HTTP to HTTPS Redirection Guide – The Importance of SSL Certificates in Search Engine Rankings!

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http to https redirection

HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) is the protocol for the transmission of data on the Internet. Since there is no encryption, data can be manipulated and tracked by attackers. This is where SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) or the successor TLS (Transport Layer Security) comes into play. These certificates encrypt the data traffic and secure the transfer between browser and web server. This means that the communication cannot be read or falsified. HTTPS is combination of HTTP and a security certificate.

All common web browsers now enforce a minimum requirement for websites that install an SSL certificate and change their URL root from

http: //


https: //


If you own a website that doesn’t, it will be marked as “Not Safe” for visitors. In other words, website owners have no choice but to ensure that their websites support encrypted connections. The good news is that this change will give you more valuable benefits.

So, buckle up securely because it’s time to take a trip into the exciting world of SSL Certificates

So, buckle up securely because it’s time to take a trip into the exciting world of SSL Certificates.

Importance of SSL Certificate

If a visitor lands on a website that is not protected by a kind of SSL certificate (Secure Sockets Layer), Visitor will see

https: //

at the beginning of the website address in the browser bar.

Until recently, this was a perfectly acceptable way to transfer information over the Internet, as long as the website did not require credentials or collect sensitive information from visitors.

However, times have changed. HTTP connections now perceived as insecure.

All information transmitted via an HTTP connection is susceptible to manipulation, misuse or theft. Your visitors deserve to know that any data they share with you protected from prying eyes.

The successful installation of an SSL certificate on your website changes the address of the browser bar to

https: //

and clearly shows the visitors that their connection is encrypted. This encrypted connection ensures that the server authenticated and the data protected during the transfer.

It’s no wonder that mainstream web browsers have made HTTPS the new standard for website security.

The certificate encodes this data, for example

  • Payment information
  • Log-in and registration data
  • Uploaded documents
  • Entry forms

In terms of language, SSL is still used, although TLS is meant.

Why HTTPS is Good for ecommerce?

A secure connection is not only part of the “good tone” not only in ecommerce store. Chrome and other browsers now display the message ” Not secure ” on HTTP pages. It’s a killer for every conversion. If the page is secure, however, a lock symbol appears. The user trust is higher with an encrypted page, especially when security-relevant data is requested, such as in the banking or ecommerce sector. It also protects the user from phishing and sniffing. In addition, HTTPS has been an official ranking factor since 2014.

What you need to consider when switching to HTTPS

Start by crawling your website so that you can capture all the URLs including the images and scripts. In addition, you must not forget to move all of your subdomains, for example, all country domains.

What happens when your SSL certificate expires?

If the certificate has expired or is invalid, the browser also displays a non-secure connection. As a result, you miss your actual goal, namely user trust. Choose your certificate to match your website and your needs. The key should be at least 2,048 bits long.

Change page URLs with 301 redirect

With the permanent 301 redirect, you redirect every HTTP page to HTTPS. A command in the. HTC access file that configures the settings of the Apache server is sufficient. Alternatively, you can enter the command in the config file. Both approaches make your work easier since you don’t have to make the changes in each file individually. How to avoid duplicate content. The search engine otherwise evaluates the HTTP and HTTPS versions as different pages and expects different content. Avoid so-called redirect chains, i.e. multiple redirects.

Internal linking

Especially in the navigation and body text, you shouldn’t forget to adjust the internal link. Check these references despite the 301 redirect. Depending on the CMS, you may have to do it manually. With a large number of internal links, however, there is also a script-based solution that searches for and changes all links in the database without HTTPS. Store the hreflang attributes in the HTML head also with HTTPS.

Integrate all resources with SSL

Don’t forget to load the integrated images, scripts and CSS files with the SSL / TLS certificate. Otherwise, there is a risk that mixed content (HTTP and HTTPS) will arise. This delay indexing or even prevents it in the worst case. In addition, the browser classifies pages with mixed content as “not secure”. At this point, you should also check your embedded content such as tweets, YouTube videos or advertising.

Backlinks & social media links

If possible, try to adapt high-traffic backlinks to HTTPS. You can find out which ones deliver a lot of traffic in Google Analytics, for example. Contact the link providers and webmasters, usually, no problems are changing the link target. If necessary, you can also carry out the update yourself, for example in business directories. In this context, do not forget the references on social media channels. The link on Google MyBusiness is also important. Without adaptation, the data from it continues to run on the HTTP page in the Google Search Console.

Use Canonical tags

The canonical tag shows Google in Duplicate Content which URL should be in the index. So that everything is correct here, you should tag the day with the HTTPS address. This is the only way Google plays the right variant in the index or in the search results.

