Keep Your Website Out of Trouble! Top 10 Tips for Legally Compliant Website!

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Compliant Website Development

Do you have a website, but are you unsure whether it is actually legally tip top clean and in order? With regard to data protection, imprint and image rights, you as the website operator are lurking a number of warning pitfalls that can cost you dearly.

So that this doesn’t happen to you at all, we show you 10 tips and to-do’s for your company website:

1. Secure your site with HTTPS

Basically, all websites on which personal data is collected must be SSL-encrypted – in any case wherever contact forms or newsletter subscriptions are concerned. You can tell whether a page is encrypted by the URL “https” and by the green lock in front of the URL. Check out Importance of SSL Certificates for Website Legal Requirements.

2. Update your privacy policy & imprint

With regard to the data protection declaration, new information requirements. Name of the operator of the website, contact details, if necessary, data protection officer, purpose of data processing, legal basis, storage period, cookies, server log files, objection clause, right to lodge a complaint, right to data transfer, and much more.

3. Test Your WordPress Forms

Contact form, appointment, call back service, inquiry, etc. In each form you can only collect the personal data that is actually needed. To subscribe to a newsletter, for example, you only need the email address, not the first and last name. And: with every form, there must be an indication of why the data is required and on what legal basis you process it and what happens to it.

4. Check out your social media plugins and embedded videos

The social media plugins provided by Facebook and Co. Collect personal data unnoticed by the website user and can thus create detailed personality profiles. Just like embedded YouTube videos. So, replace your social media plugins with Shariff buttons and use the “extended data protection mode and the double-click solution” for YouTube videos.

5. Check your statistics tools

Do you use Google Analytics or similar to analyse how many visitors come to your page? Then you have to adjust the tracking code and anonymize the IP addresses, conclude a contract with Google for order processing and point this out in the data protection declaration. In addition, there must be a link to the Google Analytics usage and data protection provisions and an objection option (the so-called opt-out function).

6. Inform about cookies

Almost all websites use cookies. These are these small files that store data locally on the device in order to recognize the user and make it easier for them to surf the website. When the page is called up for the first time, the user must give their consent in the so-called cookie warning that they agree.

7. Check your newsletter

MailChimp, or myEmma – those who use newsletter services must conclude an order processing contract with the service provider. The registration form must also be revised – it must state what the newsletter is used for and what information subscribers receive when they register for it.

8. Do you need a contract for order processing with your provider?

If your web host takes on tasks that process personal data, such as email management or email archiving, then there is order processing and you must conclude a contract for order processing.

9. Copyrights

Do you have photos of your team or employees on your website? Then you need written consent that they agree. For stock images, you must provide the photographer, image number and portal where you bought it.

10. No plan? Then ask us!

Sounds pretty complicated, what? But everything is half as wild! We are offering UI/UX Web design, ADA compliant website design and web development services to help you avoid legal battles and penalties. Our dedicated team is capable to handle simple to complex accessibility requirements for clients from diverse industry sectors. We deliver a Compliant website design that is accessible for everyone.

Do you have any questions or require any help to make your website legally compliant? We are happy to assist you. If you are looking for a Web Development, Website Maintenance Service, Website Design Service and Other Related Web Development Services, for more information, Please Explore our Web Development Services!

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Top 5 Reasons Why Every Small Business Needs a Website Redesign Service!

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Website Redesign Service

Website Redesign – Why it is necessary?

If you are a small business, odds are that while you have a website, your business has far outgrown it. While your flourishing business is commendable, to have a virtual front that does not do justice to your business does not bode too well.

Here are some aspects to watch out for and if you land up answering “yes” to some or many of these questions, it is about time you need to look at a website redesign.

It isn’t offering the results you had anticipated?

One of the upfront reasons why businesses often avail of website redesign services is that the site isn’t delivering up to your expectations. This could take several forms, depending on your line of business. It could mean you aren’t getting enough conversions or that users are struggling to move from point A to B on account of complexity in design. Website redesign could go a long way in attending to the user flow or bringing out the call to action sharply, that could, in turn, have a tangible impact on business. It is important, however, to conduct A/B testing before implementing these changes to ensure that you reap the benefits you are looking for.

