Top 6 Reasons Why WordPress Development is worth for your Business Website!

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Wordpress Development

WordPress is the most widely used system for websites worldwide with a market share of over 33.0%. Why it is like that? Here are top 6 reasons why a WordPress website is worth gold:

1. WordPress website is uncomplicated, simple and flexible

Whether blog, company website, portfolio or online shop. Anything is possible with WordPress! It’s really easy to use, the user interface is easy to understand, intuitive and self-explanatory. So, you can quickly edit and maintain your website yourself, create / change text contributions or upload new photos and videos.

2. No knowledge of code required

For HTML, PHP, JavaScript, etc. you need know-how and experience. With WordPress this is not necessary, because it works according to the WYSIWYG principle, i.e. real-time principle: What you see is what you get – what you see is what you get. You can see changes you have made immediately and, if necessary, you can undo them.

3. Multiple users

With WordPress you can create several user profiles with different permissions. Different users can, for example, create posts, but otherwise change nothing. So, you can always see who did what, when, how. You decide for yourself who is allowed to make which settings on your system.

4. WordPress website require low maintenance

WordPress usually doesn’t have a lot of maintenance effort. Once the system has been set up, pending (security) updates or backups should only be made from time to time. We offer special maintenance contracts for this.

5. WordPress is responsive web design

Since most users now surf via smartphone or tablet, optimization for mobile devices is very important! And: If you want to achieve top rankings on Google these days, a responsive website is an absolute must! With WordPress this is no problem and easy to implement!

6. Accessible from anywhere

No matter where you are in the world. To make changes to your website, all you need is a browser and internet access. This also makes it really easy to keep your website up to date and up to date!

Therefore, use your website effectively: change, adapt, optimize, expand and start all over again. Generate exciting content, present products in the best light, create inspiration and thereby inspire customers who buy and who like to come back. Progress means in every business field, permanent development and optimization and this also applies to your website. The easier it is to use your site, the faster it will be adapted.

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Capture the Attention of Your Visitors with WordPress Website Plugin Integration!

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Wordpress Website Integration

In order to bring products in today’s online world, you need some effective WordPress plugins, which we, as online specialists, warmly recommend. We are not only concerned with design and layout, we also present sales-promoting features and plugins, in which you can promote and sell services and products on your website.

Highly Recommend WordPress Plugins:

WooCommerce helps you to sell products

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that allows you to install an “ecommerce store” on your site. You expand your existing WordPress site with a comprehensive store portal and can thus sell your products over the Internet. The best thing about WooCommerce: it’s free for WordPress users. We can also provide you with the best support for installation and administration as WordPress experts.

Newsletter plugin manages everything from user subscriptions to email automations

Keep your customers and users up to date on your latest products and services and provide them with important updates about your business. How it works? Very simple: newsletter! Here, too, WordPress has a variety of plugins in stock that enable easy newsletter registration on your business page. Customers register and you can constantly provide them with valuable information and promotions by email. Combine the registration for the newsletter with a special discount or a coupon – so you make it even tastier for customers to always stay up-to-date. When designing the newsletter plugin, there are no visual limits. Exciting-flashy, stylish-subtle or unexcited-factual:

Blog plug-in

In addition to the newsletter plug-in, you can also use the “blog plug-in” to inform your customers about the latest news in your company. The integration of a blog plugin is perfect when it comes to presenting existing or new products and services. Here is space for detailed presentation, technical background or valuable tips for your customers. If you regularly update your business blog with customer-relevant information, this will also have a positive impact on the searchability of search queries. We will be happy to explain to you in a detailed briefing how you can get the blog function to work on your site. Don’t worry, it’s easier than you think.

Flash, Bling, Pow

Provide a visual kick on your WordPress website and incorporate bright accents on your homepage. Do you have special offers, new services or interesting products and want to explicitly point them out? No problem! WordPress offers countless exciting features and plugins that are very easy to embed. From gaudy banners to appealing sliders to flashing offer boxes, there are no limits to creativity here. As WordPress professionals, we know exactly what is important and can set up the promotion plugins for you in no time.

3D Tour with Click Points

An absolute top plugin is the 3D tour with clicks points. You can give customers a virtual tour of your production facility, your office or your local shop. Present your business from the chocolate side – once installed, customers can visit your company comfortably from the sofa and navigate through your premises by clicking on “Click Points”. Transparency is an absolutely important marketing tool these days. Customers trust brands and companies more when they present themselves openly.

With the 360 ° tour you create an interactive marketing added value that sets you apart from the competition. We can give you the best help with installation and setup. We are also happy to take over the complete embedding and repair on your WordPress site.