PPC (Pay Per Click)

Only if you switch your PPC landing pages to HTTPS will your landing page value not be affected. Otherwise, the user receives an unsightly message: “Not sure”. The user is unsettled. This is particularly problematic when you place ads.


For Google, the XML sitemap is a kind of table of contents for a website. It makes crawling easier for the bot. Therefore, it is important that you also revise these when switching to HTTPS. You should also make the adjustment in the Google Search Console and observe it there. This makes the search engine’s job easier because it finds the new URLs faster, easier and directly, which in turn relieves the crawl budget. If Google News is relevant to you, you should also renew the sitemap there. You have to apply for this directly from Google. Don’t forget the HTML sitemap.

Google Search Console and Google Analytics

Since the two variants are strictly two different pages, you have to create a new property for your HTTPS page in the Google Search Console. However, do not delete the HTTP version, otherwise you will no longer be able to carry out controlling and monitoring. With the new account, you have to redefine the geo-targeting and disavow file and reconfigure the URL parameters. In the console, you can submit important pages directly to Google via “Retrieval as with Google”. You also have to relink the Search Console to Analytics so that the data arrives. It also helps if you set HTTPS in the properties and data view of the Analytics. Note your changes in the Analytics notes so you can understand them later.


Make sure, on the one hand, that the Robots.txt file is accessible even under HTTPS. On the other hand, you have to ensure that you change everything in the file to HTTPS. Otherwise, there are problems with crawling, because the bot only goes to the pages it is allowed to go to.

Benefits of upgrading to HTTPS connection

Good for your bottom line: Avoiding this “not sure” warning is a sufficient reason in itself to install an SSL certificate. If you continue to use an HTTP connection, you are likely to lose a significant amount of site traffic – a recent CA Security Council report found that only 2% of customers surveyed were happy with “unsafe” HTTP warnings – Overcome connection.

Improved performance: Having a website with slow loading times can be very detrimental to visitor retention. Encrypted connections are required to unlock the latest speed and security features.

Increased search engine ranking: This is a big deal – Google uses SSL as a ranking factor and prioritizes websites with secure HTTPS connections over those without. Differentiate yourself from the competition by encrypting every page of your website.

Providing a seamless experience: Visitors are put off if they deal with multiple pages on your website, only to get a “not sure” warning on pages that have not protected them. Providing a consistently encrypted and secure experience will help ensure that visitors do not encounter barriers and warnings when exploring your website.

Business validation is also important: HTTPS is no longer optional if you want to build business relationships online. SSL certificates authenticate your identity so that visitors know that you really are at the other end of their connection; potential customers may not trust your website without one.

What is Next?

Have you observed all the points and switched your website to HTTPS? Now it is time to monitor the page permanently. This is the only way to identify errors early on and take countermeasures. Above all, keep an eye on indexing, traffic, rankings and visibility. The clicks and impressions of the HTTP variant should decrease, the HTTPS should increase. Keep in mind that with large pages it can take up to a year for all HTTPS pages to go into the index and for the HTTP to drop out. Smaller fluctuations in the ranking are normal, but if you notice major changes, you should research the problem.


The basic thing to learn from this blog is that all websites, web applications and systems should have strong and secure authentication.

We know how important it is that your website is as secure as possible. We want all of your customers to feel safe and protected while surfing, so the inclusion of an SSL certificate is an essential mandate for your website.

If you need help setting up SSL installation for your website or planning a new project or your website is not being indexed by Google? We are happy to assist you. Please Explore our SEO Services! We also provide regular website maintenance services from a small content update, webmaster sitemap updates, bug fixing, troubleshooting, critical security updates, SSL certification, module configuration, installation to version upgrades and much more. For more information, explore our website maintenance services.

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How to do Keyword Research for SEO? Ultimate Guide for Best Keyword Research Tools to Boost Organic Traffic!

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SEO Keyword Research

Anyone who is looking for their requirements – nowadays with the help of Google, Bing and Co. Countless search results follow a search query. But only the first results are relevant for a large number of searchers.

There are few factors to consider to ensure long-term success in the ecommerce industry. This also includes search engine marketing, within which keyword research plays an elementary role.

Important background information

More than 80 percent of people use various search engines to search for products or services. With a market share of 87.35 percent, Google leaves its competitors behind and remains the most used search engine worldwide. Only 60% of all organic clicks attributable to the first position of the search results list and the click probability varies with the unused terminal device (desktop, smartphone, tablet) hardly.

Ecommerce operators, entrepreneurs and other online business providers are therefore faced with the challenge of being displayed at the top of search engine results. This is the only way they have a chance to be considered by potential customers.