Your site is slow?

Now this is one of the most significant reasons to undertake website redesign. A site that is painfully slow to load, does several things. For starters, it impacts your brand image. Importantly, in a milieu where attention spans are extremely fragmented, a painfully slow site is a sure enough reason to increase bounce rate. In fact, according to a 2018 research by Google, 53% of mobile users leave a site that takes longer than three seconds to load.

A redesign can go a long way in improving site performance. An effective website redesign service provider will go through your site with a fine toothcomb and evaluate every element and its efficacy. Website redesign can go a long way in optimizing your site and facilitating a great user experience.

Your website isn’t responsive?

Thanks to the proliferation of new devices, the desktop isn’t the primary means of accessing the internet anymore. In fact, as per a study complied by Statista, mobile phones that made up for just over 16% of worldwide traffic in 2013, now account for over 52% of the traffic. This figure is only slated to grow with the growth in 5G technology. In times such as these, if your website isn’t responsive, it is bound to result in a high bounce rate as users will no longer be happy with a subpar experience. Add to it the fact that Google penalizes the sites that aren’t mobile friendly in its search results, and you know how important it is to get your website redesigned. What you are offering users, in turn, is a high quality experience, optimized for their devices. Check out how to prepare your website for Google’s mobile-first indexing.

There has been a change in your branding strategy?

It is entirely possible that marketing strategies being fluid, your business has undergone changes as far as your marketing or branding strategy is concerned. It could simply mean a new logo for the brand or the fact that your product lines are now catering to a different TG. This may require a whole new approach as far as your website as well as any other marketing collaterals are concerned, so that they can resonate with the target audience. Your website is a critical component of your brand and marketing strategy and as your business evolves, so must your website. Consistency in branding, goes a long way in raising the perceived value of your business and inspire confidence while disconnected messages lead to confusion and mistrust.

Your site doesn’t have relevant content?

Content is king, might sound like a cliché, but the fact is that the efficacy of content marketing is unparalleled in today’s times. As per a study by Demand Metric, content marketing is known to generate three times as many leads as outbound marketing at only about 40% of its cost. Successful content marketing involves creating user personas and creating relevant content to fit their bespoke needs. This in turn, leads to better engagement as well as conversion rates. However, it could be a possibility that your website isn’t designed to showcase great content. Perhaps it doesn’t have a dynamic blog or even if it does, the website navigation doesn’t lend itself to its discovery. It is imperative that your website design supports the content that you create and leads your business from strength to strength.

If you have said “yes” to several questions above, it is a given that your website isn’t working as well as you would like it to. The positive thing, however, is that, you are only a redesign away from a website that works well as per your expectations and industry benchmarks!

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Top 15 Reasons Why Ecommerce Website Design Services is an important Factor?

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Web Design for Ecommerce

Ecommerce Website Design:

Do you know the importance of the first 15 minutes? Ever wondered about its impact on your website? If you keep your customers engaged for 15 minutes, it serves the functionality of the website, striking your path of sales. The solution is by making ecommerce web design the best experience for the customers. This can be achieved by creating a beautiful and engaging web design, which is a crucial element of online marketing. As you decide to redesign your website, thinking about its importance and effects on business and target audience is important. A good online store design helps in implementing a good marketing strategy that leads to the success of the brand. The advantages of an ecommerce website are numerous including the allowance for customers to buy in a few clicks and taps on the smart screen.

Top 15 reasons why you need ecommerce website design services

1. Builds easy connections with a larger crowd

A good ecommerce web design service easily builds connections with the larger crowds in an online store. As it is accessible to everyone, a simple and clear website with a play of phrases conveys your efforts and attitude in serving and helping them. The website acts as a consumer service representative, inviting audiences on a large scale and serving them on their fingertips. The percentage of visitors to the website decides the success of your brand.

2. Helps to survive against competitors

The use of skilled and well-crafted words while creating a website design inspires customers to purchase. Satisfactory user experience builds loyalty leading your web design to become the digital face of the business. By winning the users, your brand is chosen among other competitors in the market offering the same product at the same price. Online Store Design also helps to showcase unique features.