WP Live Chat Support

With this chat system you offer perfect customer service all round. Because short, quick questions can be asked and answered directly via the chat, so that the customer can get the answer as quickly as possible. In addition, the chat times can be freely defined. So, if the customer makes an inquiry outside of chat times, the user will receive a message and can leave a message. No request is lost. This makes WP Live Chat Support an easy and quick way to offer customer service and advice and to get in touch with customers.

eForm – WP Form Builder

Surveys, product configurations, opinions, step-by-step instructions and much more can be easily set using the eForm Builder. In short: modern, clean and easy to use. Both for your customers and for you as the site operator. In addition, the design can be individually adapted to your wishes. Here is an example of an ultrasonic device configurator that was implemented with eForm.

Yoast SEO

The module for professional search engine optimization of your website. The module shows the need for optimization of each page and each contribution in an easy and understandable way. If you want to be found in Google, you can use this plugin. The most important metadata, in the correct abundance and quantity, the focus keyword and numerous other optimization suggestions help to make it easier for search engines to find your page. SEO is of course much more extensive than this plugin provides. However, it is an indispensable part. Check out the guide on WordPress Search engine optimization tips to boost your website’s ranking.

OptinMonster – Lead Generation Software

Currently the best “lead software” when it comes to converting users into real customers or attracting more newsletter subscribers. There are various ways of addressing you (for example, if the user wants to leave the page or if a user stays on the page for longer than 1 minute). Prime discipline on the web: to win users as customers and to inspire them for their own products and services. Optin Monster helps here in a creative way.

WP Fastest Cache – speed up website

The faster the loading time of the website, the sooner users like to surf on your site. Not only with regard to users, but above all with regard to Google & Co., loading time and speed are essential. Because when using WP Fastest Cache, data is cached and output faster. In other words, the website loads many times faster.

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6 Reasons You Need WordPress Website Maintenance in 2020

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Wordpress Website Maintenance

In the early times, websites were viewed more as online brochures and the standard approach was to build the websites and then nearly forget about their existence. Little surprise then that the concept of website maintenance didn’t exist as you hardly ever thought about website security or loading speed and the like.

With websites becoming more and more complex and intending to serve a host of marketing functions beyond just being online brochures, maintaining them is a very important task.

Here are the top reasons why you need WordPress Maintenance Services:

Site Back Up

There is no doubt that you need to keep effective backups of your website. After all, you cannot afford to lose important data if something goes wrong. On the other hand, if you have backed up your website, all you need to do is to restore it in case there is an exigency. In fact, it is important to have an off-site back up stored either in Dropbox or Google Drive, so that if the hosting platform’s server has an issue, you do not lose your website backup. With a WordPress Maintenance Plan, you can rest assured that off-site backups will be taken regularly and that there can be no eventuality of you losing the backup data.

Updation of WordPress Core, theme and plugins

WordPress code is continuously being updated. New features are being added and bugs are being fixed. It is therefore mandatory that all the WordPress themes and plugins are, therefore, periodically updated. In fact, whenever there is any update available on the theme, core or plugin, it is prudent that the update is made. In case there are multiple updates, it is recommended that they are made in the following order:

  1. Plugins
  2. Theme
  3. Core

Needless to mention, however, that a security update needs to be made as soon as it is available, as it protects your site from potential hackers.

It is prudent, however, to take a backup of the site before any updates are made. In this way, in case any plugins conflict with each other or there are any bugs, you have a backed-up version of the website available. Now, these are tasks that are covered under WordPress website maintenance packages. When you hand over your WordPress Website Maintenance work to professionals, you do not have to worry about your website remaining updated or about anything going wrong with the updates.

Database Optimization

WordPress stores all the content of your website in a database. This includes even the blog posts and any other content that you put up on the site over a period of time, the database can have a host of stuff you do not need such as post revisions, unapproved comments, unused categories and more. Eventually, all of this leads to slowing down of the website, which can cost your business dearly as it affects user experience and thereby increases bounce rates. It is imperative, therefore, to ensure that you subscribe to WordPress Maintenance Services that ensure database optimization and keep your website in perfect order.


Another aspect that WordPress Maintenance Services offer is the moderation of comments. You clearly do not want a situation where you haven’t approved comments in the longest time as that will certainly impact engagement. You would also want to ensure that the deleted comments are emptied and that spam is kept at bay.

It Optimizes the Visitor Experience

Most importantly effective WordPress Website Maintenance Packages ensure the user experience is optimized. With updated content, frequent moderation, high loading speed, what you are effectively ensuring is that your audience is kept engaged and keeps coming back to the site as well as ensures positive word-of-mouth publicity for the business.