Good Ranking in the Search Engine Ranking

In order to achieve a good ranking in the search engine ranking, several factors have to be considered:

  • Definition of the keywords
  • One Page – One Keyword
  • Informational content with at least 300 words
  • Optimization of the images used
  • Use of bullets, tables and numbering
  • Set meaningful links
  • Definition of a suitable URL (search engine and user friendly)
  • Use of online tools for search engine optimization (Google Ads)

From now on, keyword research will be the focus of the article.

What is keyword research and what are the benefits?

The keyword research – or Keyword Analysis – situated within the search engine marketing is a very important component is referred to the search for essential keywords to optimize with the aim of a landing page or an entire domain.

With the help of the keyword analysis, online store operators can find out which keywords potential customers enter in the respective search engines in order to search for solutions, goods or services.

In addition to keyword research, other SEO measures are necessary for success in the digital world. but keyword research is at the beginning of every On-Page optimization (content-structural and technical optimization of a website). It gives you the opportunity to get to know your target group better, to understand them and to reach them at all.

Keywords help to be found by the desired target group and to increase the traffic on your own website / ecommerce immensely. However, keywords only make sense if they match the expected traffic, the strength of the competition and the search volume. Check out the link to know more about How to do Keyword Research for SEO.

The Best Keyword Research Tools

Search engine optimization usually goes hand in hand with extensive data sets, so it is worth using certain research tools.

The following tools can be used to find suitable keywords for a domain or website. In addition, they provide data sets such as the search volume or the keyword combination of the competition.

  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Google Trends
  • Google Suggest
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Ads

Google Keyword Planner

The keyword planner from Google has already established itself in search engine marketing (SEO). This tool not only suggests new and suitable keywords, but also gives you the monthly search volume.

The search volume can be used to prioritize which keywords are most suitable for optimization measures. Both search terms and websites can be entered for analysis purposes. A free Google Ads account is required to use the Keyword Planner.

Google Trends

As the name suggests, this is also a Google tool. Google Trends shows the number of search terms actually entered over time and puts them in relation to the total search volume. Trendy searches from different countries and cities are mapped by Google Trends. The results can be sorted by country, city and time period.

There is also the option of selecting categories suitable for the keyword and restricting them to image searches, Google Shopping, YouTube videos or news searches.

Google Suggest

Autocomplete, as Google Suggest is also called, is a function of the Google search engine that provides users with suggestions for completing the search query as soon as they type. Google Suggest can be easily used during normal Google searches.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console promises better performance in Google search. This is also a free analysis and service tool from Google. With the help of Google Search Console, statistics can be viewed as well as numerous website settings and various optimization.

In addition, Google Search Console provides information about impressions in Google search, CTR (clickthrough rate) and the average position of the keyword.

The viewable data on certain keywords, which has already achieved impressions for your page in Google search, can create new, well-ranked combinations that have not yet been considered.

A valid Google account is also required for Google Search Console. Only then can the page in question be registered and verified by the owner. Alternatively, the website can be verified using a Google Analytics account. GSC (Google Search Console) is an excellent addition to Google Analytics.

Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords)

Google’s advertising program enables advertisers to conduct search engine marketing. Google search results appear in small text ads and point to your website.


Optimal keyword research takes time, but is easier to implement with the right tools than it may seem at first glance. The keyword research is essential for the on-page optimization and one of the most important foundations for all other SEO measures.

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Is it Worth to Invest in Content Marketing? How it can be the Best Long-Term Marketing Strategy?

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Content Marketing

Content Marketing promotes Rewarding Customer Relations

Traditional marketing activities and advertising strategies are characterized by short-term effects on business success. Rewarding customer relationships require more than advertising. Content marketing as a long-term marketing strategy is the answer.

Over the long term, traditional marketing is unprofitable!

Recipients of direct mailing campaigns are activated on average with a single-digit, rarely double-digit conversion rate. Success is often not measured at all and in most cases, this means that only a manageable number of interested parties are generated.

An offer or product campaign is completed with the shipping. A lack of resources and leads to inadequate evaluation and tracking of the campaign results, while the next direct mailing is already being extensively revised. This is expensive and unprofitable in the long term.

Print ads and billboards can work successfully for a few months, while the advertising impact naturally declines. Follow-up campaigns must be developed in order to continuously set new impulses. This makes sense for brand-building campaigns in high-reach media, but rarely for new customer acquisition.

Of course, the approach is fundamentally not wrong, especially if it is possible to achieve a positive advertising effect that pays off for the business. Check out the guide on how to build stand out Benefits of Content Marketing for B2B Organization..

