the following WordPress Accessibility Development tips to make the site much more accessible. WordPress itself already offers interesting assistance and possibilities to make a WordPress site easier to read for special programs. This means that special programs and hardware can offer optimal help to people with limited mobility. It is an interplay of different components that makes a WordPress website barrier-free.

With Lighthouse, Google offers website operators a tool that helps identify problems with accessibility. Incidentally, the performance is also checked, and a distinction can be made between mobile and desktop in the tests.

10 Tips to Improve WordPress Accessibility

1. Describe images and make them legible

Images on a WordPress site need a description. This enables the visually impaired to imagine what is shown. WordPress offers a good way of describing individual images in detail. The WordPress media library has options for describing images, which are recorded by screen readers. Once you have selected the image, you have the option of specifying a title or alternative text that is read out to users to improve WordPress accessibility.

The title is displayed when the user moves the mouse cursor over the image. This option is more aimed at visually impaired users. Blind people have the option to have the text read aloud. The title and alternative text can then be identical because the auxiliary software for the blind reads only one of the two at a time. Plugins like “Access Monitor” work when both texts are the same.

Blind people need basic information because they cannot see pictures. It is therefore important to describe what is visible in the picture. A more general picture description of the picture structure is helpful. Captions also support understanding. In addition, captions make it easier for every user to understand and should therefore ideally be visible to everyone.

There is also an input field for the labelling. This is used to add a description to an image, which is recorded by screen readers. This enables blind or visually impaired people to grasp the content of an image more quickly.

2. Describe links

User groups who use screen readers need links that describe where the online journey will go after the click. Website visitors without visual impairment are also happy about a clear designation. It’s just more convenient to know where the link is going before you click. Surprises are rather unpopular on the internet and can lead to users not clicking on the link. i.e., the link text should be descriptive.

Bad link texts: Link, More, Next, here …

Good link texts: Learn how to write a good content, Read more about our services …

3. Structuring the content with Heading tags

For screen readers, web crawlers or other technical assistants, it is easier when the content is well structured. Page titles, subheadings, and subtitles should be identified by tags such as H1, H2, or H3. A well-structured and clean HTML code of the WordPress theme is crucial here. No programming knowledge is required for these options and no special plug-ins are required. WordPress already masters this from the start. The codes are known and can be accessed online in a variety of ways. Tags such as “bold”, “italic” or “underline” no longer require any programming knowledge. Gutenberg and the TinyMCE Editor can set this text formatting without any problems.

4. Increase color contrasts

An example of suboptimal color combinations is the gray font on a white background. Strong contrasts between text and background ensure optimal readability. WordPress offers a sufficient selection here. You just must know that strong contrasts are more user-friendly than light color gradients that merge into one another in pastel colors.

5. Larger fonts

As a rule, people with no visual impairment have hardly any problems reading texts in smaller font sizes. Those who are a little farsighted can reach their limits. It pays to use the ideal font size of 16 points. This is set as the basic setting in most browsers. Here it is advisable to check and, if necessary, make an adjustment. It may also make sense to implement the option of enlarging the font. There are special plugins for this purpose that incorporate font resizing.

6. Capitalization through CSS formatting

If you like to work with capitalized words in a menu or in headings, you want screen readers to recognize this. To make this possible, the CSS command “text-transform: uppercase” should be used.

Note: If a WORD is written directly in capital letters, the screen reader reads out the individual letters and spells them properly. This can lead to confusion for the listener, which is why it is better not to do so unless spelling is expressly desired.

7. Set focus points

Due to various restrictions (e.g., spasticity), some people cannot use a mouse and are only dependent on web applications using the keyboard. Selected input fields can be visually highlighted so that everyone can find out where they are on the website even without a keyboard. This function is already present in many browsers. Visual anchors can be used to enable keyboard control.

8. Labels for forms

Users need to know what data should be entered in a contact form. Input fields should therefore be described. It should be noted that the description must be placed outside the field. Simply setting the “placeholder” attribute is not sufficient. The wizard can only read the field if it is written outside.

9. Mandatory fields and description of the button

It makes sense to clearly mark mandatory fields. The description of the button at the end of a contact form is important but is often neglected. The action should clearly state what the pushing of the button triggers. Therefore, a description with “order” or “send” should also be made in this area. This gives users who cannot see what is clicked certain security.

10. Formulation of the error messages

Color-blind users cannot recognize when labelling is done exclusively by color. If a compulsory subject is not filled out in an online form, there should be more than one colored border around the field. Error messages should also be formulated.

With the WordPress text editor “TinyMCE” and the Gutenberg editor, not all texts can be made barrier-free, but both editors form a basis on which one can build. The TinyMCE Advanced plug-in is good to help. In addition to quotations, lists, and abbreviations, lists or subheadings can be placed.

Users who have little knowledge of HTML do not need an additional editor. If the text editor is switched to HTML, the few distinctions can be learned quickly, and the website can be adapted.