Search Engine Optimization

Discoverability is an essential aspect of any website. WordPress Website Maintenance will ensure that your site is fast, error-free, well updated, thereby helping search engines to rank your site.

With smaller sites, there is also the danger of SEO spam, whereby the content of your website could have a host of spam pages and links added to be able to use them for spam link building. WordPress Website Maintenance Packages can help address these issues and keep your website safe.

It is clear, therefore, that with increased competition, audience fragmentation and intense competition, effective website maintenance is the need of the hour. What you need to ensure, however, is to partner with a professional WordPress Website Maintenance company that has the requisite experience and domain expertise to bring these valuable advantages to the table. It will be worthwhile to see the body of work that the company has done as well as the client testimonials that can stand as evidence to the professional work done as well as the benefits reaped by the clients.

Skynet Technologies is a Leading WordPress Website Maintenance Company offering small blog update to critical securing package WordPress Maintenance Service. We have a skilled and dedicated developers having years of expertise in delivering simple to complex WordPress Website Maintenance task across all the industry domains.

Our WordPress Website Maintenance Services are available in Nevada, California, Ohio, New York, Michigan, Colorado, Florida, New Jersey, Australia, and Worldwide. We help start-ups, small to medium businesses, enterprises, corporations, web development agencies and firms to grow their business and keep website up-to-date with latest technology trends.

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Top 5 WordPress Website Security Tips to Keep Your Business Investment Safe

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Wordpress Website Security Tips

Many of the Hackers and cybercriminals target WordPress website Installations especially. This article will cover the 5 most effective WordPress security tips to keep your website running smoothly and business investment safe.

1. Enable two-factor login authentication

It is advisable to limit the access of your administrator account to only responsible professionals who are handling the customization and other site-wide changes of your WordPress website. The more administrator account access will have more chances of your website can be hacked.

As a Specialized WordPress development company in India, we recommend enabling the two-factor login authentication for all standard and administrator accounts. This would really help you to prevent hacker or attackers to steal your website data or confidential information or lunch attacks on your site.

2. Enable an SSL certificate

You might have noticed a small padlock icon next to the URL in the address bar. That means the website you are currently browsing is protected with a valid secure socket layer (SSL) certificate. It helps to protect your WordPress site from hackers, intruders and cyberattacks. All the data transfer between the local system and router is fully encrypted and hacker or malware cannot decode it.

If you have a WordPress website which supports credit card transactions or any personal information transfer, SSL certificate is the must for your website. As a trusted hosting provider, we can install an SSL certificate for your WordPress website at an affordable cost and in no time.

3. Use a latest security Plugins

One of the most important reasons for getting WordPress website hacked is an outdated plugin and version. WordPress provides many security plugins that function as a firewall, monitor the incoming traffic to your site and block the critical or suspicious threats. WordPress also provides a plugin to scan your website to find potential malware or vulnerability.

At Skynet Technologies, we have an in-house and dedicated team of a WordPress developer to install the latest security plugins and extension to your WordPress site and monitor it on a regular time span.

4. Keep regular website backups

Regular WordPress website backups are essential for any size and type of online businesses to reduce confidential data and information loss. Your website can be hacked, damaged, infected with ransomware and shutdown at any time without any prior notice. A regular and systematic data backup would help you to quickly restore to a recent point in no time and get things running smoothly again without any hassle.

There are 3 most common type to take WordPress website backup,

  • Backing Up a WordPress Website with a Plugin
  • Backing Up Your Website Through Your Host
  • Backup Your Website Manually to Cloud Storage

It is recommended to hire a professional and experienced WordPress developer to keep a regular backup of your WordPress website. Our dedicated WordPress developers are committed to keep your website data backups on a regular time span and ensure to store it at more than one place, (one at the local system and another in the cloud). It would add an extra security layer to your website in case of natural damage or system crash. You can always use the data saved on the cloud.

5. Enable Secure Web Hosting

In the changing era of technology, everything has moved to cloud computing where a virtualized server is maintained in large data centers so that individual customer can rent computing power. It is efficient and cost-effective to use a cloud-based hosting provider for next-generation website development or migration.

WordPress security requires regular and active maintenance and monitoring in order to keep it running smoothly. It is advisable to hire a dedicated WordPress website service provider to protect and secure your codebase and keep your business investment safe.

We provide onshore, offshore and white label WordPress development services to start-ups, small to large businesses, enterprise, corporations and governments from USA, Australia, and Worldwide.

If you are looking for a WordPress Web Development, WooCommerce Store Development and Other Related Web Development Services, Please Explore our WordPress Web Development Services! We also provide WordPress Website Maintenance Services and WordPress Application Security Audit. For More Information, Please Visit Our WordPress Maintenance Services!

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