Online advertising generates expensive wastage

If we want to be successful in digital marketing in the long term, we need a marketing strategy with sustained traction. Marketing activities, such as digital advertising in search engines and social networks, can contribute to visitor traffic and are often associated with expensive “wastage”. It is not uncommon for there to be a misunderstanding, because not every visitor is a potential customer.

A major disadvantage of the marketing measures mentioned, they cannot build a worthwhile business relationship with prospects and customers. A long-term content marketing strategy that is oriented towards the interests of buyers and thus contributes to business success is more sustainable and cost-effective.

Roll of Content in digital marketing

First of all, it is important to understand that content is an elementary part of every other – in this case non-commercial – digital marketing strategy. Especially with the goal of increasing customer and sales growth through lead generation, lead nurturing and conversion optimization. Watch out the guide on Content Optimization Tips to Improve Google Rankings.

Content marketing is therefore a key component for all inbound marketing measures in SEO, social media, email and marketing automation. We combine the individual Digital marketing activities into a holistic inbound marketing strategy.

Benefits of content marketing

In search engine optimization, content contributes to upgrading your own website by increasing Google Domain authority. Content serves as the basis for direct and email marketing campaigns and can multiply the number of newsletter subscribers. Landing pages and sub-pages of your own website, for example for lead generation, gain in value.

Guest posts and external content can promote rewarding relationships and collaborations with online brands and experts.

Content is most effective for attracting website traffic

1. Content is most effective for attracting website traffic

Posting guest posts or blog posts on your website increases the likelihood of being found and attracting interested visitors. You can increase the effect by linking your blog content to other blog posts in order to keep the visitor on your own website.

Build a reputation through content marketing

2. Build a reputation through content marketing

The more often your content is viewed and used, the more likely you will be perceived and remembered as a brand. This promotes your reputation as a competent contact in your business area.

Content promotes credibility and trust

3. Content promotes credibility and trust

When a visitor comes to your website, credible content can create trust in your company, as long as the content is reliable, helpful and attractive.

Using Product Content to Boost Conversions

4. Using Product Content to Boost Conversions

Assuming the blog post is attractive and well written, a call-to-action element placed in the content can encourage direct lead conversion. It is sensible to ensure that the call-to-action is directly related to the content and visitor intentions.

Content promotes business growth

5. Content promotes business growth

If your content is strong enough, use it specifically for relationship-building offers, whether as an e-book, white paper, infographics or in webinars.

Effective Content Strategies That Last Forever

Let’s call it “evergreen content” because its durability rarely expires. Trends, news and other forms of current content attract many visitors at short notice, timeless topic content is permanently useful and relevant. They guarantee a steady stream of visitors and interested parties.

General knowledge, specialist knowledge, tips and advice are asked for almost all topics at any time. Of course, the multimedia and interactive formats are constantly evolving as technology advances. Relevant content retains lasting value and is a worthwhile long-term investment.

Each content is a permanent added value

As long as you do not remove your blog posts or change their Internet address, each publication contributes permanently to the valuable inventory of the website. Even if you have no influence on your guest posts, each blog post and content is indexed by Google with its own URL and can therefore be found in the organic search results.

Impact of Content Marketing

Content marketing has a fundamental advantage. Each new content increases the existing inventory and works as long as it is relevant and offers added value. The total of all content grows steadily and pays for more visibility, interest and reputation with every new piece.

Let’s say you publish once a week. They publish 55 blog posts and premium content in the first year, 55 content in the second year, whereby the special content achieves a specific result for itself.

In addition, the result is increased many times over. While 55 contents fuel the marketing machine in the first year, there are already 110 individual contents in the second year that build on each other and work together.

The investment is therefore profitable in the long term if every new content brings effective results. This lowers the costs for every new visitor, lead and new customer.

Evolution of Content Marketing

New technologies and trends are constantly changing marketing as we know it. The formats and functions of content will adapt to market conditions, technical possibilities and user needs and develop further.

Two examples: The popularity of moving pictures begins to overtake the written word. For some unnoticed, search engine optimization has continued to evolve, from a purely technical keyword to a semantic, long-tail keyword search. Google wants to ensure that the search results with the best content are preferred, which offer the greatest added value for the user.

Modern marketing is based more on content and less on advertising. Content is becoming more and more relevant to marketing because it shapes the relationships between companies and buyers. Nevertheless, content marketing is subject to constant change, namely how we will produce and distribute content in the future, how we will present it and make it available to users.

Content marketing cannot be postponed

Content marketing is both a necessary and long-term strategy. For companies and decision-makers, this does not mean that content marketing can be postponed for an indefinite future.