3. Search engine optimization (SEO)

All the content that is published online is influenced by the web design elements, which directly affects the SEO of your website. By using proper engine optimization strategy, surviving the battle of online visibility becomes easy. The SEO fundamentals should be up to date which can be achieved by partnering with the web design agency.

4. Saves money, time and efforts

Investing in a good ecommerce website design not only saves money, time, and efforts of the producer but also of the consumer in the long run. Initial investment and maintenance of an ecommerce website design require a minimum amount and at the same time provide highly accessible facilities to the consumer on their fingertips.

5. The rise in mobile users

Creating a responsive website design caters effectively to the growth of customers using the website through their mobile phones. According to researches, the highest amount of global web traffic generated is by mobile phones. This means businesses have to create an online store design that is mobile-ready and friendly.

6. Attractive eye-catcher

By formulating a standout ecommerce web design that catches the right audience and acquiring a positive judgment in the initial minutes of the customer’s landing becomes a game-changer. The more the attractive and appealing look of the web page, the lesser the chances of them leaving it. Boring web designs keeps customers aloof from the business value and makes it unnoticed and unremembered by the customers.

7. Enables to control of users’ online journey

The online store design can be molded in such a way that lets the customers travel through different folds of the website, thereby controlling their actions and initiating their purchasing power. This happens only when engaging relationships are built, leading to controlling their mind.

8. Delivery of all information

The website design act as a guide by providing all important aspects of the business that include giving basic information, specifying all terms and conditions, stating out clear policies, giving detail about product delivery and payment. Giving a crystal clear idea about the aim and the purpose of the business serves in favor of the brand as it resolves all the problems of the online store design that could occur. Seamless navigation of different tabs on the website helps the users reach the business without facing much of any hassle.

9. Feature of visual graphics

With the help of graphic designing and visual engagement, the business can do successful marketing and promotion, thus aiding in registering the brand name in the consumer’s mind. Interesting visual aids prove to leave a lasting effect on the mind and also perfectly cater to the need for commercial and promotional aspects.

10. Allows incorporating user experience and user interface.

Ecommerce web design services and UX/UI work hand in hand. It deals with providing a seamless experience to online shoppers by directing them to what they need with an understanding of their online journey.

11. Generates more sales.

A good website design gives a credibility factor to your business, thereby inviting more visitors to the online shopping portal. Trustworthy and online presence makes the item, services, and solutions 24/7 available for the user thereby generating more loyal and happy customers.

12. Adds trust and professionalism to your business

A well-designed ecommerce website means all the information is up to date. This creates a sense of active involvement of the brand with the customer making them more comfortable in routing them for a longer time.

13. Gain business value

By having an online store design for the business, showing authenticity and making the right marketing moves becomes easy which in turn increases the traffic by establishing fruitful terms with the customers.

14. Creates consistency and builds familiarity

Making the audience familiar with the brand helps in building new leads. This can be achieved by having consistent content, style, layout on every page to give recognition and association with the name. Being uniform throughout is essential, as it provides a streamline and clear experience.

15. Can create a flexible view

The Flow of the web design can be molded, therefore flexibility is an important element for developing services and products with immense value.


Is there any other better way to makes users buy the products/services that you offer? Your web design is the face of your brand so it is essential to create a strategy and avail all the benefits that a good website design can provide your company to gain maximum returns.

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How AI and IoT is Transforming the Future of Website Design?

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AI Website Design

84% of business can sustain and survive in the competition only by creating stylish web designs and by providing good web design services which grow the scale and sophistication in sales. Compared to the old scenarios, where the internet was a dark and confusing place, today it plays a next-level role in the digital world.

Let’s look at its meaning, its importance, and its benefits to the website design world.

What is AI?

Artificial intelligence learns, identifies, and implements using machines, to design websites according to the current trends of the market by generating a personalized website design. Artificial intelligence explores different platforms like the grid, wix, bookmark, Adobe Sensai, fire drop, GoDaddy, etc. It takes the brain of the designer and formulates it into a machine by creating various programs by understanding all the principles of design according to the current observation of web page action.