Is your WordPress website accessible for everyone? If no, let us help you. We follow Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) standards and provide Website accessibility design and development services that are accessible to everyone. Please explore our Web Design Services. We also provide WordPress web development, WooCommerce store development, WordPress maintenance services, and much more for any size of business.

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How to find the right WordPress Maintenance Agency and what to ask them?

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WordPress Maintenance agency

The digital world has become very dynamic. To keep up with the new trends, it is important to keep maintaining your website. The biggest mistake most businesses make these days is to stop maintaining their website. No website can rank on the search engine unless and until it is up to date with Google terms.

As website has become a necessity, most businesses have their website. But it needs to be maintained properly in order to run it smoothly and efficiently. So, you may require a WordPress maintenance agency. Hiring a WordPress maintenance agency will solve all your problems related to updating the website. It is not easy to keep posting blogs on your website, uploading products, upgrading tools, and extensions, adding images, etc. all alone.

It becomes hard sometimes to keep everything updated on your website. That is when a maintenance agency comes to the rescue. Here are some tips to choose the best maintenance agency for your WordPress website.

How to choose the best WordPress maintenance agency for your WordPress website

Understand the WordPress maintenance packages

Most WordPress web maintenance companies these days have a particular package for their customers. Understand what the agency is offering to you. Don’t hire an agency that is not giving you any clarity about WordPress Maintenance packages.

Check whether all the services you require are mentioned in the package or not. First, consider the size of your business. Then, check whether the services they are offering will be right for the size of your business. For a small business, there is not much work required. If the business is on a large scale, it requires more attention and maintenance.

Know the WordPress services you want

Before hiring a WordPress maintenance agency, it is important to know what services you want. First, you need to consider how many hours of maintenance your business website requires per week? That is why the size of your business is very important before hiring an agency.

Check whether the agency offers WordPress search engine optimization services or not? Other major things like hosting, content management, linking, etc. are required or not. You need to think about whether you can handle all these functions or not. Be clear and precise about what you want to get the right package. Add everything you will require for the long-term also.

Know what you will be offered

Once you are done estimating the budget and the type of services you require, you need to figure out what the agency offers. Check their package and their services. Check whether the services you want is included in your list or not. There are several services that include:

  • Error 404 issues
  • Broken links maintenance
  • Upgrading website and plugins
  • Blog posting
  • Website loading speed test
  • Mobile-friendly optimization
  • Website design maintenance
  • Security checks
  • Hosting and domain renewal etc.

How old the agency is?

An agency that is having years of experience in the field is more efficient in understanding the dynamic nature of the industry other than the new ones. Check how long the agency has been in business. Go to the website of that WordPress maintenance agency and check the testimonials of the previous customers.

Check the reviews about the website and the testimonials of the customers. Check whether the maintenance agency you are hiring is efficient for providing the services or not. Having years of experience in the field will make sure that the agency will not fool you and can provide positive results.

How much Experience do the WordPress experts have?

When hiring a maintenance agency for your WordPress website, it is important to check the experience of the staff. You need to check whether the professionals working in the agency have the required certifications or not.

Make sure that the professionals working in the industry are having professional certifications and degrees. Professional certification will make sure that your WordPress website is in the right hands. It will make sure that the professionals will work as per the ethics of the Google and digital platform. It will also make sure that they will not use any illegal ways to promote and maintain your website.

Research about the WordPress maintenance agency’s background

It is best to do some research before you hire a WordPress Maintenance Agency. Check about the previous projects of the agency. Research about their experience and reviews to have some information about them. Check what kind of companies they have worked for previously. How these companies are performing on the search engine.

Check for the website they have worked on before. Do you see professionalism in their work? Check whether their language and grammar are correct or not. Grammar and language have a huge impact on the audience. Make sure the agency is providing good content with the right grammar.

Communication skills of the professionals of the WordPress maintenance agency

One cannot take services from a company that is not able to communicate better. To work together, you must be on the same page. If you are giving your website to a company, that means they should have the skills to understand your concerns and provide a solution for that. If the company does not have professionals having great communication skills, then it will be tough for both of you to work together. They should be concerned about the client satisfaction. That is why it is best to check whether they are providing good communication or not for a smooth flow of work.

Having a WordPress website needs great care. You cannot leave your website just like that after it is developed and launched. You need to keep updating the WordPress website to keep it ranking. However, for that, you need a WordPress web maintenance agency that is efficient in ranking your website by maintaining it to the latest. A list of tips has been mentioned above will help you find the most appropriate maintenance agency for your WordPress website. Consider all these tips to make sure you are giving your website in the right hands.

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Top 8 Reasons to Invest in Custom WordPress Development!

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Custom WordPress Development

With everything transforming to being digital, it becomes necessary to take your business online as well and mark its presence and social credibility among all the other businesses. However, the requirement of keeping your work on par with the constant evolution of businesses and technology around can be an unfavorable experience.