The advantage over the competition is a decisive advantage here. A simple content strategy can still be established quickly and easily.

What to take with you?

The earlier you start; the sooner you will see first successes. Go step by step to develop and implement a content strategy, learn from it and get better. If you don’t currently have a content strategy, now is the right time to start. Whether as an independent marketing tactic or the backbone of your inbound marketing strategy, you will be happy to have made up your mind.

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Website Optimization Checkpoints – 10 Tips to Boost the Homepage of your Website

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Website Optimization

In the following, we clarify why not only the content but also the design of the homepage and especially the homepage is so important.
It rumoured that home pages are losing importance due to modern search engine optimization (SEO). With the help of SEO, users land directly on a subpage that corresponds to their search intent. As a rule, you can still get to the home page with a second click. This disproves this rumour and shows how important a good home page is. The home page is what a potential customer, applicant or business partner sees. It acts as a figurehead and advertising flyer and is significantly involved in what impression the user gets. The decision of whether a website appears attractive, informative and trustworthy is made within a few seconds.

The first impression must, therefore, be convincing and encourage further use. Here are some tips:

1. Describe goal

Since the first impression is crucial, it must be clear right at the beginning which brand or company it is and which products, services or information are offers. That is why the presentation of your logo with a short explanation is particularly important. Suitable positions for this are at the top left or in the middle, where the gaze, according to reading habits, goes first.

2. Focus on Search field & navigation

When entering a search query, there is often a deliberate intention to buy. The provision of search fields enables the user to quickly and easily search the website. Search fields are particularly useful for online shops. It is important that the search field recognizable as such at first glance through the input field and button. Intuitive and clear navigation on the start page is just as important. It gives the visitor an overview and knows where he is on the website. Too many points in the navigation are therefore disadvantageous.

3. Represent Seriousness & Create Trust

Not all websites on the Internet have positive intentions and are therefore avoided by users as far as possible. In order to stand out clearly from such dubious sites for customers, references, certificates, seals of approval or customer reviews should find on the home page. In this way, a brand conveys credibility and authenticity and creates trust among users. Furthermore, care should be taken when designing that no flashing elements or pop-ups are used. The placement of third-party advertising, spelling mistakes and direct forwarding to another domain also appear dubious. Content overloading and dubious promises should also be avoided. Connections to well-known brands or organizations, but also modern design with current content, support credibility. Stay with your corporate design to generate a uniform and serious appearance.

4. Constructing the content and design for target groups

A good homepage should arouse sympathy among users. The prerequisite for this is to know your persona. Both the design and the address must tailor to the target group. This way feels understood in their needs and ideas and picked up by the brand. For all target groups, it is important, for example, not to overwhelm the eye of the beholder and not to use more than three fonts. Check out Content Optimization Tips for SEO Homepage Optimization.

5. Unique selling point

The unique selling point should emphasize the unique benefit of your product or your performance compared to the competition and is considered a sales promise of your offer. You should know your target group and put their needs in the foreground. A USP, therefore, represents a clear competitive advantage and encourages consumers to buy.

6. Call to Action (CTA)

Your homepage should not only offer products or services but also invite you to use them. A call-to-action is a direct request to the visitor to perform a specific action. The wording of the call-to-action must not be too intrusive. According to the perception of the CTA, the message should trigger the necessary impetus so that users can do something in particular. They also serve to orient visitors and create additional trust in your company and your products.

7. Contact details & imprint

If the start page is successful, contact details and an imprint should also be visible. On the one hand to be able to make contact and on the other hand to strengthen the seriousness.

8. Keep Updating

Not only the design should be up to date, but also the content. If a company has new products or other news, this should show on the home page. That keeps the website alive returning visitors can always discover something new.

9. Above the fold

Modern websites are usually longer and rely on one-pages, so you have to scroll down to see all the content. “Above the fold” means the part of a website that is shown directly to the user without scrolling. So, this area is noticed first and is therefore so important. As already explained, a homepage is at least the second thing is a visitor encounter. Therefore, the above-the-fold section on the homepage must be particularly convincing. The most important elements should show here and curiosity generated.

10. Functionally sound

Designing good start pages is not just a purely creative process, the technical process should also run smoothly. It is important that a good homepage works properly and regardless of the device. The optimization of mobile devices should not be missing. Furthermore, the duration of the charging time must be taken into account. If charging takes too long, users could jump off in today’s fast-paced world.

We would also be happy to support you personally in optimizing your homepage. If you are looking for Search Engine Optimization Services, Social Media Marketing Services, Digital Marketing Services, PPC Campaign Management Services and more, Please Explore our SEO Services!

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