Benefits of Digitization in B2B and B2C Ecommerce Marketing!

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Increase your reach in a B2B and B2C growing market!

According to study, brick-and-mortar retail will be able to increase its sales compared to the previous year. New customers can hardly be reached. Elaborate advertising measures fizzle out due to the low reach.

To compensate for this, more and more companies are pushing multichannel strategies and entering new markets with growth potential. There is no end in sight to the strong growth in the next few years. In addition, there is the procurement of information for customers who use the Internet to find out about the product and lower prices. New devices such as wearables are likely to increase this demand.

The future of ecommerce is digital

A dedicated ecommerce platform provides the basis for a secure future today. It is part of ecommerce branding strategies and the starting point for digital brand communication. The customer can establish a personal bond and experience the brand and its products in a personalized way, regardless of pre-structured marketplaces.

New technologies that are already emerging today will also be digitally present. Voice control has already fully arrived in our everyday lives. Soon, the digital sale of products will also be more and more voice-controlled – using a wide variety of devices. Only those who are digitally positioned today can conquer the new markets of tomorrow.

Step by step to the digital brand experience

In order to make one’s own offline store or brand digitally tangible, all information that is already available in the store today is compiled and electronically recorded. Of course, advice also plays a major role here, because it must also be digitized via the Internet.

If the core data is available, more information is gradually recorded and the digital product experience often exceeds the physical experience in the store. Comprehensive data sheets, sample images from different perspectives, 3D virtualizations or product videos are provided and a comprehensive shopping experience is offered.

More precise advice than in the ecommerce store will come with time. Purchase history and visitor behaviour can be used to display personalized product recommendations to the customer. This can also play a big role in sorting the products so that the most relevant products can always be found directly. A/B tests are a tried and tested means of testing banners and ads depending on the target group and increasing the conversion rate.

We make digitization easy in B2B and B2C marketing

We advise customers from the start so that retail can be digitized quickly and in a structured manner. Through targeted questions, we create a rough overview and work out in parallel with the customer which topics have not yet been considered. Our experience in proposed solutions and approaches help customers to make decisions quickly and accurately and to work out a concept with us for a digital experience as a figurehead.

Future-oriented solutions are important to us. Therefore, when it comes to digitization, we make sure that we use the latest technologies and deploy them as flexibly as possible. This means that individual components communicate with each other via an API interface and can therefore be exchanged at any time.

Comprehensive automatic tests ensure that all critical functions are checked and still work even after an exchange or adjustments. So that manual errors do not lead to problems, all deployment steps are automated in a pipeline. Connections to other systems, such as merchandise management or accounting, ensure a smooth process for orders, inventory and customer communication.

Field service and sales cost money for your B2B business

The B2B business depends on personal contact with the customer through sales and field service. Regardless of whether on site or by phone: Closings are usually preceded by intensive preliminary discussions to clarify needs. The subsequent ordering process is complex. Often several offers have to be written and information has to be submitted later – that means high administrative effort with a lot of paperwork.

B2B and B2C Business today is done digitally

It is more effective to digitally map the ordering process. The already existing ecommerce store can only be used to a limited extent. In B2B Ecommerce trade, other criteria often lead to purchase decisions that increase sales than in the end customer business (B2C). The information provided must also be adapted and tailored. But once that is achieved, orders work at the push of a button. Price development, order history – all information is permanently available to the customer. The prices and conditions are stored accordingly for the customer.

Customer loyalty through relevance and simplicity

If the B2B customer can order faster and easier than with the competition, the customer will end up with you sooner or later. The first step is to display the product range. Automatic sorting according to relevance is more productive for the customer. If customer quickly finds the products looking for, then the customer makes purchasing decisions immediately. And if the order is still easy, no longer any reason to buy products elsewhere. The customer doesn’t save on price, but on time.

Impulse purchases are also increasing. The shopping carts get bigger and the average order value increases sustainably. That is why more and more companies are not only digitizing their end customer business (B2C), but also trading with other companies (B2B).

Optimize product data for your ecommerce store

The first step is the product data. These should be stored centrally in a system for managing product information (PIM) and supplemented with as much relevant trade information as possible. Not only are the descriptions adapted to B2B, but packaging units are also maintained.

Digitize manual processes

At the same time, the sales processes in the company are analysed and a concept for digitizing manual processes is developed. Different sales channels can also be digitized differently. The customer focus is important. Because only well-thought-out sales processes lead to usage and thus to an increase in sales. External advice is usually essential here, as otherwise projects will be approached incorrectly in advance. A later correction is expensive and time-consuming.

Integrate price lists and conditions

Price lists and conditions are also very important in commercial trade (B2B). They should be integrated as transparently as possible in the digital sales process. A direct connection to the inventory management system is usually necessary here, as this includes and can provide all customer prices that have been awarded over the years.

A direct communication platform in ecommerce store

Once all customer data, products, orders, processes and information are digitized, the digital platform can serve as a communication centre for business customers and end customers. Sales and field staff can use this to write offers, obtain information and place orders for customers. Directly on site without any subsequent paperwork. Artificial intelligence and machine learning can also be made available to employees for sales promotion and improved service.

External advice is critical to success

As with any larger project, individual planning is essential for success. Operational blindness is the biggest hurdle and can only be prevented with external advice. We will therefore sit down with you to map the current business processes and use our experience to help you quickly and efficiently plan the next steps towards digitization. We check where digitized processes can bring the fastest and long-term cost-benefit success.

First the basis, then the freestyle

The implementation of digital business processes is easy if a well-thought-out concept forms the basis. We proceed according to the Minimal Viable Product (MVP) concept. Only those features are implemented that are really relevant and necessary. The basic features are mapped in permanently short iterations. This allows flexible control by the customer and still leads to quick results. An adjustment to changing circumstances can be made at short notice at any time.

Measure success of your ecommerce store

The iterations are regularly checked and analysed to control the basic strategy. If an adjustment of the strategy is necessary, e.g. due to changes in the market, it is possible to react quickly. If new requirements are visible, these can be planned and also taken into account in the iterations.

Security through a strong partner

So that you can concentrate on your business, you need a partner you can trust. Who not only advises, but also supports with experience and innovative ideas. Who not only sets the goal at the beginning, but drives your project forward with energy and passion. With maximum ambition, Skynet Technologies team lays the foundation for a secure future of your company.

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