What is IoT?

Internet of things utilizes the internet for establishing their online presence of the business and creating powerful communications with the users with the help of a good web design leading to the growth of the business appearance globally. This is possible because of IoT, as it utilizes smart trending technologies and creates features that connect flawlessly.

Why is AI important?

Artificial intelligence and other rated technologies are applied by the companies to transform their business and reinvent their performance rate. Transformation in website design is possible by using artificial intelligence due to the development in applications like – speech and image recognition, status analysis, language processing, large data word processing, and deep learning, giving the website design service a new look. Earlier, artificial intelligence was only used in Hollywood movies, but due to advancements in technology, they are used in all science fiction and incorporated into actual life.

It helps in dealing with problems related to user experiences like web design quality and secure coding. Besides providing functional attractive web pages, there are other benefits. It is independent of humans but it performs just like one – as it learns from experience, adapts, executes, and alters according to the new situation.

Why is IoT important?

It provides a clean and simple user interaction interface, which is easily accessible and manageable by users on different devices. The scope of the techniques used and designs incorporated makes the website interactive and creative thus, creating an impact on the overall web design and their designers, who manage and formulate the website. It has a personalized touch that directly impacts the purchase rate. For every new product available, it automatically sends a message which makes a favorable promotion of the distributor’s website. Due to the advanced dashboard integrity, it becomes easier to convey through a business app. Features such as sensor-enabled devices, automated operations, environmental sensors, surveillance cameras, baby monitors, refrigerator machines, etc are used in the following industries like healthcare, automotive, energy manufacturer, transportation, etc. thus leaving a fascinating impact on people. Did You know how AI & IoT development will revolutionize your business growth? – Check out the guide.

Benefits of AI in the Website Design world

Automated deep learning of data

1. Automated deep learning of data It automates various daily tasks that help the web designers to find the right solution for the website design by automating all tasks manually and being able to perform repetitive work containing voluminous data with utmost precision.

Intelligence in the Internet

2. Intelligence in the Internet There is smarter apps and boots machine with data that run faster and quicker with streamline website design service and related processes at both, work and home.


3. Accuracy From deep learning to image classification to object recognition, artificial intelligence works with absolute accuracy and with a deep network to formulate a good web design.

Increase user experience

4. Increase user experience By striking real conversations and adapting to their response, AI creates an engaging user experience and a website design with the help of we chatbox by improving user’s participation. Actions like commenting; responding to their queries or blogs creates emotional connectivity with the consumers and provides real-time assistance by making the brand more consumer-centric.

Machine research

5. Machine research A task like reading and compiling information and bringing them into meaning is a very tiresome work, which requires personalized vision and online business experience with stores online.

Benefits of IoT in the website design world

Engaging user interface

1. Engaging user interface It helps to provide a clean interactive layout with meaningful website designs, which supports logical technical work that is compatible with smart users on smart devices.

Having a back end

2. Having a back end Capable of having a strong back end by transmitting all data back without any hassle. This helps to maintain clear communication between the smart devices and the customers by exactly working as per the user’s preferences seamlessly.

Strong power

3. Strong power Full-fledged battery management is required for all the instruments and tools running on battery power and for all wireless operations. The heavy consumption of battery by large programs affects the experience and communications for the users. So, a Website design should be designed to consume less power.

Security check

4. Security check Due to an increase in bad practices in the design world, designers should adopt to maintain a practice of security check because web design is the key feature of the brand. The website should be made secure to avoid any opportunities for hackers to crack the web-connected sites.

Efficient speed

5. Efficient speed As the cloud is directly connected to different devices, leading to the transmission of all data into the cloud, it allows the users to have a problem-free journey and smooth communication throughout.


By making huge impacts on different industries, companies are now highly investing in AI and IoT based platforms to extend and level up their application process, making it easy for the webmasters to maintain quality throughout and formulate a better website design. Question is how can user experience, their interactivity, and the performance of the business web pages be improved?

The answer to this is, by hiring design developers who have AI and IOT web applications, which are exceptionally complimented elements to all businesses and create the best experience throughout the website design and website design services.

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