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Network Server Hardware

Network servers - hardware

Skynet Technologies only supplies branded server hardware - usually HP Compaq or Dell™. Through warranted hardware from international vendors our clients know that, should the server hardware experience a component failure, service and parts support is readily and expertly available.

Server hardware specification

A specific server specification needs to address the role the server will play on the network and the budget it is to be deployed with. A file server, for example, may have a mass of highly available RAID storage capacity as its main requirement. A terminal services server may require high processor and memory resources but not as much disk storage. A Microsoft Exchange server may require a specific combination of disk arrays for optimum log file and storage performance, along with a large amount of memory - and so on. Skynet Technologies can capitalize on its experience of successful installations and deploy servers quickly and efficiently.

Resilient server infrastructure

A resilient server will continue to perform if one or more hardware components of the server fail, for which there is an available spare. For example, a Hot Plug Power Supply will take over should the primary power supply fail. Or, if a disk in a RAID 5 (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Devices) set should fail then the other disks will continue while the failed disk is replaced. Teaming NICs (Network Interface Cards), Dual Processors and intelligent memory configurations can all help to build resilience into a server.