Building a website for any type of business can cost you a bomb for creating sites from scratch. Hence, to save up from all the investment and time, you should consider custom WordPress development. Whether developing top-notch companies like New York Times Blogs and CNN or making a presence for your small business, WordPress is the platform for all.

WordPress for Enterprise CMS (Content Management System)

Whether it’s some flashy sales or contact details, anything appearing on the screen can be designed and organized by WordPress. You will come across a lot of options varying in cost, aesthetics, functions, etc. It’s on you and your business requirements to design your content display to be more accessible, organized, and aesthetically pleasing. The content management system is always an appealing choice for web development. Given below reasoning will justify its work and importance.

Top Reasons for Choosing Custom WordPress Development:

1. Designing your Online Storefront

You will come across a lot of themes and mood boards, both paid and unpaid themes. WordPress also gives the feature of adding images and videos along with a drag-and-drop system to make your site appear more attractive and engaging. Whether styling a component or resizing any column, you can always make any changes through image editing tools, if required. The best part of custom WordPress development is that you can always shift to new themes and templates, giving new meaning and a fresh environment to your work.

2. Unique Factors

Customers grow weary of similar-looking structures and layouts, or any overused themes present in business websites, irrespective of the sector. To win over many businesses, custom WordPress development service is at your rescue. By building a website from scratch you can also avoid all the redundant features, focusing only on the required assets. Through this, you can always create and build new functionalities, something more out of the box and innovative.

3. Learning and Managing

WordPress crumbles the ideology of complexity with its in-built tool which makes it very accessible for newbies to work their way around. Perhaps you can be the one-man army to handle and manage your website. When faced with any difficulty you will always find yourself surrounded by a community consisting of developers, project managers, designers, etc. Along with all these, you can refer to tutorials as well for better insights and clarity. WordPress has made updating and managing skills to be a cakewalk for all.

4. Blogging and Social Media

WordPress makes it a child’s play to build professional blogs for your business with its accessible and beginner-friendly tools which are present by default. Such blogs add onto more credibility, clarity, and trust factors to your business. You also get further leverage of social media integration which helps you to expand your customer base and all over traffic. You don’t need to individually log in to various accounts of social media as WordPress has made your work easier by harnessing those channels.

5. WordPress SEO-friendly

To provide your customers with the best online presence you need to rank higher in the search engines for every page. WordPress provides some high standard yet easier code with semantic markup along with better domain optimization to achieve full control over SEO component’s customization. When it comes to SEO, WordPress is an excellent option. The Yoast SEO plugin is the star performer in terms of popularity. Yoast SEO helps you when you create or optimize content with a focus on keywords, also Yoast can assist you with content that is readable for both users as well as search engines. Check out WordPress Search Engine Optimization Tips to boost your website’s ranking.

6. WordPress Security

It’s unimaginable to even think of losing your data and confidential matter to any hackers or viruses, pushing your business from the cliff to fall. It becomes a need to build and opt for a hack-free website. WordPress Development with some advanced tools and technology must be considered to safeguard your websites from all such vulnerabilities. Especially for all those with ecommerce sites because losing customer’s sensitive information to some hackers is the last thing you would want.

7. WordPress Plugins

You also get an option to extend the functionality of your website through various plugins. The best part is that various of them are available free of cost, giving you varieties of options to install desired features and customize according to your needs.

8. Affordability for all

Not all businesses can afford the expenses for websites which drains more on your investment than your actual sales. The best part is that despite being so affordable, nothing is compromised on its services and features. It gives more options and power than any other publishing platform ever did. Perhaps building and updating the website never appeared this cost-effective.

Stand Out Factors

There are some more features as well that relay helps creators on a larger level than any other traditional publishing platforms.

  • Mobile friendly: WordPress makes it convenient for customers to surf around the website through their smartphones as well. All thanks to WordPress, now you don’t have to build mobile-based versions of your websites.
  • Scalability: Without affecting the efficiency or all-over performance of your website, you can add a lot of pages and blog posts to it.
  • Statistical Data: You will be provided with in-depth reports and details on the traffic and reach outs with various graphs and pageviews.
  • Multilingual: You also get themes with features that aid translation to different languages, making it accessible to all people.
  • Spam: It helps to avoid all the unwanted messages and emails, so you don’t have to deal with unnecessary spam content.

In Conclusion
WordPress is a universal platform, accessible and used all over the world. It has a brand value that other platforms are still working on achieving. In conclusion, we all can agree that Your business value is directly linked with sales, leads, credibility, etc. which wouldn’t be possible without having an official website for your business. Along with adding some professionalism to work, WordPress will surely save you some time from the extensive code work and constant maintenance. WordPress Development is the umbrella for both experts and beginners alike.

If you don’t have a WordPress website yet and or if you have any questions regarding it, we are here to help you out! If you are looking for a custom WordPress development, WordPress web development, WooCommerce store development and other related web development services, please explore our custom WordPress development services! We also provide WordPress website maintenance services and WordPress application security audit. For more information, please visit our WordPress maintenance services!

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